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  1. And you banned me before I could post the links I had for breaking news because you were wrong and didn't want to admit it. Luckily though someone posted a link just after I was banned. Members 1 4 posts Report post Posted March 10 It's all over the Steelers media. It's all over Pittsburgh. But feel free to ban people because you disagree with the facts.
  2. I'm not going to argue this with you because last time I argued with you I got banned because you were wrong. I'll just say if you want to invent your own stat, fine. Cherry picking numbers don't make it correct.
  3. I don't understand why it's so hard to understand teams are playing him as a running QB. He's still running. He's actually running more than last year. He's not getting the big run because teams are spying him and trying to stop him from having big runs. They aren't turning their backs to him as much. They're mush rushing him and keeping him in front of them.
  4. No. They're spying him like they did Tyrod last couple season with the Bills. Mush rush. Also they've said JA likes to run right so if you watch the pats game they put Collins on the right side of the offense in front of the RT and kept him there the entire game. If JA wanted to run right he'd run into Collins.
  5. Isn't this because some C can't look between their legs for the snap?
  6. Of course he is, and probably a lot of other places. I'd like to see him in ATL if he has to leave.
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