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  1. LOL.....money talkes bull### walks......that was the plan from the getgo...thats why he decided to fight it.....Mastergate?? sorry mods...
  2. Dare i say Bills are going to kick some butt.....but again ive been saying this for 20 years+......i am reluctantly hopeful again.....how are your packers doing this offseason? You guys dropped some players i was surprised about?
  3. Lets pool all our resources in the defence all last season and go top 5 overall in the league just to blow it all up for.......a player?? Rex Ryan dejavu anyone?? Took Schwartz's excellent D and blew it up to his garbage hybrid confusing players dont know where to line up defence....uh no
  4. With all the moves recently...If we have a strong season and are dangerous in the playoffs than definately YES IMO....
  5. Allen was improving late last season with pretty much crap around him for the most part.....now with this team seriously rebuilding this offence i think he will be leaps and bounds better (not saying he's going to light the league on fire but dare i say possibly top 10 give or take in overall QB performance).....
  6. Hey lets just start by winning a game against them in regular season.....
  7. Must be groundhog day again! Every every flippin year its predicted the end will happen next coming season etc etc etc.....no it will not....Marcia & Co (whoever the Company is with him) will win the AFCE as usual....stroll into the playoffs as usual....and there is a very very good chance they will go to the SB as usual......Ive seen this movie way too many times.....the end will be a reality when Princess officially announces his retirement.....
  8. They are finally adding players to help our QB....which is what they should be doing....and very very impressed to say the least so far!
  9. Extra blocker on the line.....we need it.....
  10. Why would they? They have the geriatric dynamic duo of mccoy & gore!
  11. If i was embarressed i would not buy any to begin with & I would no longer be a fan if thats the case....
  12. With peppers now gone why not bring him in.....If they can keep all the ego's in check the brownies are gonna kill it!
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