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  1. I know the Bills beat Giants in Dec, Simms went down that game and Hostettler came in.....and the Giants never lost another game he started after that. I can not point to a play in SB 25 that the Bills didn’t make because of partying.That Bills defense took a beating......yet only gave up 20 points. If partying was an issue the Giants would have rolled the Bills that day. Thurman Thomas was one of the biggest partiers on the Bills and he was the best player on the field for both teams.
  2. The partying is overblown. The Bills, for the most part, executed well that day on offense. Play calling was an issue, not partying. The Giants held the ball for a long time against a smallish Bills defense and pretty much played a perfect game.....and won by the skin of their teeth. Don’t forget the Giants dumped the 2 time defending SB Champs the week before in Candlestick. They were a hell of a team. To blame that loss on partying has become folklore in these parts but when you look at the game, nope. No evidence to be found that partying was a reason for the loss.
  3. I'll be honest....I wanted the Bills to attempt one more sideline pass before Norwood trotted out there. They had 8 seconds. Nothing there, throw it away. 8 seconds was plenty of time to bring that kick 5-10 yards closer. Marv screwed the pooch on that.
  4. You have to apologize for calling someone a turd?
  5. Can you get bread and milk at the liquor store? Lemmings like you are fine with the government telling you what's best. You can go to the liquor store but don't you dare go to Best Buy to get a computer or your local car dealer to buy a vehicle.
  6. Right. Instead, when one needs something, go to the crowded store where everyone has to go instead of spreading people out, all the while keeping social distancing in mind.
  7. My belief is you can still social distance and open business. In fact, social distancing may be a hell of a lot easier with more options of businesses that one in allowed to go to.
  8. If you think people are staying home I have a bridge to sell you. 99.9% of people need to go to the grocery store....you know, where there are a ton of people and social distancing is impossible?
  9. That’s exactly right. Go to the grocery store.Tons of people there. The funny thing? I am working from home. Early this week my modem took a dump. I went to Walmart to buy another. Why couldn’t I have went to Best Buy? I guess because Walmart sells food I have to go tire where it was absolutely packed? I can only imagine there are many similar stories to mine only different merchandise needed. That could have been bought at different, less crowded, locations.
  10. I wonder, if the economy is shut down much longer, how it will effect an area like Buffalo, and the future of professional sports. I can't see any tax funds going to a new, or re-modeled, stadium anywhere in the state for a very long time, and rightfully so.
  11. Yeah, well good luck with your answer ever happening. There is your fantasy and then there is the reality of billions of dollars.
  12. Yep, Jerry is desperate. Not to sound morbid but he wants another SB before his dirt nap. Then again, we all want just one before ours.
  13. When networks are spending billions of dollars, you don’t think they should have a say? They should have the biggest say in when and what time.
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