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  1. Fans put too much hope on the 1st round pick. When you are picking 25th, getting an elite play maker is a tall order.
  2. Do you think Beane can draft a prospect this year that will have a rookie year better than, equal to, or worse than the following? Shaq Lawson Tre' White Tremaine Edmunds Ed Oliver Greg Rousseau If Beane drafts a rookie that plays equivalent to what #9 pick Ed Oliver did as a rookie, would you be happy? (Remember he started out very slow...not "starting" quite a few games early on) How about Shaq's rookie year? Would you be happy with that? Tremaine? Rousseau? I think we have to keep in mind that many 1st round picks just don't move the needle as much as we hope. IMO if we draft a DB that plays close to what Tre' White did as a rookie, I would be happy. If instead the rookie only plays up to what Ed Oliver, Rousseau, Edmunds or Shaq did, I would be a bit disappointed. PS the best 1st round pick was probably trading the pick to get Stefon Diggs. Diggs first year in Buffalo was pretty darn good.
  3. Cornerback. It is a "premier" position as Brandon Beane likes to refer to. Wide Receiver, Running Back, Tight End, Offensive Tackle, Safety are not desperate needs.
  4. I can not see Beane even considering Toney. So, will some other team? Maybe. 4th round pick?
  5. I too believe there is a good chance it is DB in the first. Although I don't subscribe to a "Super Bowl" window. As long as Josh Allen is our quarterback, we are going to be a contender. We are not losing any player in the next 2 years that will cause us to fell out of contention. (Assuming we are drafting wisely and always refreshing positions like CB, Safety, tight end, etc) Go Bills.
  6. Do you feel our offense is lacking? Josh and the Bills have one of the best offenses in the NFL. (Sure it would be nice to put 50 points every single game...but I don't think we suck either) PS If there was a dynamic, can't miss, running back in this class, I would love to draft him. Not sure how good Breece Hall is..... I would be good with Ken Walker III at pick 57.
  7. I agree we probably won't draft Zion Johnson, but if he is available at 25 we should consider him. The reason we probably won't take him is Brandon Beane made it clear he wants to use his 1st round pick on a "premier position". Offensive guard / center would not be a premier position, in his eyes. The case for drafting Zion is a) Rodger Saffold is a one year player. b) Zion is very good...and smart as hell. He could be a guard or center for Josh for the next 10 years. There is a lot of value in that. I don't know how Beane, and McDermott, feel about Kyler Gordon. He seems like a fit, - wonder how McBeane feels about him.
  8. CJ Spiller was a top ten pick, to play Running Back. WR Wan'Dale Robinson is a good 4th round pick to give you a slot receiver, some time slot back that can get some touches on swing passes, bubble screens, etc.
  9. Not very fast? Did you watch his highlights? He is blowing guys away with his cuts, and breaking their ankles. No you are not drafting this guy in the 2nd round, but if you are looking for a guy that can give you a lot of YAC in the 4th round, he has possibility.
  10. If he could ran away from everyone, every time, he would be a really high pick. I think he could be had for a late 3rd to late 4th round pick. Except, per himself the Bills have been talking to him...and how they could use him. So the Bills are looking at him. Now, maybe they are just preparing in case he falls in the draft. Bottom of the 4th round? They think about it. Bottom of the 5th round he is still there? Put in the pick!
  11. Some scouts think he could be a lot more. He knows how to play running back. If you can get the ball to Wan'Dale in screens, draws, bubble screens, he can take it to the house. He is more than just a guy that can do jet sweep reverses. PS He is tiny. But watch a few of his highlights...he breaks defenders ankles.
  12. WR Wan'Dale Robinson Kentucky is a super quick, shifty wide receiver/gadget guy. He is not Tyreek Hill, or Deebo Samuel, but he is in that mold He was interviewed today (4-20-22) on Sirius radio and when asked if he has been talking to any specific teams and how they could use him, he answered: BUFFALO He mentioned the Bills talked about using him in 4 wide sets. He didn't mention any other teams in response to this question. Found it interesting. NFL.com Scouting Report Robinson will be tabbed as a slot receiver but that is underselling his potential. He's sudden and slick with an ability to make plays from a variety of alignments. He has gadget potential and can function as a dump-and-run target, acting as an extension of the running game. A lack of length and play strength could be a concern until he tightens up the route-running to prevent contested catches. He's much lighter than Deebo Samuel, but the competitiveness, acceleration and run-after-catch talent could have teams eyeing a somewhat similar usage for Robinson in the future.
