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  1. JPP

    Bills sign TE Jake Fisher to 1-year deal

    Extra blocker on the line.....we need it.....
  2. Why would they? They have the geriatric dynamic duo of mccoy & gore!
  3. JPP

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    If i was embarressed i would not buy any to begin with & I would no longer be a fan if thats the case....
  4. With peppers now gone why not bring him in.....If they can keep all the ego's in check the brownies are gonna kill it!
  5. JPP

    The Strategy of Signing Frank Gore

    Very old RB however didnt do too bad last couple of seasons......not an every down back but could contribute....
  6. JPP

    Six new starters on offense

    YEah ive been on/off the "process" bus more times than i can count but really looks like they're doing lots to fix the offence! Dare i say maybe maybe im starting to get excited yet again for the upcoming season....Being a Bills fan for the past 20 years is like going out with the hottest babe in town only to be teased relentlessly and going home with my hands in my pockets......maybe this time she puts out!
  7. JPP

    Six new starters on offense

    Dont forget Duke Williams from the CFL....may just surprise most....
  8. JPP

    The AAF Thread

    NFL and some CFL i watch......thats enough for me.....
  9. JPP

    Superbowl Pregame Thread

    IMO the 2 teams playing today are the wrong teams........but with that being said go Rams......meh..... This right here pretty much says it all......good post job sir!
  10. JPP

    We deserve to see a terrible Brady

    Asides from the pats every team deserves to see a terrible brady.....unfortunately not gonna happen today....
  11. JPP

    Dolphins expected to cut Tannehill

    I dunno...just have this sense that Baltimore might be his next stop to backup LJ and come full circle again......reunited with Roman again?
  12. JPP

    Dolphins expected to cut Tannehill

    A future football team will be proud to pick up Tannehill...LOL...
  13. Yes this is plain and simple logic....we shouldnt have multiple pages debating this........anyone who really thinks simple advice from JK or anyother HOF QB is a negative thing knows nothing about this game IMO.......
  14. Simple...If a HOF QB wants to give you some pointers you take it...case closed.