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  1. HuSeYiN_NYC

    Gerald McCoy: Cap casualty

    I have McCoy powered up as a 96 overall DT on my Madden Ultimate Team so I'm wit it...
  2. Situation is kind of like this: McCoy = Bud Light Clay = Mead DILLY DILLY
  3. HuSeYiN_NYC

    McBeane Confidence Update

    Since firing Crossman and Castillo, my confidence in both of them went from 50-60% to around 80%... In 2 years Brady shouldn't be around, Josh should be seasoned and it all really boils down to this offseason and fixing the O-line. The importance of the moves we make with the money we have and the draft picks we have are more important than we've had in recent years. It looks like we FINALLY have a QB we feel comfortable with in seeing as our Franchise but he needs that protection from the line so he can keep progressing. But in short, I'm very confident McDermott and Beane will make most of the moves we need them to make to be successful in 2 years. I like McDermott more and more each week and I want us to have a HC like the Steelers do. One that stays on the team for 10+ years...
  4. Anybody else pay close attention to Crossman look to shake Mcdermott's hand after beating the Dolphins in the season finale? I saw McDermott shake his hand back and say yeah thanks buddy congratulations to you too, you played yourself. Ok maybe he didn't say that but in my mind he did...
  5. I was born and raised in Queens NYC and moved to Long Island NY 2 years ago (am 40 now) and I wouldn't call the Giants and Jets "local" teams since they play in Jersey but obviously I hate the Jets and can't really say that I hate the Giants honestly since they are NFC and we see them once every four years or unless we see each other in the big game. I'll tell you another interesting fact though. The fans of those teams are polar opposites. You can tell a Jets fan from their arrogance and cocky attitude from a Giants fan being somewhat more (I can't find a good word), ummmm, I want to say mature but I'll just go with, normal. My love for the Bills is a whole other story which I won't get into but even though I haven't ever lived in Buffalo, I went to at least 1 home game every year for 15 years straight and I can tell you that even though Bills fans are known to be on YouTube and other social media outlets doing crazy stuff, they are the most welcoming fans and more importantly, the smartest fans I've come across. Every game I've gone to I've sat next to knowledgeable fans who I can talk good football talk with. Of course you have a guy who drinks too much every once in a while but you have at least 3 people in front of you that are within communication distance, 3 behind you, 2 to your right and 2 to your left, so the chances of meeting good fans are to your advantage.
  6. HuSeYiN_NYC

    Antonio Brown Trade Value

    Haven't we had 1 player disrespect the team by quitting at halftime? What's the obsession of wanting another? As good a player as Brown is, i have ZERO respect for players who leave 51 of their teammates at a disadvantage just because they had an issue with 1 of em. Brown is dead to me and don't want him anywhere near this organization. The way I see it is, if you want Brown so bad, go draft him. Draft an elite receiver (something the Bills organization can't seem to do at all) and groom him and keep him in the family. Every other team seems to find an above average to elite receiver at least once in 5 years yet the Bills can't seem to draft well when it comes to receivers. Zay Jones is ok. He's not a #1. Watkins was the closest thing to us drafting a premier receiver in the last decade and his career doesn't seem to be going so well because of injuries (and I'll never get the image of him celebrating too early and getting tackled by the Jets defender before reaching the endzone out of my head).
  7. I dont follow college ball and am not one to make quick judgment based on YouTube highlights but man, watching that video got me really liking this kid. The speed, motor and never give up on a play attitude is what I see. When he gets jammed up or blocked in one direction he spin moves out of it and goes the other way. Beautiful. Unlike Trent Murphy who gets jammed up and that's pretty much it unless a sack falls in his lap.
  8. HuSeYiN_NYC

    Bills sign Derek Anderson to extension

    That's why I'm interested in seeing if it will actually happen... McDermott doesn't seem to be a listen to the fans kind of guy and for the most part has made roster moves that the fans have been asking for like cutting Benjamin etc. but, at his own pace. He seems to give people EVERY opportunity and EVERY chance to prove they belong on the team but Crossman clearly sucks and Castillo is nothing special either.
  9. HuSeYiN_NYC

    Bills sign Derek Anderson to extension

    Solid move. Honestly I'm looking more forward to our firings at the current moment. Castillo and Crossman firings will let me know McDermott is ready...
  10. HuSeYiN_NYC

    Post-game perorations - Put ‘em Here

    Listening to WGR post game and they just had John Murphy calling the TDs in a recap and he said Allen looking for Jones. TOUCHDOWN, he was wide àşs open! I'm dead...
  11. HuSeYiN_NYC

    Looks like Shady will be a Bill in 2019

    I'm one of the biggest Shady supporters amongst Bills fans that I personally know. I don't buy player jerseys (I've learned many times in the past two decades that it's a waste of money). I bought a custom made jersey with the #1 and it says Go Bills on the back. I figured I can't go wrong with that. But, if I ever did buy a jersey of a player, it would be McCoy and even I'm ready to move on. I think the line and the scheme didn't work for Mccoy's dance/run style and I don't see the scheme changing next year while at the same time hopefully improving the talent on the line. Shady just doesn't fit this Daboll system and for that reason, I'm out (shark tank voice).
  12. HuSeYiN_NYC

    Brady and Belichick Deserve to Go Out On Top

    They can't both be tops.
  13. Josh McDermott? You're right. You ARE thinking way too much of Josh.
  14. HuSeYiN_NYC

    Bills fall from 6th to 10th in Draft Order

    Are you reading what I'm writing? Are you drinking early? Because that's EXACTLY what I just said. I said if we pick in the top 5, I'd rather trade down. You might wanna just stop internetting for the rest of the day...
  15. HuSeYiN_NYC

    Bills fall from 6th to 10th in Draft Order

    I disagree with your disagreement. I never once said free agency was the "better" way to build. Free agents look for 1 of 2 things when looking to sign to a new team. 1. Are they a winning football team/Do I see myself fitting in that organization? 2. Money. We have the money, but for a player to go with the first option,we would need to win and win good. We still have our draft picks no matter where we pick. Just need to "hit" on those picks. Also, picking #6 overall and picking #10 overall doesn't guarantee your pick will pan out no matter WHERE you picked. As I said before (and this is just my personal preference), if we somehow pick in the top 5, I would like to trade down and stockpile picks since top 5 usually brings in A LOT of draft picks in return. But if we pick closer to 10, I'd rather stay put and choose our guy.