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  1. I like Dax Hill. I like his 4.38 forty. We don't have that. And yes he can play some corner. Some nickel. Some slot. But I like some other players better, but if they are gone I don't see Beane trading down so Dax Hill might be BPA. And I don't care what position he plays in 2022. Over the next 5 years he should be a nice piece to have in the secondary. I would be cool if the Bills draft OL Trevor Penning at 25, if he is BPA, even though we don't need an OT. I think I like Booth, but I keep hearing internet rumors that injuries are a concern going back to his 2019 and 2020 seasons. I need more details...which we don't get access it. BPA at any position at 25. Except QB.
  2. There must be something about his previous injuries that are turning off SOME teams. Primarily those teams drafting 20-32. PS I still like Dax Hill at 25, as well as Zion Johnson, maybe Kyler Gordon. Not as sexy as a Wide Receiver, I know.
  3. I can not dispute your assessment. That is the danger of moving up. You give up multiple picks, and the guy you get may not pan you. Another example is when the Bills moved up in the 2nd round, giving up two 4th round picks (plus the 2nd round pick) to take Reggie Ragland. He blow out his knee in rookie camp and missed his rookie year.
  4. Obviously go nuts and blow it all...tomorrow. Kidding, actually you want some for the draft picks, and a few more million in case a veteran player becomes available after the draft that you would want and can help your team. Now is the team to have a few bullets in reserve.
  5. Over the years many teams have said they take some players off their board completely. And many teams claim to only have about 150 boards on their board. If there is a player at Kutztown State that has buzz as a possible late round WR and he gets a DUI in February....off the board. Or, if there is a RB from Idaho that put up some big #s but then runs a 4.9 at his pro day....off the board. As far as players in the 1st or 2nd round, not many of those will be taken "off the board". Some may if there is no scheme fit. If you run a defense that has no use for a Nose Tackle, why put one on your draft board? You would never draft him, so why waste hours and hours of your scouts time doing the reports and film necessary to even put them on your board. 150 players on your board should be plenty. IMO. But I know nothing .
  6. So you are saying starting a 3rd round rookie corner might not give you good results? And there is a possibility we do that? Yikes. Who can we trade for! It seems fans think Tre White will be 100% on September 1st. I wonder what the doctors think. And, how much conditioning time does he need? If his knee just becomes 100% on August 15th, he ain't going to be 100% football ready by opening game. Let's hear from the medical field about the timeline.
  7. In my amateurish analysis, I am not that high on Isaiah Likely. I like Trey McBride, Cade Otton and Charlie Kolar better. But Beane and the Boys see a lot more tape, in person scouting than I ever could, so they know best. And yes, they appear to be very interested in tight ends. That is a cool idea. How about you break into OBD early Sunday after the draft...they will be probably sleeping in late...and take pictures in the war room of the draft board. I will stand guard outside for you. Cool?
  8. It appears by Beane's actions, the Bills are looking at a number of RB prospects. Including Breece Hall. I really think it is to be prepared if one of the top guys falls to pick 57. If Beane thinks Ken Walker Jr is an upgrade to Motor, then I could see him drafting him. But I don't see him forcing it. Singletary was half decent in December and January. If another player/position presents itself at pick 57 that is rated higher than the RB, Beane will go BPA.
  9. I think Trayvon Walker could be the #1 overall pick. ....let me know how I did in two weeks....
  10. I do wonder if Tommy Sweeney makes it to final cuts. If we draft a TE, the answer will be probably no. Of course, if OJ Howard sprains his ankle leaving Duffs and will miss a month, Sweeney may stick around.
  11. Dulcich from UCLA is okay. Don't know enough about him to be enthused. Depending on the round, I do like McBride, Cade Otton, and Charlie Kolar. Tight ends are really hard to project to the NFL. Don't sleep on Cade Otton. "...He has some nastiness and tenacity to him in the run game..." And IMO sometimes a smaller school Tight End, like Colorado State, can have more upside. They didn't have the coaching or weight room like an Alabama or Clemson kid. I think CB, TE and RB are high on Beane's list....but he may only get 2 out of 3 early because of how the board falls and some players getting scooped before the Bills selection.
  12. Yep. Travis Kelce and Gronk have kicked our butt more than a few times. It is time we do that to other teams.
  13. When Beane moved up to get Tremaine Edmunds, we moved from 22 to 16. We had to give Baltimore our 65th pick. So if you want to move up from 25 to say around 12, it is going to cost you...a lot. And no one wants our 6th and 7th round picks. They are fairly worthless in first round trades. Not impossible to move up that high, but normally it is reserved for a QB or a Julio Jones.
