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  1. The whole point is how much he thinks of himself and what his agent(s) are going to be asking for.....I dont think his ego will allow him to seek anything around 2.5 mill
  2. LOL...yeah ok keep pushin the Le'veon Bell theory wont cost too much and worth it....LOL...
  3. Bell signed a 4 year 52 MILLION contract with the NY Jets....Great money spent for a washed up 3.6 yard per carry RB who appears to be a nuisance wherever he goes....LOL
  4. This guy has a crappy attitude..every team he's been on......his own teammates are calling him out now! No way McBean even considers him now....guy is washed up anyways.....you wanna break the bank for 3.6 yards per carry diva or whatever it is....pass...
  5. Cant keep the browns out of the playoffs when they win their division
  6. This kids play last year was not a fluke.....I for one can confidentially say we got our francise QB!
  7. So him and Fromm will battle it out for 3rd seat at the table...meh may the best QB win....I havent even seen Fromm to render an opinion (or if i did i dont remember)
  8. Like alot of others when seeing Antonio Williams in that Denver game I was blown away (although at the time we had the game in hand) but dont know if thats too small of a sample size just yet.....Would love to see him get more chances next season....I like to think this could be our diamond in the rough.....so to speak.....
  9. Time has passed IMO....He should of made the switch when being a QB in the NFL did not pan out.....Will he fight for the job in TC or just be given a spot on the 53 because of Urban?
  10. No thanks.....no need whatsoever....we are good at WR......guy is at the tail end of his career.....
  11. Damn it! Should of just rode it out with the PETERMAN!
  12. I say the Bills over 10 games for sure......I think the Brownies take their division and definately see Titans and not the Colts....Still think Wentz stinking it up again....
  13. Its called sarcasm-wink wink...edmunds will only get better! No debate as far im concerned keep him.
  14. Keep him....he was injured for part of the season and seemed to rebound pretty good in the latter part.....get rid of him just for belicheat to pick him up and boom.....guy becomes a pro bowler...
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