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  1. I remember him giving his personal number out on twitter last year......... and I was drunk and left him a voicemail. Haha
  2. Arizona would be lucky to get that for David Johnson. He is not even close to the same guy he was a couple years ago and owed a ton.
  3. What physcopath likes the crust over the cheese and sauce though???
  4. Yeah he is sooo good lol oh know Lamar watch out!!! Lamar must be marginal buddy lol. Your favorite player is trash, haha.
  5. Pro bowl was so close to winning them a super bowl.
  6. "At least"<<<< you missed that part. One went to a superbowl and the other the all important Probowl under Roman. 2 years after he left they both dont have even starting jobs. Lamar is better than both, but I do expect some decent regression.
  7. Throw a pork shoulder in the crock pot & turn it on super low right before you leave for work. All ya need is some buns bbq sauce and coleslaw after that. Easy and much much better football food. Damn, I think I might just do that now, now I'm hungry, lol
  8. This^^^ seems like a great way to get into a player/teams head a little. No way Tre is exposing the game plan in this locker room.
  9. We can go back and forth on this all day. For instance, I could say Lamar has the third ranked Oline this year (with 5 probowlers? on offense). Kap and Tyrod did not even have a top ten Oline and all but 1 season for Kap they were in the bottom half of the league. Not to mention both Kap and Tyrod were at least serviceable with Roman(kap almost won a superbowl) but, within two years of Roman leaving were no longer NFL starters.
  10. I couldn't see find that stat, I wonder how it correlates to 8+ in the box which can be found here Next GEN Stats 8+ Box
  11. Yeah, but I'm not sure how that factors into the missed tackle stat which is impressive. Frank gore faced the 3rd most % of 8+ defenders which is interesting.
  12. Yeah Dorsey is a pretty good at scout/talent evaluation, really good at spending money, and really bad helping build culture. Just like some guys should stay as asst coaches some guys should stay in the scouting department.
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