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  1. With pick 91, the Bills could have drafted: OT Wanya Morris DT Brodic Martin NT Siaka Ika OT Nick Saldiveri CB Kelee Ringo Let's see in 2 years who is the better NFL player.
  2. If they lose to Cincinnati they are not good enough to win the Super Bowl. And, the way they have been playing the last 6 weeks or so suggests they are good, but not elite. They could improve though. Totally possible.
  3. Let's hope he turns out better than Levi Wallace, and close to Tre White. He has that potential.
  4. Hey Fred Slacks, What you touch on makes sense. We went from Levi Wallace to Kaiir Elam at corner. We are better long-term. We picked up Von Miller, Tim Settle, Daquan Jones, and Jordan Phillips while dumping Star and Vernon Butler. We are better. Go Bills.
  5. I would not move up for Breece Hall. No. I like a bunch of possible players. Don't care about the position. TE Trey McBride, OL Nickolas Petit-Frere, LB Chad Muma, SAF Nick Cross, SAF Jaquan Brisker, and CB Kyler Gordon if he is still on the board at 57.
  6. I think his lack of tackling is a little overblown. I see him making tackles in his highlights....is he blowing guys up? No. But he is adequate in that part of his game. Honestly, Tre White isn't excellent a missile when it comes to tackling. Ki-ear ?
  7. WR Wan'Dale Robinson RB Rachaad White I know they will draft a tight end, just don't know which one. and definitely drafting a safety, again don't know which one.
  8. Sorry, I will do better. My memory is not that good anymore.
  9. Can you get a really good running back in the 1st round of the NFL draft, especially early on? Yes. Can you get a really good running back in the back end of the 1st round? Let's see: These are RBs drafted in the first round. Would you be happy if Breece Hall turns out like: Ryan Matthews Doug Martin Todd Gurley Rashad Penny Sony Micheal Clyde Edwards-Helaire Mark Ingram It appears some of these RBs had flashes, but it is not sustainable for 4-5 years. Others just weren't that good. Is it worth the #25 pick if you only get 2 good years out of a RB? Thoughts? IMO Looking at that list, it is rare to get 5 good years out of a running back. Definitely some luck and randomness involved.
  10. I could be totally wrong, but I don't see the Bills / Beane trading up for a WR. In fact, I don't think they take one in the 1st round. He has something else in mind.
  11. Trayvon Walker goes #1 QB Malik Willis will land with the "right" team CB Andrew Booth falls out of the 1st round
  12. Tyreek mostly works from the slot. Dax Hill could stay with him. It will be real interesting if Daxton Hill and Kaiir Elam are on the board at 25. Which way will Beane go?
  13. I was wondering if the Bills had met with Kaiir Elam, and just now COVER1 is reporting he did have a Pre-Draft Visit with the Bills. CB Kaiir Elam, 6' 1 1/2", 191 lbs, arms 30 7/8", forty = 4.39 Kaiir has always been a possibility at 25, but just recently draftniks have recognized he is a 1st round CB. He has good height at 6' 1.5" and ran a really fast forty at the combine (4.39). Here are the Corners (and Safeties) the Bills have been linked to. Beane should be able to get at least one of them: DB Dax Hill - Mtg S Lewis Cine – #30Pre-Draft Visit S Nick Cross – #30Pre-Draft Visit S Kyle Hamilton - Zoom CB Kaiir Elam - #30Pre-Draft Visit CB Andrew Booth – #30Pre-Draft Visit CB Martin Emerson – #30Pre-Draft Visit CB Montaric Brown – Zoom CB Joshua Williams – Mtg CB Roger McCreary – #30Pre-Draft Visit
  14. We all assumed he would sign a veteran CB BEFORE the draft. That was logical. Maybe he has talked to a couple of vets and plans to follow up with one or two of them immediately following the draft.
  15. Draft. I always focus on all 7-8 picks, not just the 1st round pick. The 1st round pick, when picking at 25, is not likely to be an elite, all-pro player. So I am cool if we draft Daxton Hill and he bounces around the secondary as a rookie, and then becomes a full time safety when Jordan Poyer leaves at the end of 2022.
  16. I think it will be Daxton Hill. OTHER: Daxton Hill Daxton Hill is a helluva football player and DB. He is great blitzer. He likes to hit. He reacts quickly when flying up. If he is the 2023 Jordan Poyer replacement, it would be a good pick.
  17. Jelani Woods has that freakish athletic size/traits that Beane seems to favor. The Bills took the time to fly out to Colorado State to put Trey McBride through a private workout, so there is some interest there...and the Bills know he is going to go in the 2nd round....so I don't think they did it just to pass time. McBride / Jelani Woods / Charlie Kolar / Cade Otton / Cole Turner .....there are a bunch of TEs to consider. It wasn't that long ago McBeane traded UP, giving two 4th round picks for a 3rd round pick to draft Dawson Knox. It makes me think if there is one they really like, they will go for him. Maybe the 3rd round is where they pick one.
  18. The Bills could benefit with any one of these 5 safeties: Safety 1. Kyle Hamilton, Norte Dame (1st) 2. Daxton Hill, Michigan (1st) 3. Lewis Cine, Georgia (2nd) 4. Jalen Pitre, Baylor (2nd) 5. Jaquan Brisker, Penn State (2nd) I would love to know what the medical is on Andrew Booth. PS No one talks about Booth's knee surgery 2 years ago. I wonder if that is a concern.
  19. Doesn't appear so. Despite everyone insisting that Beane would sign a vet Free Agent before the draft. It is slightly surprising.
  20. It sure would be nice if our 1st round pick contributed immediately. With Ed Oliver, he was slow in his rookie year. I suppose you could say Greg Rousseau did okay his rookie year, although he hit the rookie wall later in the season. Going back to Shaq Lawson, he had surgery, missed games, and then was going getting up to speed. If the Bills draft Kyler Gordon, Trent McDuffie, Andrew Booth or Dax Hill, you would think they could see a lot of playing time early. The benchmark in the NFL for years has been if you get 3 good starters out of 7 picks, you did well. Even if you go back to the Jim Kelly era, the Bills did draft well, but it was never more than 3 good ones per year. Albeit guys like Josh Reed, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, Jim Kelly, etc were very impactful.
  21. I wonder how much of a difference there will be between Sauce in his NFL career and Booth's NFL career?
  22. Well said. Players at that point in the draft all have about the same chance of success, so basically Belicheck picked up an extra 7th. Maybe he gets lucky with that extra pick.
  23. Well said. If the Bills draft a CB, and the CB becomes a starter before the end of the fall, I think that would be a win. If the rookie CB starts Day 1, that would be super successful IMO. Very tall order. Look at the Bills 2019 Draft. They got 3 starters out of their 8 picks. Which is considered successful. 1) Ed Oliver, DL – solid starter 2) Cody Ford, OL - bust 3) Devin Singletary, RB – ok starter 3) Dawson Knox, TE – really solid starter 5) Vosean Joseph, LB - flush 6) Jaquan Johnson, S - meh 7) Darryl Johnson, OLB - push 7b) Tommy Sweeney, TE - whatever
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