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  1. Ice, I know for sure nobody hates you. Some just find your posting here a bit curious coming here and pumping up our tires but most of us enjoy having you here.
  2. Legendary QB died today. https://www.packers.com/news/packers-legend-bart-starr-dies-at-85
  3. Calling my shot right now..... Buffalo Bills, 2019 AFC East Champions.
  4. You just don’t get football history. Everything is not numbers in black and white.
  5. Tre should come to the Binghamton Beast House if Coverage school I have. Many top CB’s like Doug Schwartz and Stewart Miller have attended and look at what it did for them. Deion Sanders? Pfffffffff.....
  6. Donovan McNabb couldn’t carry Big Ben’s jockstrap.
  7. No, it really doesn’t. It just seems that way because they are enforcing the law. #######s come in all shapes, sizes and colors while being employed in various career fields.
  8. I’m a huge Paul O’Neill fan. He is my favorite baseball player of all time. Paul O’Neill’s baseball career pales in comparison to OJ’s football career. This was a dumb move by the Bills. Does it really mean anything? No. But is sure does mean a lot if you follow what I’m saying.
  9. I think they should make him grow a big Afro and wear the same face mask OJ did.
  10. Two of the worst contracts in the NFL? You’re one of those people, huh?
  11. Can’t have #32 without a nickname. I suggest Senorenthal Perry. 🤔🤷‍♂️
  12. I always thought everyone realized the Bills had their sights set on starting to make significant moves in 2019 last off-season. I guess not.
  13. I can’t believe we traded that linebacker for this guy.
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