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  1. CuddyDark

    What really happened: Beane trolled the Steelers and AB

    What really happened: AB laughed in Beane's face.
  2. They just need to draft better overall. Develop their own talent. I haven't seen many teams cheat their way to the top by signing a bunch of FA. That is not how you win.
  3. I can post whatever I want. Just because you don't like what I post doesn't mean I can't post it. If you want the source search for it. It's not hard to find.
  4. The Steelers leaked the entire trade. People here believe what they want. Whatever makes them happy. Fine.
  5. Call it what you will but Beane was offering a trade of firsts (moving from 9 to 20) and a 3rd. It's the dumbest trade in history and we got lucky AB didn't want to play for us.
  6. CuddyDark

    Brandon Beane's Most Impressive Move as Bills GM

    Becoming GM without any experience or proof as of yet that he knows what the hell he's doing.
  7. No. I'd rather we not allow Beane to trade for any receiver given he was offering twice what the Raiders paid for AB.
  8. This is so ridiculous. No one is trashing the Bills. The Bills are trash. Just because I'm a fan doesn't mean I can't see the charges against the Bills are legitimate. The team is trash and has been for 20yrs.
  9. You can believe whatever you want but the Bills had to go into the deal at the start knowing AB wanted to get paid because he said so on national TV. It's more likely AB laughed at the idea of being on the Bills.
  10. So basically a 2nd and a 3rd for a player they must traded isn't a bad trade? It's one of the dumbest trades ever made if it goes through.
  11. Is he even better than Whaley yet?
  12. CuddyDark

    2 WR’s Beane should be all over.

    Kelvin Harmon
  13. No. It make me more resolute in thinking he's not a real GM. He's a nepotism hire. He's in over his head. What a dumb trade. Give up 9 and a 3rd for 20 and a player who must be traded. They should give us a 3rd just to take him off their books.