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  1. I know it’s Benoit, but this an example of Allen not reading what the Pats are doing here. Gotta make a quick throw as soon as the ball is snapped.
  2. Those picks were compounded by the fact those balls were ducks due to not setting his feet and throwing off his back foot. At least he was set, maybe one or two of those of those are either TDs or overthrows
  3. To me, Barkley understood what the Pats were doing and was decisive in his reads. He’s a limited QB, we all know that. Allen was holding the ball too long trying to hit this long pass plays that weren’t there unless he made the perfect throw. Part of Allen’s struggles was the fact the O-Line wasn’t good, but that being that, getting the ball out and hitting the underneath stuff was what the Bills offense. There was a 3rd down play with Brown was wide open for the 1st on a slant I believe and Allen instead overthrew Beasley on a our route. Plays like that are why I’m very skeptical on Allen’s ability on making smart reads quickly. That could improve over time, but setting your feet before you throw not mistake he should be making at this point.
  4. Biggest reason why I didn’t like the pick of him and why I was never sold on him. I don’t think those traits can be easily fixed and corrected. You either have that awareness and smarts like Brady or you don’t. The fact that Barkley cold was making quick reads and getting the receivers the ball is a big concern about how Allen’s hold on the offense. Beane and McDermott are going have further improve the O-Line and get a true #1 WR either by trade or draft. I don’t think Allen can carry this offense into the playoffs unless he improves that aspect of his game.
  5. Might have to put in Barkley at some point, Allen is just not sharp at all right now
  6. Horrific footwork by Allen, easy TD if he sets his feet and drives the ball smh
  7. https://twitter.com/bairnbcs/status/1170050880885817344?s=21
  8. Anybody who doesn’t think beating a divisional opponent on the road isn’t important doesn’t realize Bills and Jets more likely gonna be battling for a WC spot. Tiebreakers will be important come December, gotta have as many advantages as you can in that criteria.
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