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  1. Roberts makes McKenzie expendable. Unless Roberts has an injury in camp, I don't see McKenzie making the team. Zay I could see being on the bubble, but only if Duke, Sills, and/or others perform.
  2. Trade him for a pick and be done with him... He doesn't fit the mold of what McDermott wants IMO
  3. I’ll phrase my point differently, so is the main advantage of Singletary that he is available right away, or is he truly a superior back? I’m honestly asking, not criticizing the pick (Only said I wasn’t sure about it, because I don’t know anything about him and try to keep up on a lot of the players, yet haven’t heard anything about him). I choose to get most of my info from people on this board as we tend to have some very knowledgeable people that contribute.
  4. That is not at all what Beane thinks about when drafting players, he has put an emphasis on drafting the right players for building long term. Not buying it that they drafted a rb because they think Gore and McCoy will get injured... And I was asking in terms of draft value what makes Devin in the 3rd better than a Bryce Love in the 5th, that’s all. And I usually love everything McBeane do, just not sure about this but admittedly don’t know much about Singletary.
  5. Not sure how Singletary in the 3rd is better than Bryce Love in the 5th and letting him sit and learn behind Gore and McCoy.... But I don’t know anything about Singletary.
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