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  1. I think the Packers will make the playoffs if Rodgers buys into the new system. If, on the other hand, he's every bit the jerk he's been made out to be, then you can probably expect several long seasons.
  2. I have fond memories of that 3-way QB competition. I was pulling for Nall, solely because he was the guy I hadn't seen play. 🤣
  3. My gripe is with NFL Network. They were scheduled to air the Cards/Bolts at 10pm last night, and I was excited to get a first look at the new Murray/Kingsbury offense. At ~9:50, I turned it on to find the 4th quarter of the Bills/Colts game. Awesome; I'll get to watch my Bills until the other game starts. But no; they stuck with the Bills game until the end. When they finally switched to Cards/Bolts, it was the beginning of the 2nd quarter & the starters were long gone. Granted, I'm a Bills fan, but I still can't believe the NFL Network would be so dense as to treat the 4th quarter of a pre-season game like it was the playoffs.
  4. Just out of curiosity, what kind of craft beers are we talking?
  5. Probably- I just looked it up saw & he had 4 sacks in that game. None of it rings a bell, but it was 30+ years ago.
  6. Bills vs Eagles Dec 27, 1987 700 level of Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA We lost, 7-17. I remember my dad remarking that the Bills' QB (Kelly) kept hitting his receivers in the hands & they were dropping everything. I also recall fearing for the safety of the one antagonistic Bills' fan, who was pelted with numerous half-filled beers. We finished 7-8 that season (strike), but we'd make the AFC Championship game the following year.
  7. Pow! The Texans' FO is clearly reading TBD and stealing my ideas.
  8. I'm not watching. Has Singletary done anything?
  9. "Not that his skillset can touch Antonio's, but looking at the whole picture, we got the right Brown."
  10. John Brown had a 1,000 yard season ruined when the Ravens switched to Jackson. As far as I can tell, he kept his mouth shut & went to work every day. Not that his skillset can touch Antonio's, but looking at the whole picture, we got the right Brown.
  11. Chan Gailey was the one who spoke of wanting a "water bug" pre draft: On paper, the Buffalo Bills have one of NFL's most impressive backfields. Fred Jackson rushed for over 1,000 yards last year. Marshawn Lynch did it each of the previous two seasons and went to a Pro Bowl. But there's one significant problem with the Bills' running back depth chart. It stops at two. With that in mind, Bills head coach Chan Gailey said Tuesday morning at the NFL owners meetings that adding another back will be a priority in the draft along with the offensive and defensive lines and a wide receiver. "I don't mean to insinuate we'd take a running back with the first pick," Gailey told me. "Right now, we only have two running backs on the roster. We've got to start to upgrade there in some way, shape or form." Gailey has a prototype in mind, a complement to the size and power Jackson and Lynch offer. "There's some good running backs in the draft this year different than what we've got. So change of pace, again, might be something you could do there with a different type of player. The guys that are coming out now, there's a bunch of those 5-9, 185-pound or 195-pound, quick-as-a-cat water bugs that are running backs-slash-receivers that might give you a little bit of a punch on the field, maybe make a big play." https://www.espn.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/11889/gailey-wants-to-draft-a-scatback
  12. I don't think the Bills were wrong to not view Travis Henry as a long term solution. This was one of the few times during that dark period that they were actually ahead of the curve. Sadly, the same can't be said for Travis' 9 baby mamas, or whoever got caught up in his cocaine trafficking ring.
  13. Makes me wonder if the Texans are looking to trade for Melvin Gordon. Duke Johnson would be a cheaper option. The Bills would be lucky to fetch a 5th for any RB not named Singletary.
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