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  1. Trade Rumors? (only Rumors)

    It really is all nonsense. You are correct. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that any rumors out there are being tossed out by teams actually not involved in the rumors.
  2. Trade Rumors? (only Rumors)

    I’m actually not but just showing how anyone could throw a rumor out there and make it sound plausible. In other words, the Jets are worried the Bills are going to move to #2 and two QB’s go off the board before their pick. So, the Jets call the Browns, the Browns are willing to deal but want to know who the Jets want before they agree to a trade. The Jets say, “Rosen” and the Browns tell them, cool, you got a deal but not until draft night. Draft night the Jets trade 3 and 2019 1st to move to #1.They select Rosen, The Giants just don’t feel comfortable dropping back as a three way deal is very difficult to make, and select Chubb. The Browns get their guy at 3 in Darnold and then turn around and trade 4 to the Bills for 12, a 3rd and Bills 2019 1st. The Bills then select Baker Mayfield. And the Browns make out like mad hatters.
  3. Trade Rumors? (only Rumors)

    I’m hearing the Browns and Jets are in talks with the Jets wanting to move up to #1. If that happens, it may be very hard for us to get into the top 4.
  4. I'm keeping #22

    I’m not keeping 22 if it prevents me from landing the QB I want. Some people just love having lousy QB’s. The 2000 Ravens and Trent Dilfer!!!! blah blah blah
  5. Did You Upgrade Your Seasons Tickets?

    Every time I see those uniforms I want to punch Tom Donahoe.
  6. Bills had private workout with QB Luke Falk

    If intriguing means “seriously pissed off that Falk if the first QB the Bills take in this draft”......then mark me down as intrigued.
  7. Bills coming to GB this fall

    I really want to go to this game.
  8. Pats; 5 prime time games in 7 weeks???

    The Bills were getting three prime timers a year back in the SB days. A lot of those were at home.
  9. Bills better off waiting on qb?

    Sure. !@#$ it. Let’s wait another 22 years! To hell with this draft and our best chance in three and a half decades to land a blue chip QB. Let’s keep our draft capital and address the !@#$ing guard position!
  10. Schedule Leaks Thread

    Obviously, the Bills are closing the season with the Fish.
  11. Riley Ferguson our QB selection

    Is he a good holder on kicks? Because that would be the extent of his NFL career.
  12. Schedule Leaks Thread

    I really have no schedule day release memories to share.
  13. Josh Allen visiting the Bills today

    You’re a fan of a punter. Leave real talk to the rest of us.
  14. Fred Jackson wall of fame or not?

    No. Joe Cribbs belongs on that wall before Jackson and Joe ain’t going up anytime soon.