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  1. John Brown doesn't want to play for the Bills. Besides, they would never sign him after he spurned them last year.
  2. Bruce is probably my favorite player of all time. That being said, I think Reggie was slightly better.
  3. Bills rookie TE Dawson Knox has "already impressed" during spring practices. Knox (6'4/254) was the Bills' No. 96 overall pick this past draft after posting a 4.58 forty at the Combine. His speed has been on display at OTAs and Josh Allen has praised Knox's familiarity with the playbook. Historically, it's been rare for rookie tight ends to produce, but Knox should at least see a healthy amount of snaps with little ahead of him on the depth chart. SOURCE: BuffaloBills.com Jun 2, 2019, 7:49 PM ET
  4. Had Trump purchased the Bills, a wall of shame would be long enough to seal the Mexican border.
  5. I'll take McDermott over Anthony Lynn ( #9) any day.
  6. Or "best classic rock songs, chosen by casual listeners of classic rock". Same difference, I suppose.
  7. I fell for that the first time I heard that song. "This is a classic", I announced to my friends, and then it was Kid Rock. I had to call it a night.
  8. My first job out of college involved doing customer service for a satellite TV company. They hired a young single lady around the same time who was ~6 months pregnant. It wasn't a great paying job, but it was easy & came with benefits, so it seemed like a pretty good score for her to land a job where she could work a couple of months & go on maternity leave. She just couldn't/wouldn't do it. Most days she would get up and leave a few hours early, saying "that's enough for today". Not wanting to lose pay for the hours she was missing, she then started adjusting the clock on her computer to quitting time & clocking out for the day. They fired her, at which point she probably filed a discrimination / wrongful termination suit & spent her days complaining about how unfairly she had been treated. I don't think drugs were involved; I think she was just a dumbass. I heard crack & meth have chemical smells, but I don't think it's common for people to put those in cigarettes (unlike angel dust). It was definitely not K2 I was smelling.
  9. Love it, but I don't think they'd have 3 LBs on the field in that situation. Joseph would make way for an extra DB.
  10. And here I was surprised that Gase got another HC gig so quickly.
  11. I'll never understand why people still say EJ wasn't Whaley's guy, despite Whaley stating countless times & to the end that he was. He's gone; you don't have to make excuses for him anymore.
  12. I'd keep Michel or Cook over either of those QBs. Assuming you drafted Michel several rounds later & he costs much less to keep, that's your guy.
  13. No kidding. Here's a video from our 2014 war room, queued up to the part where Overdorff starts working the phones to try to make a trade. LMFAO!
  14. Respect his decision? It sounds like the Jags found out about it the same way we did. If so, that's a straight dirtbag move.
  15. Trying my best not to imagine what an unusual hard on looks like...
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