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  1. I for one, will be happy if Shady gets a ring and I hope that he is active for the Super Bowl. But whether he was sick or not this past week, the truth is that the Chiefs don't really need him. The other backs have more straight line speed and power than he does at this point.
  2. We need an upgrade at punter. He is FAR away from the top half of the league. His punt in the 3Q up 16-0 was one of the hidden catastrophes in that game. The Texans had nothing going on offense and Bojorquez had a chance to pin them inside the ten - instead he airmails one into the end zone for a net of 22.
  3. There is a lot to consider: - Kraft's willingness to part with Brady, who is like a son to him. - Belichick's willingness to preside over a rebuild with Stidham or some other young QB. - The team's internal belief about Stidham. - Whether McDaniels gets a HC job - he is probably the first domino to drop since he'll be interviewing this week. - Brady's pride - would he take a discount? - The plausibility of resigning Brady at a $$ amount he is happy with as well as completely retooling the skill players on offense, along with a new offensive coordinator. They have nothing right now.
  4. Houston is similar to Dallas - a lot of star power, and the potential to look amazing, but not a consistently great overall team. There may be a feeling out process early, but we need to get control of the game by the 2nd quarter, and make the Texans throw. The Bills don't want to chase this game. But if we get in front, our secondary will control Watson, Singletary will get going, and Josh will sustain drives. If we get up early I think we could kill them - if not the game goes down the wire.
  5. I think the Bills will be hell to eliminate. If I had to guess, I'd say that they will lose in the second round, but I wouldn't bet on it. I could see them coming out of the AFC. No one should want to play them. They are tough minded, good on the road, well-coached, top 3 defense, and they have a QB with a knack for big plays in the 4thQ.
  6. No one is arguing that his drops are incredibly frustrating, but he is going to be an animal in the years to come.
  7. "Why don't you come down here and say it to my face?" would be juvenile in high school
  8. That is a massive loss to Houston. We can contain Hopkins if he is the only one to really worry about. Watson is a very proficient deep passer and Fuller has elite speed and can really make things challenging.
  9. I know we'll have all offseason to talk about this, but I want to mention that by my calculations Buffalo is one of only four teams in the AFC that could feel genuinely good about their QB situation going into 2020. KC - they have a star in Mahomes. Houston - they have a star in Watson Baltimore - they have a star in Jackson Buffalo - they have a young QB that improved drastically from yr 1 to yr 2. Everyone else ranges from "uncertain" to "starting over" to "no plan whatsoever." New England - headed towards a major decision with a 42-yr old QB. Seems like a parting of ways New York Jets - will obviously stick with Darnold but the mono, the coaching situation, and the general mess of the team has made this a wasted year in his development. Miami - should be drafting a QB Pittsburgh - hoping Ben comes back healthy, no long term plan in place. Cleveland - will stick with Baker but can't be happy about the way the needle is pointing, as yr 2 has been much worse than yr 1 Cincinnati - drafting Tennessee - big decision on making a financial commitment to Tannehill based on half a season. Indy - probably realizing Brissett is a backup. Jacksonville - probably cleaning house, in jail with the Foles contract, can't really think Minshew is the answer. Los Angeles - probably realizing Rivers is done. Oakland - can't feel great about Carr, could be drafting. Denver - crossing their fingers about Drew Lock.
  10. Houston would probably be a 3 1/2 point favorite at this point. I like the matchup a little more than TN and a lot more than KC, but it would be a very tough game. Will Fuller is a huge X-factor for the Texans. Hopkins is unbelievable, you can just try to contain him, but the Bills would be able to do that. If Fuller is healthy, which seems like less than 50% of the time, he can kill you.
  11. One thing that has become clear over the last three years - Sean McDermott is a top end NFL coach. To me, the most important question of the coach is - what is his contribution? What is it that he does that affects the game? Maybe eight or ten do something substantial - Belichick, Harbaugh, Tomlin, Reid, Payton, Carroll, McVay - McDermott is stepping into that tier. I don't know if any team in the league uses defensive timeouts as often as the Bills, but last night McDermott set up in base personnel, saw the Steelers offensive look, called TO, and brought pressure resulting in the Poyer INT. That is changing the game. People can complain as much as they want about challenge flags or use of time outs. With McDermott the Bills have a defensive mind that changes the game for the opponent every week. He is an A+ in terms of scheme and preparation and he has the ability to be the CEO of the organization and keep everyone focused. He won't win CoY this year and he doesn't need to. I hope he stays fifteen years.
  12. The Steelers are a 2-pt favorite. Everyone who bets on Pittsburgh using the "tough homefield, good defense" logic, is going to feel silly when they watch the Duckster try to play from behind. If the Bills get control of this game in the first half, it will get late early, a la the Denver game.
  13. Yes, there were borderline calls that went in the Bills favor in the 4th quarter. But the missed twelve men in the huddle was HUGE ... Jackson is not a great drop back passer and 3rd and goal from the 8 or 9 vs. 3rd and goal from the 3 or 4 is a massive difference. That's why McDermott was going ballistic on the sideline. That was a 4-pt missed call.
  14. The Steelers can't beat you with their offense and they know that. Mason Rudolph was killing them. Hodges isn't killing them - they just hang in there and let their defense and ST try to win it.
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