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  1. I’d hope they’d seriously consider it. If anything, it could be an investment in the trade market the following year......or, maybe some team early in the second would want to trade up? I guess we need to see the extent of his injury.
  2. With the exception of the Eagles game, every Bills game has been tight going into the 4th quarter so, no.....I don’t expect the Bills to dominate. They have given us no reason through 9 games to believe that they can dominate a game.
  3. Why should this be any different than any other game this season? Close game in 4th quarter, Bills win 17-9.
  4. There was a little team called the Montreal Canadiens in his way of winning that Cup. The same Canadiens that had a season with only 8 losses during that stretch. 8 losses. In fact, the Habs lost only 29 games during a 3 year stretch and 46 in the 4 year stretch they won those 4 Cups in. Most dominating team in NHL history.
  5. No. The Heat Coach picks his staff. That’s the way it is and should be.
  6. If you think McDermott is getting fired you truly are clueless.
  7. If the coaches were truly brain washing him he’d have a lot better ball security when running. The fact of the matter is Josh Allen is a inaccurate thrower. No more needs to be said. To blame it on the coaching staff is freaking ridiculous.
  8. Levi Wallace is a good player. How about we aim higher at QB? #AMIRIGHT?
  9. Why would Allen look the veteran’s way in a critical juncture of the game? Sorry, but he is NOT better than he was the last quarter of last season. At all.
  10. No, it hasn't. In fact, the offense has digressed from late last season. I know why but it isn't a popular take so I will keep quiet.
  11. I don’t understand why people don’t see the obvious.
  12. When has a 1st round project QB ever planned out?
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