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  1. I've seen Joker twice & will probably go see it again. Best film I've seen since I don't know when.
  2. I expect Belichick will employ a 2-3-6 defense to take away the short passing game & encourage Josh Allen to take off running. "Team, in order to beat the Bills, we have to let Josh Allen run for 100 yards." The plan will backfire when Dawson Knox makes some key downfield blocks, paving the way for Allen's 200 yard rushing day.
  3. I'd rather kick the tires on TE OJ Howard, who the Bucs seem content to use as a FB.
  4. Shurmur wasn't alone in his pre-draft assessment of Allen. Most of the scouting reports (that we knew of) had him as a high ceiling, low floor prospect. From NFL.com: Prospect Grade 5.90 Chance to become NFL starter Likely be the biggest boom-or-bust quarterback prospect in the draft. Allen's size and arm talent are prototypical for early first-round picks, but it's rare to find a quarterback with such a low college completion rate become a successful pro. Allen's receivers struggled to separate, but there were plenty of times where his lack of anticipation and post-snap plan did him in. Allen can make some truly special throws, but his ability to improve the mental part of his game will determine whether he's a good NFL starter or just another big, strong-armed guy. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/josh-allen?id=3219414c-4c52-9264-bedc-c4ddaf201fe7&akmobile=android&akcarrier=other But hey, if it gets the team fired up & Allen tosses 5 TDs, super.
  5. Me neither. I'm just saying it wouldn't be the slightest bit surprising if he is guilty.
  6. This seems pretty believable, if only because it follows the same exact pattern as Brown's actions with the Raiders: Act like an ***hole Issue a (supposedly) heartfelt apology Act like an even bigger ***hole Add in the fact that Brown is a complete douchebag who doesn't think the rules apply to him, and it's really hard to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  7. Can't believe Gonzalez wouldn't want to play for Dick Jauron. What was he thinking?!?
  8. Agreed! He CAN do... the Milano Mosh!
  9. I don't disagree with that. My point is that Brown's antics were not some carefully orchestrated ploy to end up on the Pats. He's been a knucklehead since day 1, the Steelers enabled it, and it eventually spiraled out of control.
  10. If Brown was really looking to stick it to the Steelers, wouldn't he have wanted them to get as little as possible in return?
  11. Totally agree with that part. Honestly, I don't like the fact that McBeane even attempted to bring this guy in.
  12. It's a moot point. If Brown was planning all along to void his deal & work his way to the Patriots, then a contract with the Bills wouldn't have mattered. If we're saying that Brown decided YESTERDAY that he wanted to go to the Pats, I'll buy it, but that doesn't come close to wiping out his craziness over the last 9 months (and it sounds like much longer than that).
  13. I don't believe that for a second, but I guess we'll soon find out.
  14. Bills' fans rejoice. How's this going to work out for the Pats? Any minute now, we'll hear about Brown boycotting practice & threatening Belichick because the NFL won't let him play against the Steelers on Monday night. He's a total head case & won't be able to control himself when Brady throws to Welker or Gordon. He'll never buy into the Patriot way because he only cares about himself. I almost feel bad for Gruden & Mayock, what with the Raiders' captains standing in solidarity with Brown. What a bunch of clowns.
  15. Tough to say, but Rex's practice of signing opponents' players for the coin toss certainly worked wonders. Can't believe he's not coaching in the NFL today!
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