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  1. I met and talked with Trent at training camp this year. He seemed incredibly focused and seemed like he was rearing to go. Hope he has a hell of a year
  2. Damn, what a good game. A far cry from the Thursday start to the season
  3. Someone check Zay's dad's twitter... haha
  4. From what i was told it was more work ethic/team leadership stuff
  5. About Shady. During training camp i spoke with an acquaintence that is high up with bills. He told me gore was there specifically to get shady to fully by into the team direction, which had yet to happen. He made it sound like shady was gone if that didnt happen. I didnt want to break trust while there was just speculation, however, now seeing he was let go, it looks like having gore there did not influence shady's attitude and buy in.
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