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  1. The crawl on the NFL Network said we lost last night. It might just be because I am hungover but that annoyed me.
  2. I noticed that too! I had to keep rewinding my DVR to see which defensive player was making the tackle because Gumbel and Green could not have cared less.
  3. Still loving that Singletary pick in the 3rd round. He could have a really exciting career with us.
  4. When the opposing team's second string comes in during preseason games it is like taking a pain reliever. It takes away the pain and you do feel better, having said that it may not deal with the underlying issue.
  5. The good news is as long as there are no injuries this game will be forgotten in two weeks if not sooner.
  6. For non-scientific superstition reasons can we just stop issuing the number 11 jersey!
  7. Yeesh calling balls and strikes I would be mad if the roles were reversed regarding the roughing the passer call and non-call.
  8. It is because it is on national TV. I think you can watch it later though. As a game pass user in Chicago it is great not having to watch it from my computer or iPad tonight!
  9. Ugh awful pass. Who cares the penalty saved us bad decision on Allen there.
  10. Knowing the Patriots Walt Coleman will probably end up being the judge.
  11. Got to hand it to Whaley that was a great trade.
  12. Him and the Generic Sports Talk Name got so bad I stopped listening to him more than a decade ago. I always felt it was a huge disservice to the people of WNY who are such rabid sports fans to have guys on the rush hour show talking about guitar lessons and most comfortable walking shoes (actual topics). I guess there was never any viable competition but either way apparently it worked because they are still on the air...It is not my cup of tea but they are still on the air.
  13. Yeesh maybe they should go back to talking about politics because sports really isn’t their thing either.
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