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  1. Bell is a FA and a decent back. Name a decent FA Lineman.
  2. In any other season I would agree with you, but they are already losing massively on the season.
  3. they want more time for two more rounds of testing is my guess
  4. I agree with the caution honestly. Look at UB. just had 25 cases show up, who knows how many after that....
  5. Honestly I approve. It won’t inconvenience them too much and I’d rather the players take precautions so they can keep playing. side note: hapless, sorry to hear about what you’re going through...stay safe! Also stay sane! Reading through this thread has been like trying to read the Bible and the Koran at the same time....with the random Cthulhu worshippers who don’t understand why masks are required and just want the world to burn under an octopus faced tentacle monster
  6. lol the percentage of "fans" who get riled up by these things isn't that high. I'd actually wager that the more fanatical "fans" on this site fall into that category. Therefore, the "need" to watch football. Additionally the players earn their money from the owners/league. The league earns the vast percentage of their revenue from TV deals. While I agree that tickets/merchandise is the other percentage; again....people will still watch and buy merch. Those "Fans" will not stop that from happening.
  7. lol, didnt you, or others with this same mindset, say the same thing about kneeling, allowing shoes to be designed by players, letting players voice their social justice concerns, and any other multitude of things that mean players have a brain and can think for themselves? The league will be fine, but by all means boycott the league.... you need them far more then they need you.
  8. This is not the big deal that some people on here are going to make it. It's a good message.
  9. sure they should, when necessary. Was it necessary for one cop to shoot him 7 or 9 (can’t remember) times in the back? I doubt it.
  10. Your point isn't proven because he called you out, in fact if anything it was an affront on your disregard of information because you don't like the source. Like someone else said go watch something "reputable" like Tucker Carlson.... America gets dumber by the day. Edit: Oh and before you say something along the lines of "Well you just called out Fox News so you disregard them too...." I'm able to discern ignorance from biased reporting. Fox News is both.
  11. Agreed. Some of you may be all for playing the law of averages with your life and those around you, but I'm not.
  12. There is a massive difference....people who have been "dying for thousands of years" were either A: part of a previous pandemic that was not addressed due to ignorance (see the bubonic plague) or B: the viruses are taking lives at a much lower infective rate then we're seeing today. But people who have parties to see who can contract the virus first, and then die from it as an unintended result, are a problem. So are people who think that; "Oh well it's a virus, nothing I can do but hope I don't get it....now open my bars!" Because again, even though you may not suffer from it, someone you know could unintentionally..... I have a newborn and a mother with a hit list of the virus's greatest targets......and it's people like you who only see the tree, and not the forest, who both terrify and piss me off.
  13. That your me-first worldview on this disease is misguided? Everything you've said statistically is wrong: 1 in 5 people require hospitalization. Older and preexisting are included. This does not impact the data as healthy, asymptomatic carriers have a greater chance to spread. Focusing on only the younger people, (18 and under, or athletes included) is an extremely short and near-sighted view and basically says that those outside this metric can just eff off and deal with it.... Focusing on a small % of deaths out of the total is extremely narrowminded, as pointed out above the percentage of people who are *permanently* damaged physically from this disease is way too high to be ignored. I've seen far too many people who are anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, people having CoVid parties; who then go on to infect their immediate family/friends and the result is in more then a few cases serious injuries or death. People think about themselves far too much. It's not just you in this situation.....it's everyone. That's why this country as a whole is doing so much worse then basically the rest of the planet. Edit: Oh and one more thing you sure as heck would sing a completely different tone if you were impacted by it. It's easy to be "that guy" who wants to put on rainbow sunglasses and ignore everything about the reality of this disease..... but I assure you, you'd think much differently if it hit your family or friends. Oh and before you say, "well it hasn't hit us at all...." it's people with that mindset that cause everyone to suffer when they all of a sudden find themselves in a situation they scoffed at.
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