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  1. Looking at this from the Seahawks perspective, this had to be done otherwise you run the risk of becoming irrelevant in the NFC West.
  2. Epstein's Mother

    Bills reportedly uninterested in signing Chad Ochocinco

    This was a nice trip down memory lane. Now I can go back to not thinking about Chad Johnson.
  3. Epstein's Mother

    Antonio Brown on Instagram trashing Bills!

    I really don't pay much attention to stuff like this. Life, (read Karma) has a way of taking care it.
  4. Epstein's Mother

    interesting about Matt Paradis

  5. Epstein's Mother

    Chad Kelly is 350 bucks richer...

    I think this is an incredibly kind assessment. Thank you Jesus.
  6. Delete your account.
  7. Epstein's Mother

    LeSean McCoy

    So you're saying when is a bad contract not a bad contract?
  8. This was a simple decision for Kaepernick. Playing the victim is much easier than playing QB. The pay isn't as good but your career is much longer as a victim.
  9. Epstein's Mother

    Opposing fans

    I think a lot of the guys on this board can identify with you. Unless Aaron Rodgers can play like one of the best QB's in the game again the Packers look like a non-playoff team for the foreseeable future.
  10. Epstein's Mother

    Marcel Dareus’ contract.

    4. Bored.
  11. Epstein's Mother

    Greatest Game in Bills History

    Houston 38 Buffalo 41 F / OT If you were there (and didn't leave early) you'd agree.
  12. Epstein's Mother

    Would you trade a high 2020 draft choice for AB?

    He seems like a delightful human being who really knows how to treat a woman. Also after reading many of his comments he clearly appears to be a team first player who would forgo personal glory if it resulted in a win. In reality I agree with most of the posters on this thread. I wouldn't want him in Buffalo even if he were willing to play for free.
  13. Epstein's Mother

    WAY too much Patriot* love around here (my analogy)

    For me it comes down to the fact that the Patriots have inflicted a ton of misery on we the fans of the Buffalo Bills over the last 15+ years. When I see the Patriots make it to another Super Bowl I think to myself; "why should LA Rams fans not have to share in our misery"? I'm not rooting for the Pats but misery does love company.