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  1. could you also throw this link in.to josh Allens PFF rating of 87.8 In comparison, Patrick Mahomes has a rating of 82.3. the only ratings that are better are rus wilson 95, and aaron rodgers 96.3.... https://www.pff.com/nfl/players/josh-allen/46601
  2. I agree with needing a DT, we need some real beef on the interior Dline. like a big athletic dude, 350 lbs, 6' 5"+ type dude. We are missing Jordan Phillips in the run D imo anyone out there in the draft that matches this description? I haven't started researching at all
  3. True and something tells me we are gonna get a chance to practice a good amount of run fitting against a bruising back this week.
  4. this was my exact thought when I saw the topic
  5. If he adds an accurate deep ball to his current game, this team wins 12-14 games. He doesn't need to go 67%, his game is predicated on balling out and chunk plays. He just hasn't hit on the home run ball enough From the little footage that has come out of training camp, looks like he is hitting them in perfect stride, as good as he ever has. Im pumped to see that happen in live action. It's the prettiest play in football, a high arching pass, a WR perfectly running under it. Just a thing of beauty
  6. Zay should be WR #5 based on name recognition and if peterman made it, He would likely be backing up the backup(Mariota).
  7. realized right after I said it, but thats what he was talking about... #13 confusion
  8. #13 to the left of sammy, but thats stevie i think
  9. I went $4- Allen $5- Diggs $2- John Brown $3- Lynch $1- Spiller Allen is a play maker and our receiving weapons are as strong as they have ever been so I kept those in tact.. I figure if you get 2012 versions of both Spiller and Lynch you have an incredible 1-2 punch and Allen doesn't have to carry the load... Thunder and lightning at its finest In 2012- Lynch ran for 1590, 5 yards per touch, 11 TDs for the Seahawks... while CJ had 200 carries for 1200 yards at 6 yards per touch, he was incredibly fast that year. This team would be unstoppable on the ground when you add the fact that Josh can tuck it and run as well
  10. Wonder what the value of a first round pick would be if the college season doesn't happen??
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