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  1. Are they Calling It Now that he will be a day 1 starter though?
  2. I've been and still am team McCoy... he is not only a game changer. He is a name. One of the few if not ONLY names non Bills fans who watch the NFL casually even know. Not only that, he's funny, has good locker room, on field and sideline presence. Plus he's born in July so he's a Cancer like me. Nobody has a better thought process than us. Let's go McCoy. Talk that TALK!
  3. On one thread you say that players in the NFL need to be protected and on this one you're saying they shouldn't. Take this MEH reaction but know that it's not for your post, it's for your meh of a try at trolling.
  4. Yeah I got that part... yet the obvious remains. This shouldn't even be a conversation without pads even put on the players... This is even worse than Peterman being a Hall of Fame training camp player...
  5. Nobody thinks I'm funny and I'm not a troll so i get no notifications. I'm the Miami Dolphins of these forums...
  6. I don't trust men who rank fashion...
  7. How do you win the starting job without even putting pads on? Lmao... I swear the media be REACHING!
  8. Yeah that was classless what those Raptor fans did... The only person i might get a LITTLE excited to get injured is Tom Brady. But I would get happy internally. I wouldn't express my excitement to the world... I wanna tell my wife, F U, u dumbass beach, go SMD n STFU for TWO goddamn seconds u F'ing W**RE! , but, that doesn't mean I actually say it... Oh you best believe I tell her though, But in my mind.
  9. As long as Drake doesn't support the Bills, we'll be fine...
  10. We don't deal with most likely round here... You either call it or it's fake...
  11. The NYC MTA can be more successful than Castillo was. At least with the MTA, it costs to use the turnstiles.
  12. Somebody should tell Madden that he's rated 3rd best cuz on Ultimate Team his highest card was a 88 overall all the way til May while 10s of other corners had 95+ overalls... His card was pretty much useless after the first couple of months Madden released.
  13. I feel the same about Dodson... I was super excited when we got him. Him and Dawson Knox were the 2 guys i was super excited about other than the obvious Ed Oliver pick...
  14. Cutting the 4th player on the depth chart in a position puts the heat up on the booty hairs of whoever was 3rd... new guys starts to add flame to the hairs... at least that's what I'm hoping... I also hope I'm not the only one wit hairs on my cheeks... Cuz anytime I've witnessed men mooning (sadly) they always have baby clean cheeks. Also in movies too... I been wondering if these men are shaving their bootys... Idk what the hell the point of this was... I'm gonna asask my therapist if i have butt cheek insecurities.
  15. If everything pans out as far as legal actions, my dark horse is Tyrel Dodson... I had him on my board on draft day and think he will be a heck of a player for us...
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