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  1. There is a lot to look forward to on this D-line. Hughes facing fewer double teams. Oliver will have an adjustment period but we haven't had a DT that can get in the paint since KW was in his prime. Shaq is playing for the big second contract. All signs are looking up for Murphy. Add in the situational pressure from Lorax and this is a team that could really make opposing QBs uncomfortable.
  2. Good topic! I think Zay hasn't been discussed enough on this board.
  3. I think Christian Wade (the British rugby player) will get put on the practice squad this year but would not be shocked if he is active at some point in 2019 or 2020, especially as a STer or gadget guy.
  4. This is something that the analytics crowd seems unable or unwilling to understand. Relationships matter in football or in any team sport and they have the power to make a difference in wins and losses. It's not easy to quantify and it doesn't replace talent. And the NBA is not the NFL. But I loved the article in the sense that Popovich figured out a way to be himself and use that passion to build his team.
  5. He's a 26 yr old that was picked 16th in the draft only four years ago. If he's healthy - huge if - he's going to push for a job. The guy is going to be hungry.
  6. The Bills website lists him at 225lbs - 14 lbs heavier than any other WR on the team and 25-30 lbs heavier than most. He looks like Keith McKeller to me - can't believe how slow those CFL DBs are.
  7. Keith Ford started a game last year and will not make the 90-man roster this year.
  8. He should have stayed in school ... but it is not like he is going to really refine his game playing at UB playing against the MAC. He is a giant project now or later. I think he was draftable though and don't mind the Bills taking him as a UDFA. There are elements of his game that remind me a little bit of EJ Manuel - big thick guy, strong arm without a very fluid motion, fast enough to run a decent 40 but not functionally fast, kind of slow to process the field.
  9. He could endorse stuff in New England for the rest of his life, but his other potential sources of income - acting, standup, pro wrestling, etc. are going to dry up quick, so I would not be surprised if he wants to come back by Halloween. It would be interesting to see if the Pats want to pay 6-8M for a guy that shows up at Halloween.
  10. This is so bizarre. "Multiple NFL teams wanted them" ... sure, as UDFAs. Sills got passed by the whole league. Williams is on a futures contract. I hope they're great, but they are not exactly putting Zay Jones on notice. There are only a few guys in the NFL at age 23 or below that matched or bested Zay Jones' production last year. He is an ascending player. Juju Smith-Schuster, Corey Davis, Chris Godwin, and DJ Moore were the only 4 WRs in the NFL at or above his level at his age. Do you think those guys are getting cut or traded?
  11. Zay will not only be on the team, he is likely to lead the team in catches. The idea that Duke Williams who runs a 4.7 and has played his whole career in Canada, and a UDFA from W. Virginia is somehow endangering Zay Jones' status is absurd. He is an improving player that showed good chemistry with JA down the stretch last year. He will probably go for 65 and 800 this year and we'll still be seeing posts about how he sucks.
  12. I feel better about the franchise than I have in 25+ years - smart people with the trust of ownership that are implementing a cohesive vision. Similar to the Bears in 2018, we are setup to contend for the next 3 years of JA's contract. If he ascends into a star and gets elite money, then we could have a 10-year run of contention. But he is good enough today to have this team in the mix for the playoffs this year.
  13. He apparently turned down UNLV who was offering 1.6M - double the UB money. Money is obviously a factor but most likely so is ambition. College basketball is rigged in such a way that if you want to go to Sweet 16s and Finals 4s with consistency you need to be in a P5 school or be Gonzaga.
  14. It would be strange to interpret the signing of Beasley and Brown as a shot across the bow against Zay Jones and Foster.
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