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  1. Idiot for sure. His moves have been head scratchers to say the least... They sold everyone last April on the fact that they were going to draft Barkley because they were "reloading" and have Eli, so it was time to try and win now. So they drafted a running back 2nd overall when your team has a QB that has been done for 5 years and is running on fumes... Then this year they trade away a top 5 WR who is in his prime. Gettleman has no idea what he is doing, trying to win now, trying to win later, trying to never win, he's a wreck. Thankfully we have one of the top GM's in the league and we ended up finding our QB partly due to the poor decision making of Gettleman last year, which pushed QB further down the draft board.
  2. You have a good point, but the signing of that tall Canadian Football player makes me wonder if they maybe still want one tall jumpball target.... But personally I feel like Allen needs speedsters who can get behind DBs and kick into top gear to catch up to Allens throws when they are a little overthrown.
  3. Tyrod carried himself with class the entire time he was with the Bills, and some people are judged harsher because not everyone judges the same, its important to acknowledge the individual side of this. Every situation is different, and in the Bills case, they did not bench Tyrod because he was black, that was based on his play. And then they did the same thing with the white QB, benched him because of his play and decided it was too early for him to have played. They then followed through with their plan on the rebuild and traded a QB that they could get a 3rd round pick for and hung onto the cheap rookie whom they were going to give more time, and to fill the void until their raw 1st round draft choice was ready to take the field. Now, are there stereotypes that exist that could be perceived as racist, probably. There is a stereotype that the RB should be someone that is black, and a stereotype that the QBs are white. But I don't think GMs/Coaches/Owners would sabotage themselves by taking a less talented player just because he is white. If talent level is close though, I could certainly see where they would be more likely to choose the player that fits the stereotype which is probably a level of racism is some eyes. And I, like many here was an adamant Tyrod supporter, even before he got to Buffalo, I liked him a lot, but he always left us Bills fans wanting more from him. Eventually, like many others I realized he was not going to lead us to a Super Bowl, and was ready to give others a chance. I think it was very smart to trade Tyrod when we did because his stock would never be as high as after he led our Bills to the playoffs.
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