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  1. All good... should i delete the imaginary curse word i sent u in parenthesis or u ok with me leaving it?
  2. Thanks for using my thread to send a private message... (insert disrespectful curse word)
  3. If Dawkins is worth moving back 4 spots in the top 10 for the team trading with the Bills, that means he'll be worth a 1st round pick period. Wouldn't make sense for the Bills to give up a player who can protect their young QB. Not saying he IS worth a 1st round pick but moving back 4 whole spots puts his value as a 1st rounder. Plus, what if he actually becomes a dominant player on the O-line. Imagine his worth then. Even then it wouldn't make sense to get rid of him. The Bills have let go of way too many players they've groomed into stars only to let other teams reap the benefits so, NO!
  4. I actually think it's very possible if two things happen. 1. Teams picking ahead of us go for at least one QB but two would be better. 2. Ed Oliver is there at #9 without us trading up. If we stay put and Oliver is there at 9, you get Oliver and then we have more than enough resources to move back in the 1st to get Hock but it'll cost alot... This draft is crazy. So much talent and I don't even scout college players the way most of you guys do. I just can tell it's loaded with talent from the little bit of research I've done. Which is why a dream scenario for me would be to trade down ONLY if Oliver is gone by #9 to anywhere between the 12th and 17th pick and pick up another 2nd and a 4th for this year (I believe moving from 9th to 17th will get us a 1st for next year also but I'm not sure). Then we could bundle one of our 2nd round picks with our 3rd and a 5th to move back into the 1st. That way we have two 1st round picks AND a second round pick...
  5. Yeah no other picks except the 1st ten... The few who have responded pretty much have the same list except maybe a player or two... You came with the running back and corner which was different but you're planning for the future... I like it...
  6. We're in a fantasy world and all 8 teams ahead of the Bills and the one team after the Bills get drugged by a new pill which leads them to give their 1st round picks to the Bills for any player the Bills want to give them plus a late rounder either this year or next year. For personal reasons I want to know who you guys view as your top 10 for the Bills. So the roster being the way it is now and with the first ten picks of the 2019 NFL Draft, who do you select?
  7. Chillin at the crib... Already gave the wife a heads up not to bother me... Unless blood is coming out of someone's skin I am to be left alone... If a band aid can fix it, don't bother me...
  8. I dont care about this thread as much as I care about what the hell LAMP means...
  9. Oh... well I'm not of the mindset that we will cut or trade him. In fact, I'm hoping for a big year from him... But, I can see how the Bills could make the move for a trade by adding more capable running backs to the squad... The logic of it is there so idk why you can't see it... but my opinion on it is that he WON'T be traded cuz McDermott said he has plans for Shady as a Bill...
  10. For sure depth and has all to do with Shady since it's his position and running backs don't stay on the field every down. Shady is usually not in 3rd and short situations with McDermott and we know Shady has a goal yardage wise he wants to reach... More running backs added means possible less time on the field...
  11. This signing can be two examples by using one object for Shady... it can either be the fire that lights his behind and run more focused, or just the fire that "runs him out"...
  12. Yeah i just ordered 3 tickets for the home opener on section 137 at $135.00 each plus $47.00 fee on each ticket... since the order total was over $500.00, I was able to use a 50 dollar off coupon on StubHub... All 3 tickets came out to $493.00...
  13. There's seats in the lower level for the home opener on StubHub starting at 90 bucks
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