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  1. JPP

    Redskins may want to trade up for QB

    And that NYJets defence he had.....
  2. The more these so called experts keep on saying its the end of the road for brady it only reinvigorates him.....please stop.....
  3. JPP

    Caption This

    "Hey Tom....just wanted to say thanks....my family loved all the Christmas presents....got ya back always!"
  4. JPP

    Greg Roman promoted to OC in Baltimore

    Ravens will be looking for a new QB in perhaps 2 years (IMO)........GR will be good to develop more running plays for LJ but you can only focus on the run game for so long......look how LAC contained him....it wont be long before more teams are able to do the same......LJ now is pretty mediocre at passing....cant see him being anything more than just avg at the passing game.....
  5. Well i just thought with KC with pretty much everyone is going ga ga over and the patsies who "cant do no wrong at this time in the playoffs".....Im actually thinking the pats may overcome LA but hope to lose against Indi....I think Indi will have a better shot at taking out the pats than actually KC.....
  6. Im thinking this team will go to the Superbowl....i think they are the dark horse in the AFC for sure.....but when i think about it as long as they take out the patsies at some point i will be over the moon (moreso than the chargers or kc)!
  7. Than YES....it is a good deal! Why is the old man confusing me?
  8. whats the lucrative deal? Im not aware of it....he's from the cfl....
  9. Who cares......low risk possibly high reward.....go for it......he was one of the best WR in the CFL....so im guessing maybe he may be abit above average here? Hell may even improve our WR corp as it stands now......
  10. JPP

    Bills fire WR Coach Terry Robiskie

    LOVE IT!! Complete overhall on the O coaching side of the ball......good! Cant get any worse from what we saw mainly in the 1st part of the season to say the least.....but yes keep Daboll in his 2nd year.....lets see how he does with the new personale....
  11. JPP

    Juan Castillo historical coaching results

    He stinks here! Good ridance....
  12. JPP

    I am worried about Kiko

    Why worry about Kiko? We always seem to wipe the floor with Miami (Kiko included)......
  13. JPP

    Bills fire OL Coach Juan Castillo

    LOL....just a hunch but i think these guys get paid abit above the minimum wage standards.....
  14. Easy easy......let the man watch some more film first......