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  1. Someone needs to get fired that call was so bad.
  2. You think that is bad I follow Inaccurate Bob on Twitter for a laugh and it is hilarious how he continues to try and argue Darnold is a Stud and Allen is a bust. The delusion is real with that guy.
  3. That call is up there with 15 yards for Jerry Hughs patting his teammates helmet bad.
  4. So apparently blocking is illegal in football now...
  5. The commentary guy just say just said “Imagine playing in an empty Gillette stadium?” Now that Brady is gone that will be a common occurrence with New England fair weather fans...
  6. It could be worse. You could be like me and wanted the wrong Josh on that fateful Draft night in April 2018...
  7. I know this a despised position but I like preseason games (granted not 4 or 5 games). It let’s me watch the younger players and see the position battles in real time. Plus after an 8 month hiatus from football I will take whatever I can get.
  8. That was such a BS flag but I was not complaining at all at the time. In fact we may have won the game because of that which eventually led to breaking the playoff drought.
  9. I voted one and don’t even know what the second option was/is...
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