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  1. This thread is pretty awesome it combines Bills Drought nostalgia with a debate about mountains! I am no geologist but I did see Donte “Don’t Tase Me Bro” Whitner get drafted. What is crazy that wasn’t even the worse move Jauron made that draft. Moving back into the 1st to take Jon McCargo was the winner for Billsiest move that day.
  2. Leonhart2017

    Debbie Downers Empowered By WGR550 Afternoon Drive

    I haven’t listened to WGR in 13 years because they had gotten so bad. Not so much the negativity it was more the constant discussion of things that had absolutely nothing to do with Buffalo Sports or sports in general. Maybe they have gotten better but when I see threads like this it doesn’t make me miss listening to fascinating discussions about maple syrup or Bulldog’s deep seeded hatred of Kenny Chesney.
  3. Leonhart2017

    Jonah Williams or Ed Oliver??

    Wow this poll has taken a dramatic turn! Oliver is in the lead! 😮
  4. Leonhart2017

    Adrian Clayborn a Bill

    I love the internet! 😂
  5. Leonhart2017

    Report - Bills talking to Hou for Clowney

    Per the Internet: Bills and Houston entertainmenting Clowney trade since Bean and Gaine are friends Take it for what it is worth
  6. Leonhart2017

    VCR ALERT: Tues. 3/5/19: Steelers at Bills

    Ugh that game...Might have helped if we were running a 4-3 instead of a Rexed D.
  7. Leonhart2017

    Barr to Jets

    I was hoping it was Darr to the Jets. We need a new punter!
  8. Leonhart2017

    Not a bad start to free agency

    I am pretty happy with it. Many people are complaining about the Gore signing but this isn’t a fantasy football the team needs veteran depth and it is a solid 2nd and 3rd option in the backfield. We will likely draft a RB relatively high who can develop under a season with a couple of the best veterans in the league.
  9. Leonhart2017

    CB Kevin Johnson (Texans) to the Bills

    He has good foot skills and a really good motor. There is some concerns in how he plays off the ball...Just kidding I don’t even know what that means!
  10. I habe been to Indy twice, both for Bills games and it is an awesome time. St. Elmos is an amazing place and the shrimp with the super spicy cocktail sauce is an adventure you can’t miss! Also I don’t know what it is about that Howl at the Moon but it is a really good time with a ton of single woman!
  11. Yoh man I have never been there but my friends have I definitely believe that story from what I have heard about that place!
  12. Yeah I have some buddies who have had it happened to them. I think it may have happened to me or it might have been too many Jameson shots on an empty stomach! Just curious which bar was it?
  13. Leonhart2017

    Should Ian Rapaport Be Drawn and Quartered?

    I bet you he reports about Joe Webb’s package next.