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  1. Oh, you mean people that get tax breaks but employ thousands of people? No, I don’t.
  2. We are talking about food stamps, free housing, free medical, yada yada. Like I said, at least I enjoy sports.
  3. Um, yeah. OK. Stick to hockey, Happy. Or golf. Whatever it may be.
  4. Just keep metriculating the ball down the field, boys.
  5. I have no problem using public money for sports. At least then it is being used for something I enjoy, unlike generations of free-loaders on welfare.
  6. The more I think about it I see no way they keep Poyer. They have to keep White and I think Hyde is more valuable. I don't see them paying three players in that secondary. You have to be smart with money handed out.
  7. I think we will move on from Poyer but retain Hyde.
  8. Burrow has zero in the clout department compared to Eli Manning when he came out. Elway had the New York Yankees.
  9. That was fun to watch. I enjoyed Dawkins TD against the Patriots the most. Can’t wait for kickoff 2020!
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