  14. I love Dax Hill's ability to play all over the secondary. Plus he could be one of your starting safeties in a year, or, two.
  15. 1) Beane has traded up in the draft a number of times. Not necessarily in the 1st round, but in the draft in general. So it is possible Beane does a trade up. 2) Obviously we traded up for Josh Allen, but Beane also traded up for Tremaine Edmunds that same year. The Bills moved from 22 to 16 to select Tremaine Edmunds. so not a huge jump, but Beane had to give up pick 22, and pick 65 (which was the very first pick in the 3rd round which we got from trading Tyrod Taylor). The Bills got back a 5th from Baltimore. 3) Beane also moved up to get Cody Ford, Dawson Knox and I think Dion Dawkins. I don't think there is any chance Sauce Gardner or Derek Stingley are on the board past pick 12, so I don't think it makes sense to trade into the Top 10 to get one of them. It does appear that it is a deep draft for WR. Plus Beane is probably feeling confident he can find another Gab Davis in the middle rounds. CB is the headscratcher. No free agent CB signing, so you have to think the draft is where he will get at least one.
  16. He had several nagging injuries in 2020 and then again during spring practice 2021. The coaches even got on him and said "the best ability is availability" entering the fall 2021 season. Then he missed the combine workouts because of a quad injury. And now he missed his pro day because of having to have a sports hernia operation. Nothing is screaming run away, but it is something to dig down on. I am sure the Bills medical staff is looking into those college injuries.
  17. He missed the combine because of a quad injury. "Andrew Booth Jr. suffered a strained quad muscle while training for the 40-yard dash and will miss workouts at the combine" Then he missed his pro day because of having a sports hernia surgery. In college, he dealt with a lot of nagging injuries. He wasn't always available in practice or games in 2020, and that trend carried over into spring practice in 2021 because of nagging injuries and such. Clemson coaches have had a simple message for Andrew Booth Jr. in fall camp: "The best ability is availability." IMO, teams just have to drill down more on those college injuries to find out if it is a concern. I am sure the Bills medical staff has looked hard at his medicals.
  18. Lance Zierlein talks about that. He bases his mock drafts, and he has been pretty good over the last 10-15 years, on team needs, team Cap situation, his knowledge of what a GM likes in a player and how he, Lance, evaluates the talent of the players. He mentioned he doesn't listen to the buzz for that reason. The buzz could be wrong. Anyhow, for example, he has Travon Walker going #1 overall and the rest of the media, until now, have NOT had Travon Walker going #1. It is interesting to read a mock from someone that is less of a hack than most....
  19. Lance Zierlein over the last decade has been one of the most accurate Mock Drafters. (No one is even close to 100%....but he is better than most) He has Sauce Gardner at #4 Stingley at #9 and Trent McDuffie at #15 I think it is a dream to think we can come close to any of those 3 guys. So it might come down to Elam, Booth and Kyler Gordon.
  20. Lance believes teams are slightly concerned about Booth's injuries, and sees him sliding a little and slipping to the 2nd round. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-athletic-football-show-a-show-about-the-nfl/id1528622068?i=1000557446314 Interesting. Lance has the Bills drafting CB Kaiir Elam, Florida at #25 (He has Kyler Gordon going at pick 31 to the Bengals)
  21. Don't think of it as a TE, but a pass catcher. Josh needs pass catchers. Tight ends, running backs out of the backfield, slot guys, plus your X & Y WRs. Let's Go !
  22. Possibly. I wonder who they are focused on in the draft at LB. Maybe Chad Muma?
  23. Who said anything about moving on from Von Miller? He is here for the next 3 years for sure. After that it is all about his health and performance. Hopefully he is still productive.
  24. It will go up. Yes. But Josh's Cap jumps to $39 million and Von Miller's to about $20 million. You have to keep an eye on Cap all the time. PS I know some fans always like to say "you can just restructure so and so's contract". That is just a temporary one time fix. Like taking a cash advance on your Visa to make your minimum payment on your MasterCard. No reason to panic, but Brandon does need to plan how to balance the Cap in 2023 and 2024, and it starts with the draft this year.
  25. I don't know which way Beane is leaning for 2023 with regards to Edmunds.........however, if the dline is improved, we could probably get by with a good rookie then. At a much cheap price. This draft is going to be interesting as hell. I feel Beane works really hard and will be prepared.
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