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  1. It wasn't that funny. Maybe you just have a drinking problem.
  2. You left out which Bill's jersey you will be wearing that day. Critical omission. Also, for the uninitiated here at TBD loose is the new lose.
  3. I can't get excited until I see a 2020 mock with trades included. Should be coming soon.
  4. Should I tear up my over 6.5 wins ticket?
  5. I'd try taking half a pill for a while. See what that does.
  6. I'm pretty sure this is how many of these pundits decide who they like.
  7. If you're kidding does that mean you have ED and it is funny?
  8. I have absolutely no reason to second guess Beane. This guy has a plan and he's executing it.
  9. Because we're down to threads about what numbers people think drafted players will wear this year.
  10. Agreed. This is in no way a good look for the Cardinals organization. Agreed. This is a worse look for Rosen.
  11. I can't take any 2020 mock seriously that doesn't have the Dolphins taking a QB at #1. Maybe they can get a 4th for Rosen.
  12. Oh God. You just teed this up for one of the more sophomoric members of the board.
  13. I agree with all of this. I'm saying that the team that had the most time and draft capital invested in Rosen decided to start over. That's not a good look for him or the team. BTW for the record, I was not one of the people who referred to you as a troll even though you're defending Rosen like he's your nephew.
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