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  1. I wondered the same. I'm guessing there wasn't much of a market for him.
  2. I think he asked the Browns to cut him after they signed Odell because he wanted to play, and he looked like the real deal when he got a chance. Assuming he's not commanding a huge deal, I'd be totally down with taking a shot on him. And yes, also draft a WR somewhere in the first 3 rounds.
  3. Not necessarily. It never hurts to have your employer know that you're valued by others. As for Daboll, I'm happy to have continuity in Allen's third season.
  4. I'm not seeing the connection, but boy am I offended!
  5. The bulk of AB's craziness seems to have surfaced after the hit from Burfict.
  6. Wouldn't Shaq be the only player still here from the previous regime? Not sure how much the locker room would actualy benefit from this message.
  7. We can't have some rookie coming into the locker room and teabagging the veterans. We'd be the laughingstock of the league!
  8. I was fairly heartbroken when the Panthers drafted him one pick before us.
  9. I'm hopeful that Knox will be the guy, but not confident enough to oppose bringing in Henry or Hooper.
  10. I love Tyler Kroft. And by love, I mean I think Kroft is a decent #2 TE & I'd keep him around if we can't sign someone better.
  11. Not that I ever thought he was a great HC, but he got a bum deal being fired after that season. If I remember correctly, there were also a couple of questionable calls in favor of the Patriots that helped put the divisional game out of reach. I respected Mularkey for quitting on the Bills. He didn't have another HC job lined up; he just didn't want to be a part of the circus sideshow that OBD had become. A man must have principles.
  12. Well said. I can't get behind the idea that we're just going to lose if Allen goes down. The Saints went 5-0 with Bridgewater ($7M), Tannehill's ($2M) Titans just sent the Pats home, and Nick Foles ($4M in '17) was a Super Bowl MVP. We can & should better our situation.
  13. From his nfl.com draft profile: "His tape has no middle ground, it's either really impressive or really ugly. Now go look at his production this year and you realize you can coach some ugly out of his play. He's a '5' right now but we can turn him into a '9.'" - AFC defensive coach Here's hoping the unnamed AFC defensive coach is one of ours & he knows what he's talking about.
  14. I wouldn't consider Keenum's profile to be anywhere near as high as Winston's. If the presence of a competent journeyman backup is going to shake Allen's confidence, then we have a much bigger problem than backup QB. I don't believe that's the case.
  15. I'd be content with Case Keenum as our #2 QB.
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