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  1. If Motor misses a game or two then I agree we could use another back with more pop than Gore. But we don't need to trade a pick for a guy who become redundant as soon as we're healthy. This is where you trust your scouting department, whether that's promoting the kid from the PS or finding someone the way they found Gillislee a few years ago.
  2. As McD would say, it's about the 'growth mindset.' The bigger picture is that the team is only just starting to take shape. Allen, the O-line, Singletary, the rookie TEs, and the WR corps are only scratching the surface of what they are capable of.
  3. If you had said 'does Tyree remind you of a much worse EJ Manuel?' then we might have had something.
  4. Frazier's comments make it sound like this guy is a roster lock. Last year we took Austin Proehl in the 7th round!
  5. Fitz will be a competent veteran who will get the ball out quick, which is what Miami will need with that offensive line. Arizona couldn't protect and neither can Miami and Rosen isn't the type of athlete that can make Allen-type plays on his own. If you look at the draft class Baker is very decisive, Darnold is an athletic playmaker, Josh is super athletic and Lamar Jackson is a running QB ... all of those guys are dangerous on their own no matter what the infrastructure is. They all need good supporting casts if they are ever to seriously contend, but they are dangerous simply on their own. Rosen needs a good supporting cast to hit a baseline of competency and that puts him behind the other four in his class. Talking smack after the draft didn't help either.
  6. I would like to see him progress but it doesn't make sense to keep him around unless he takes a giant leap in the next two games. - He is a hindrance to the development of our backups WRs. - He would not be able to effectively run the scout team offense. - If Barkley got hurt we would sign someone off the street before we promoted TJ to backup. For those who think he should have stayed at UB - sure, but that isn't exactly the best place to develop either.
  7. The decision making is key - I don't necessarily want to see fewer carries - I want to see fewer plays where JA sees one guy covered, feels pressure and takes off helter-skelter. He is a historically good runner and could keep running 6-10 times per game even as he develops as a passer. Josh ran 7.4 times per game last year. Cam Newton was running 7.8 times per game his first two seasons in the league and averaging 1.5 yards less per carry. Russell Wilson was running 6-7 times per game in his early years and it was a huge part of his effectiveness. Wilson and Newton have gotten more banged up in the pocket than they have on the move. Allen's injury last year was in the pocket. There is a difference between being a "running QB" a la RG3 or Lamar Jackson or Michael Vick. That's nearly impossible to sustain. What we want Allen to become is a good pocket passer who maintains a dynamic running ability.
  8. For all the people who have been speculating for the past 18 months that we are about to trade McCoy, this is much more likely.
  9. The idea that this chart has any real reflection on the battles at OL, TE, RB, and WR is just not realistic. I expect the Bills are spending roughly 30-60 seconds updating this each week.
  10. I was at the game and struggled to find a position group where we are weak. There is legitimate depth across the roster, which comes from being in the 3rd year of competent leadership. - I am concerned at TE. Not sure all of these parts equal a whole ... Croft's timetable is a mystery, Smith is one-dimensional, Croom was marginal last year, and it is a lot to expect the rookies to be taking regular snaps. I like where the group is headed, just not sure where we are at right now. - Hoping the punter battle will sort itself out. Otherwise, I am loving this roster.
  11. Could be relevant combined with his pending FA status in 2020. For all of his mental acumen, he does not have the ability to drive the ball consistently outside the numbers anymore. The Pats adjusted to that on the fly last year by going heavy on the ground, but with two weeks to prep the Rams had the Pats pretty much contained in the SB. It will be hard for him to keep going if defenses don't have to defend the whole field.
  12. The Bills may keep more RBs than they traditionally have - look at the comparison with their backfield and New England. McCoy/Sony Michel - feature back Singletary/Damian Harris - 2019 3rd round pick Gore/Burkhead - versatile veteran Yeldon/James White - strictly pass catching back Dimarco/Develin - FB/Special Teams Perry/Bolden - Special Teams
  13. Moulds was a freakish physical presence at WR and Flutie was on top of the league. That team had won 10 of 13 going into the wildcard game and would have mauled Miami if the game had been in Buffalo. I was a teenager when that game was played and my buddy and I had tickets to see Syracuse basketball at the Carrier Dome, not knowing there would be a conflict. We got to the Dome before tipoff and found the game on in a luxury box. We stood outside the box looking up through the glass window at the TV, losing our minds at the drama in the final minutes. When Flutie fumbled we turned around and there were about 200 people behind us. The SU game was about to tip but everyone had their backs to the court.
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