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  1. I saw no muff either. he got it like a rugby ball and put it away high and tight like Tiki used to.
  2. I never expected JA to be perfect. I believe he can win with 55% rate. I'm one of the few here who stood up for TT. And I said I doubt it.
  3. I doubt it. I was and am a big JA guy. Go read about it.
  4. I'm asking myself that exact question. I want JA to be good. I want JA to make every throw as perfect as possible. I will not blindly claim he is good or that his passes are perfect. Listen, I'm here wasting my time with half the guys on this MB who claimed Peterman would be better than Tyrod. LMAO.
  5. He had to open his hips to the DB out of frame. You know the only one that matters. The one that was going to hit him. If the ball is thrown to his right shoulder he catches it going upfield into the endzone. We don't agree.
  6. You're so secure in your position that you spend most of your time making lame jokes. As if your lame jokes are somehow fact. You would be wrong.
  7. The ball because of it's placement made Zay open his hips and torso to the defender. If the ball is placed on his right shoulder the catch pulls him away from the defender into the endzone. It's a routine throw for most QB. Catchable, yes. Perfect throw, no.
  8. And how many times do I have to say I don't agree with this?
  9. I don't care about % with JA. I've said that many times. If he's 55% and hits on some big throws and a couple runs his % won't matter.
  10. Could Zay pause the video then make the catch?
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