  13. Robert Woods and Zay Jones have both enjoyed success after leaving Buffalo. I think the Bills were hoping with Cody Ford...but he has played 3 full years in the NFL and may be at his ceiling. From some of McDermott's interviews you can tell he doesn't pretend to know specific prospects in the 3rd round, but he is surely reviewing the scouts reports and has input. Or at least provides feedback. This year I am sure he has helped look at the various Corners and DBs.
  14. Because we draft late in the 4th, he could go before that....but if not, he seems like a good possible for that pick.
  15. IMO, and I have never seen him play in person, Burks has some that...I am not sure about his play. I think Williams, Garrett, Olave, and London are ahead of him. On the other hand, he could be the next AJ Brown. I had never thought of moving Dawkins to LG. Hmmm. Interesting. It would be tough to pass up on Trevor Conrad Dobler Penning. Although I doubt he could play left tackle at the NFL level right away. He needs some of his rough edges coached out of him. But he sure looks promising.
  16. Joe Shoen, and to a lesser extent, Dabol, know a lot of the Bills draft prospects. Draft prospects are scouted starting in September through to the college bowl games. A lot of discussion takes place around positions to focus on, as well as which games to attend in order to see specific prospects. Shoen probably went to several college games himself. Now, will that mean anything during the draft? IDK As far as Beane slipping information accidentally to the media or public, aaaah no. He is very tight lipped. HOWEVER, we do know that he has spent a lot of time scouting tight ends and safety. So we kinda sorta know he is hoping to draft those two positions in this draft.
  17. I don't mind the position, but Jordan Davis makes me a little nervous. He has had conditioning issues in college and coaches kept him off the field at times. The NFL plays a 17 game season. Way longer than college...so how will stand up playing in the NFL? We just don't know.
  18. April 17th. Beane continues to be patient about signing a veteran Free Agent Cornerback. I think he has a # he doesn't want to exceed for CB, and he is sticking to it. I thought Steven Nelson was an option, but he got signed for $5 million a year this week. The biggest shock to me in this draft would be if Beane does not draft a CB in the first 3 rounds.
  19. I like punters Jordan Stout and Jake Camarda better for the Bills. They consistently drop the ball inside the 20 and 10 yard lines during games, with excellent hang time. That is what you want from your punter. Not 70 yard punts. We don't punt much, and when we do we are punting close to the 50 yard line. PLUS Stout and Camarda will be available to draft in the 6th or 7th round.
  20. Agreed...or how about.... Alabama wouldn't be a very good football team if you took away all their 5 star recruits. Honestly, just take away Josh, and our offense is average.
  21. I believe the Bills will draft a Tight End somewhere in rounds 2 - 4. I also believe the Bills will draft a Safety somewhere in rounds 2 - 4. I do agree WR is lower on Beane's list, compared to what fans want. Lastly, I think RB could be a pick....driven by value. If there is a really good RB at pick 57, the Bills could pull the trigger. Or in the 3rd or 4th round. It will just depend on what the value looks like when the Bills are on clock, compared to their board rankings for RBs. I like Ken Walker JR at pick 57, Zamir White at pick 89 and Kevin Harris in the 4rd round.
  22. Ahh...not sold on Spencer Brown. Gotcha. I am hopeful with one year under his belt, and coaching from our new OLine coach, Spencer Brown can hone his game this year. He did show flashes during his rookie year of his upside, especially when run blocking in space. A lot may depend on who is playing RG. Right now it looks like it will be Ryan Bates.
  23. "He's so fast and so athletic that it wouldn't surprise me if a team tried to make him a full-time cornerback. I think he has that kind of potential." -- Area scout for NFC team Hill's best trait for the next level is his ability to line up and cover slot receivers. His quickness, flexibility and fluid athleticism allow him to line up at the line of scrimmage or pick up receivers in off-man coverage. Hill will be a real asset to his defense when going against dangerous slot receivers. For nickel, he is a phenomenal cover corner to run the route and prevent separation. - WalterFootball I know many people have him ranked as a safety but I truly feel he is a versatile defensive back and shouldn’t be given a safety designation. He has played slot corner, outside corner and nickel and the STAR position. - Draft Dive In terms of defensive backs overall, Mel Kiper ranks Cincinnati’s Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner No. 1, either LSU's Derek Stingley Jr. or Notre Dame's Kyle Hamilton at No. 2 and Dax Hill, he said, would be next on that list. “He’s one of the best overall defensive backs in this draft,” Kiper said. Overall, Daxton Hill is a versatile defender who can be exceptional in the slot, align in centerfield, play the deep half, and he’s good enough to play in the box. SI.com
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