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  1. That's why he signed here he wanted to be a Buffalo Bill!..oh he wanted to BE Buffalo Bill.
  2. I'm 42 my wife is 27 and damn good looking..I digress,I have 2 month old twins and I have never been happier.
  3. I just bought a shirt with Josh Allen hurdling the word Haters its dope af.Also just got an all grey(logo included)fitted 59 fifty.Now I want a Buffalo vs everybody shirt and the fitted camo Bill's 59.
  4. I heard of dreadlocks...but shitlocks!?
  5. And while your at it kids..GET OFF MY LAWN!!!
  6. Came out a bit slow Oliver has stole the show Cant wait for some mo...5-7-5 is a haiku ya momo 's lol
  7. Your good I wasnt offended and I dont know astro personally but he doesnt strike me as the easily offended type.Hes a damn national treasure though.
  8. I'll bite...Its called sarcasm.Its a joke and it's meant to be funny.In no way does it sound bitter or strange it sounds...well again sarcastic.
  9. So funny I'm in the same boat.I remember her from lurking back then.I had a screen name I twice I couldn't remember and just recently started a new one but I totally remember NJ Sue so she must have left a legacy.R.I.P
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