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  1. I'd put my money on creativity over credibility. Dude has none though, just an internet troll bored during a workday.
  2. Agreed with the OP. As for the Wall o' text of excuses.... that just screams of someone annoyed by what they see as entitled people playing a game for money. I hope you don't believe in Karma, otherwise it might be best if you stayed home this week....and away from stairs....
  3. Two posts, my only two posts, on this subject is not arguing to death. It’s a bad take. Now three. I’m done
  4. Theres a difference between a recurring injury like a sprain or fasciitis and a broken bone. Knowing his injury history has nothing to do with breaking a bone in his foot
  5. Every other GM would have known that he’d break his foot! There’s def ways to see he future and know that a bone will break during OTAs! Every medical report on players has a section for future injuries and their severity! Didn’t Beane READ?! He def would have known the date and time a bone would break!!! Is that enough fake outrage? Because this is a stupid stupid thing to post about
  6. In most movies someone with this amount of psychosis ends up snapping and killing his handlers. Metaphorically speaking, fingers crossed.
  7. We have a winning personality here. While I could explain the reasons behind his "protest" it would pass over your head just like everything else in this world likely has. Try not being hateful for reasons you don't understand. Your quality of life will improve. On topic - the man deserves a shot, I hope he doesn't retire.
  8. I mean....do you really want to hang your hat on the fact Jon Gruden won a superbowl? He did facilitate trading Khalil Mack as well as trading Amari Cooper....he may have gone senile.... I'd trust the credentials. Or you know....my eyes. The fact I seen, with my eyes, Nathan Peterman have the worst starts of any quarterback since records were kept. I will agree with one thing though, he gets far more crap then he deserves. He wasn't exactly put in a position to succeed.... that being said, I don't think he would have succeeded even had he had the 2018 colts offensive line and top 3 receivers in the league. He just isn't good.
  9. Your point about the dolphins is valid, but not the Jets. The Jets have a scary front seven as much as the Bills do. Assuming that the tankphins are auto-wins thats 8 more that need to be won. Hypothetically we split the series with the Jets and thats 3 wins. Wheres the other 7 coming from? I count 4 safe-ish bets for the Bills to win: Giants Bengals Redskins Broncos Thats 7 wins. Which means we need to get 3 from the other 9 games (Patriots x2, Steelers, Ravens, Browns, Cowboys. Titans, Eagles,) Plausible, but certainly not a guarantee. Expecting that result to be the floor to prove what the FO is doing is heading in a positive direction is a little silly to me.
  10. Actually my best friend is a mechanical engineer, his father was one and I've been around them all my life. They can be know-it-all jerks, but they know their crap. I'd still take the word of a "book smart" engineer over someone who can't read the warning label on a cryotherapy machine.
  11. What valuable information could the "peasants" possibly have? That the area of view isn't as good in the new helmet as it was in the old? They are engineers....their entire job is the to ensure the structural stability, efficiency, and safety of the helmet. I'd take the word of someone trained to look for more then just "I can't see as good." Besides, in this case it was also co-designed by neurosurgeons. If you want to say that we're smarter then engineers and neurosurgeons...well, nothing anyone says will help you.
  12. Free Safety is missing from the condensed version.
  13. Has there been any word on Morse after practice?
  14. In their defense, Trump is basically the worst thing to ever happen to ...well....the planet.... in the last number of years anyways.
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