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  1. come september i think it will start on time....no fans in the stadiums at first than i think they will slowly allow people in likely half capacity etc with distancing.......this all depends if this covid crap continues to spiral....I just want my buffalo bills football!!!
  2. JPP

    Average QBs

    Best game he played last season was v Dallas on Thanksgiving
  3. Whats the whole point in bringing this up now?? Must be coming out with a book....
  4. Like most reality shows Bar Rescue for the most part is scripted
  5. Although Brady has noticeably declined in the last 2 seasons it didnt help that he had no help whatsoever around him......and Belicheat thinks Stidham is going to be an upgrade over Brady? LMFAO......The AFCE is primed for the Bills to take it!
  6. Draft a RB......why do you want this guy?? Apparently i hear its a good draft for RB's.......we scored on Singletary maybe 2X the charm....
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