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  1. Flip Johnson

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    And now they are closing a deal with Gregg Williams as their DC. So there will be two super normal people running the Jets.
  2. At some point Elway needs to either come down and coach the team or start leaving his staff alone.
  3. Flip Johnson

    Brandon Reilly (Former Bill) now in Dallas

    These same people all wanted us to cut Robert Foster after his first preseason drop.
  4. Flip Johnson

    Speculation on Golic and Wingo that Rosen could be traded

    It's one thing to make a hypothetical statement about the#1 pick in the draft while you coach the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. It is another thing to actually pull the trigger. Also, Steve Keim is still the GM and he drafted Rosen.
  5. Flip Johnson

    Is Rex Ryan done in the NFL ?

    - His scheme is outdated. - He would need a stable of veterans (Ed Reed, Jim Leonard, Bart Scott, etc.) to install it, along with the number of practices that used to be allowed by the NFLPA. - He doesn't seem interested in working hard enough to reinvent himself or starting over as a position coach or coordinator. I think he's done.
  6. This is a good point. To have asked Reich to come in and break the drought would have been incredible pressure and it would have looked similar to when Marv Levy was brought in as GM in 2006. There's no doubt that Reich benefitted from his time with Philly. He fell into a great situation with Indy and he's making the most of it. Happy for him. I don't wish that he was here.
  7. Flip Johnson

    Flawed process for hiring head coach

    A lot depends on who exactly is in charge. In Buffalo it truly is McDermott. That doesn't necessarily make Beane weak. But McDermott was given wide ranging authority and he found a GM that is implementing his vision. If you think about it, this model is true of NE (Belichick), NO (Payton), and KC (Reid). You can be skeptical and say, 'what makes McDermott an authority on that level?' But I believe the Pegulas have empowered him to make a 10+ year run at this. In Cleveland or Green Bay it is the GM in charge of finding a HC. Almost by definition you want a guy who won't threaten you and I'm not sure that's the healthiest thing for the success of the team.
  8. Flip Johnson

    Tyree Jackson v. Josh Allen

    He's not NFL ready or even close. Jackson, has never played against any high level competition and he makes Byron Leftwich's release look quick by comparison.
  9. Flip Johnson

    Buffalo's reputation amongst free agents

    Yeah, he should just stay at that palace in Cincinnati.
  10. Flip Johnson

    Greg Rosenthal QB Index

    No, he ranked Bortles above Allen!
  11. Flip Johnson

    Do you want Adam Gase to stay in the division?

    Sure, not a guy I take seriously as a HC.
  12. If the 2015 Panthers are a model, then no. That team had 4 WRs that had between 31 and 44 catches (Ginn, Cotchery, Funchess, and Corey Brown). The big stud was Greg Olsen - 77 catches. I don't see Beane going with WR at #9 or trading for Julio Jones or AJ Green. I think he will invest heavily on the offensive and defensive lines and be judicious at the skill positions.
  13. I am convinced that there are some people on this board who would have watched Dan Marino in 1983 and said, "we need to see more."
  14. Flip Johnson

    How Much Pressure Was Doug Whaley Under To Win?

    Whaley was never in lockstep with the head coach. Everyone in that time period (Nix, Gailey, Whaley, Marrone, Rex) was under enormous pressure to break the drought but without a comprehensive plan or philosophical agreement within the organization. His shortsightedness was really self-protection - he didn't have time to be patient so he started throwing hail marys.
  15. Flip Johnson

    Brian Daboll: Comments On Head Coaching Opportunities

    Yes. And Pettine was the Browns 5th or 6th choice. I don't think Daboll or Frazier are anyone's first choice, but that doesn't mean they aren't on a list and that it couldn't happen.