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  1. It would be strange to interpret the signing of Beasley and Brown as a shot across the bow against Zay Jones and Foster.
  2. Flip Johnson

    Any Love for Bryce Love?

    For a mid-round pick I am all in. If his speed/explosiveness come all the way back he is a game-breaking athlete.
  3. This is the rare, well-written, carefully reasoned, totally ridiculous take on this board. The Bills need WRs. They have a 23yr old that they invested a 2nd round pick in. He is cost-controlled. He more than doubled his catches in year 2. There is zero chance he gets cut this year.
  4. Flip Johnson

    Bills fans and why the love of Blue Collar teams?

    The issue with AB - for starters. - He is 30. - He has a big contract. - He has a HOF QB throwing him the ball and is the focal point of one of the best five offenses in the league. And yet he is unhappy. Why would he be happy in Buffalo?
  5. Flip Johnson

    Wine walk with josh Allen (barstool)

    I love Buffalo and think the "there's not much to do" angle gets overplayed. But I think what's tough about Buffalo is not the lack of things to do per se, but how hard it would be to be a legitimate celebrity because of the relative smallness of the city and the obsession with the football team. For example, a guy like Marshawn Lynch can go to Seattle or Oakland and just blend in and nobody bothers him. But if he goes down to Chippewa he can't be left alone. Guys like Fitz and Fred Jackson thrived here but they had big families and hung out in Orchard Park. Mario Williams seemed like more of a loner so he didn't struggle. If the Bills ever traded for OBJ or Antonio Brown it isn't that there's nothing to do - it's that it's such a fishbowl. Why would Tyrod Taylor and Lesean get pictured together in Toronto? They can go there and not be bothered. Even the old Bills did a lot of their nightlife on the other side of the border. Allen does fit Buffalo in that sense because he comes from a small town and seems to be all about football.
  6. Flip Johnson

    Is it inconceivable for the Bills to trade for OBJ?

    He is a known malcontent and his talent hasn't converted to wins. Great players may often act confident/arrogant - but you don't see OBJ type antics from Julio Jones, Hopkins, Michael Thomas, AJ Green, etc.
  7. Flip Johnson

    DE, 3 LBs, 2 OL, QB, WR, RB & ST wishlist?

    That would make a great poster.
  8. Flip Johnson

    Hogan will be gone?

    He's completely dispensable and probably will be dispensed of this offseason. Brady really doesn't throw the ball outside the numbers very often or very effectively anymore. The Pats are not going to invest heavily on an outside receiver at this point.
  9. If you read Collision Low Crossers which covers a season with the Jets (2011), it's painfully obvious that Rex is not the organized CEO that most teams need. And this is from an author who obviously found Ryan to be immensely likeable. Rex could have been successful if he had these four things. 1. The physical energy he had in his 40s 2. The number of practices that NFL teams used to have. 3. A veteran core who understood his system and could communicate it. 4. A solid OC (this could have been Roman - he got thrown under the bus in the mess of 2016). I don't think the Pegulas understood the NFL enough at the time of the hire, and obviously it cost the team several years.
  10. There is no reason not to bring him back? Clay had 21 catches last year. McDermott made him inactive in December. There's nothing left to see.
  11. Flip Johnson

    How Does LA Match Up Against New England?

    Wade has done it before and has the horses to bring the interior pressure that Brady hates.
  12. It has to be Bruce. Thurman is a top 15 all-time RB, Reed is a top 15-all time WR, but Bruce is top 15 all-time period. And OJ isn't a process guy.
  13. His body is shot. There's no evidence that Buffalo means anything to him. He would be pricy - no way is a guy that gets endorsement deals and acting gigs going to play one more season without at least 5-7M. Add the hit on Tre, which is the dirtiest play I have seen in years, and I can't think of anyone in the league that I would be less enthusiastic about the Bills signing.
  14. Flip Johnson

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    And now they are closing a deal with Gregg Williams as their DC. So there will be two super normal people running the Jets.
  15. At some point Elway needs to either come down and coach the team or start leaving his staff alone.