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  1. I sometimes give this reaction 😂 even though I don’t actually laugh out loud. In this instance I literally did at my desk in my quiet office when I read that.
  2. Thank goodness I have earwax and can't hear anything out tonight!
  3. It is pretty cool that we have a QB from a local school coming into training camp but if he went to any other school, let’s say Arizona State I don’t think we would even know he was on the roster.
  4. Obviously the author of that article never watched the ending to Back to the Future III where Doc Brown told Jennifer (number two) “Your future hasn’t been written yet no ones has. Your future is what you make of it so make it a good one!” Which in fairness seems like a more than odd thing to say by a person who literally invented a time machine and saw that people’s futures had indeed been written. I suppose that is neither here nor there. Back to the topic at hand I don’t think they have any idea what is going to happen and I hope they are 28 picks off.
  5. Walt Coleman’s salary should have counted against the Patriot’s cap for sure.
  6. I think he probably would have helped us at TE in the same way Reggie Bush helped us at RB a few years back.
  7. The uniformed fan in me (that amounts to 100%) is a kind of excited about him retiring because we may have an opportunity to bring in a better QB to compete for 2 or 3. This could upgrade our depth and also be another mentor type to Allen.
  8. Absolutely true whenever I think of a Bills draft bust I think of Russel and it makes me realize it could always be worse.
  9. The changes made to the CBA after the 2011 lock out made it one of the few sports related labor disputes that actually had a noticeable positive outcome.
  10. Trust the Process really isn’t even our expression. McBean is helpful for easy reference and having a GM and a coach on the same page is a good thing!
  11. The problem is the football just isn’t as good. As an everything Western NY fan it is hard to tune into a game between Memphis and Birmingham with players that can’t even stay on a practice squad and find anything compelling with it.
  12. I think we are a lot better at WR than a lot of people think. Allen is only going get better so this will be a fun season in the air game department.
  13. The league would have survived if they had adopted the old XFL rule of the first player that doesn’t brake their collar bone on the opening mid-field football wrestling match gets to decide possession.
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