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  1. Throughout his career he's always been better in the 2nd year of a new offense. I see him as being better than last year, but not having a career year.
  2. Still dependent on how well they do against the run. I see them using Oliver in their nickel packages and on rush downs. If they can't stop the run ~5. If they stop the run 9+.
  3. He'd be LT from day one, not in competition with anyone IMO. At 25M for 2 years. It would be a great trade for the Bills. He's a HOF type player. Do it.
  4. Because it doesn't matter. We are where he wanted us to be. How and why is irrelevant.
  5. Your mental confusion has nothing to do with me. Again Beane came into what almost every GM in Bills history came into. That's just a fact. Claiming he had some uncommon cap is a lie. Beane created his own cap situation. I don't care why he did it.
  6. I did say it's a lie. Beane created his own cap problems. He was not hired in cap hell. It's his own creation. There is no getting around that. That's why you keep trying to change the subject. I don't care why he did what he did. The fact is he did it. It was his choice. Anything but that is excuses. Exactly. Beane made the move. It's his responsibility. He didn't inherit it. He's not a victim. Everything that has happened if his fault or success.
  7. Same game he ran down Thurman and Kenneth Davis from the other side of the field. I think it was 93.
  8. 1. I said 'some kind of cap hell'. I stand by that because it's true. 2. Who said it wasn't significant? I said Beane himself is responsible for creating it. It wasn't what he walked into. Exactly my point. Thank you.
  9. The tape does not belong to Kraft. The tape belongs to the State. Criminal acts on tape are public information.
  10. Beane created the dead cap. Beane traded Marcell. Beane traded Tyrod. Beane traded Cordy Glenn. Beane cut Kelvin Benjamin. How much in dead cap is that? It's all self imposed. And honestly I agree with all of it. But to pretend it's somehow not his fault or different then any GM is a lie. And it's not a guess. Every GM had to release players, sign players and build their team. No one came into a QB or team full of stars, except John Butler.
  11. I'm trying to point out that you are using bad info. 1. Buddy Nix was not GM in 2009, Brandon was. Nix was promoted at the end of the season but wasn't signing players and being GM until 2010. 2. Bills did not have 98 million cap space, they had ~100 spent. 3. 2010 was the uncapped year. I don't know what they had over or under because there wasn't a cap. If I had to guess I'd say Nix had about the same amount of cap space as Beane. 4. Beane created some of his cap problems by releasing and or trading players. He did not inherit the worst cap in Bills history like you boys claim. 5. Saying Beane was in cap hell is a lie.
  12. People really think telling White to study more and study the OC is bad advice? Really?
  13. Actually it wasn't my argument. It was my defense of his argument. Also context depends on the viewpoint. I see show me the baby, not it could have been or we did this or understand we couldn't. It is or it ain't. So far in free agency it ain't. Now that's my argument. What Bills team in the last 20 years had a QB? What GM came in with a winning QB? These are excuses. Can Beane get it done? So far in free agency I'd say he hasn't.
  14. I don't think that's right. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d80ef32d2/printable/bills-release-g-dockery-te-royal-to-free-up-salarycap-space
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