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  1. Binghamton Beast

    Josh Allen Apparently Loves Popeye’s Chicken

    He’s going to be a lard ass when he retires.
  2. Yeah, OK. Right off the top of my head, there is the Foster pass against the Jags. If Allen drops back and sees nobody open, he’s going to start moving because he knows that will buy himself and receivers more time to make plays. His eyes are always down field. I’ve yet to see him looking at the rush so your take is simply ignorant to what is really happening.
  3. Binghamton Beast

    Did Bills Fans Protest The Steve Christie Signing In 1992?

    I’ve heard of some big families but Norwood’s takes the cake. 1500 people in his family?
  4. Binghamton Beast

    2020 NFL Draft will be held in Vegas

    Vegas is such a fun town. Can’t wait until they hold a Super Bowl there. There will be so many Barret Robbins type incidents to report on.
  5. I’m sure Seahawks fans felt the same way when they literally made over 100 player transactions in Pete Caroll’s first year.
  6. Binghamton Beast

    Would ya Miss Kentucky style

    She’ll be employed in the porn business before too long.
  7. Binghamton Beast

    Tonight’s game thread Seahawks Vikings

    After the Redskins having two QB’s break their leg, it turns out the biggest break the franchise received was seeing Cousins walk.
  8. He’ll lead the charge this time but only if we let him lead the charge for someone else next season.
  9. What would you have said if he was black?
  10. Binghamton Beast

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    Sometimes I think they do miss chances to develop Allen. Case in point last week at Miami. The Fish pinned the Bills in at their own 1. I thought this would be a good experience for Allen to learn to throw from his endzone and get some breathing room for the offense. The Bills run on 1st and 2nd down and get nothing. 3rd down and he wired a pass to Jones down the sidelines and Zay makes a nice grab on a beautiful pass. 20 plays yards. No harm, no foul, right? They got the first down. Maybe. I saw it it as a chance to get the kids feet wet by making him make a play in that area of the field on first down and second down....like a veteran QB does.
  11. Binghamton Beast

    Jordan Jenkins threatened to kill Dion Dawkins

    It was a cheap shot by Dawkins. That ***** should not be part of the game.
  12. Binghamton Beast

    Help this great guy find this. Left it in Hammers Lot

    Hope he comes back into possession of it.
  13. Binghamton Beast

    win the next 3 games ?

    Good. Why don’t you start by getting the ***** out of here?
  14. That long pass Darnold threw on the last drive....that was amazing.
  15. Binghamton Beast

    Danny Crossman should be out

    Who’s the ST coach for the Chiefs?