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  1. This is amazing! I remember some people on this board posting the terrible articles written on that blog, lol. I'm really surprised they lasted that long. Thanks for sharing you made my day!
  2. What exactly happened to Vic Beasley? I hear that falcons can't even get a 6th for him. I would probably kick the tires for a 6th.
  3. Slightly more interested in that, but still not feeling great about it.
  4. Josh Norman interest, moving into McDermot defense again? I'm probably a no here, but just interesting with the Panthers connection when he actually was a good corner.
  5. Do you think they even consider selling for a second and maybe a player? Or will it take a first?
  6. If the chargers lost last week it would probably be slightly more realistic. But what about Keenan Allen, he is only 27?
  7. Absolutely worth a first he is extremely talented and young and we would have some time to lock him up.
  8. I only wish they would give him up, he fits this team really well. Read this article the other day. https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/nfl/titans/2019/10/03/titans-corey-davis-stats-fantasy-football/3789578002/
  9. This is driving me nuts. I've been waiting for them to drop all year. I think i might end up having to buy them game day off a scalper!
  10. It's crazy, they have many of the Bills players ranked high in their player rankings, especially on Defense and we completely shut down the Offense of the number 1 rated team. Yet they disrespect the Bills with a bottom 3rd rank? Their little goofy stat thing even has us ranked 14th overall combining OFF DEF and special teams. Seems like they don't like what their own stats say.
  11. There is one site you can go straight that seems to always work, not sure if it's against TOS here to say what it is, so I wont post it.
  12. I've bet on the bills every week and won every time this year! I didn't put on the pats but still won, the times are changing.
  13. "Played in college" is mush more impressive than semi-pro. I've done both d1 football and semi pro, semi pro is a kind of a joke it's a bunch of old guys and a few super athletic dudes playing pick up football with pads. College football like others have said is a grind, it consumes your life, I was dumb and let partying also consume mine instead of school. I wish we had the option to do that league in california where you can play competitive football after high school without going to school 10 years ago.
  14. "If" they think he is their long term QB? Sorry one game against a very good defense, where the a young QB reverted to some old habits, does not change anyone's mind about who their franchise QB is. They took away our best weapon just like they always do, Josh Allen is our best weapon.
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