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  1. Obviously we hope they are disasters but they might also be home run swings... Rosen had no O-line, in combination with inept coaching in Arizona and was drafted because he has a skill set that translates to the league... He is a pure thrower, he is not going to evade pass rushers, needs time in the pocket. No QB was going to succeed in that situation, David Johnson couldn't even do anything with that Oline and play calling. Dolphins got him for a 2nd round pick.. not big deal for a guy who has a skill set that made him go 10th overall the year before. That said before the Rosen trade they were in tank mode so he is going to have an uphill battle to prove his worth. Now the Jets can go either way, over spent, swinging for the fences in year one. Wait and see. Lev bell has scorched us in the past. Hopefully it was a Pittsburgh thing. The thing that makes me cringe is Gruden in Oakland with that massive 10 year contract...Disaster IMO
  2. The real competition will be at DB. That is easily this teams deepest position group... Tre white, Kevin Johnson, Taron Johnson, Levi wallace, EJ gaines.. Thats 5 locks there, meaning everyone behind them at CB has an uphill battle..
  3. When we didn't draft a wr in the first 2 rounds my attention immediately shifted to CeeDee Lamb. CeeDee Lamb has the body control to be our Deandre Hopkins if we are in the 20s in the 2020 draft I could see Beane making an expensive move to get in position to draft this transcendent talent. The move will coincide with Bills spending to cap as they try to swing for the fences while we still have josh on a value contract...My guess..
  4. Thats a cop out. Receivers job is to catch footballs. While I agree that there were situations where josh could have taken some off, our teams drops were largely due to bad hands..
  5. This low light is almost as impressive as his highlights. If all balls were caught I think he'd have an extra 700 yards and a 65% completion percentage 5-6 more TDs...countless drives continued..
  6. They were my favorite on the back of Baker before the offseason even began. Now you add a generational talent for Baker to throw too and they are in legit contention for a super bowl. They should score points with that offense as long as they can plug the hole made by the zeitler trade. With a lead they have an extremely formidable Pass Rush with Myles garret and Olivier Vernon. This team should make plenty of noise
  7. Im not sold on Campbell, I'd be okay if he went off the board before we drafted I like guys with more football traits such as elusiveness, running through tackles, catches in traffic and attacking the football. When you watch Campbell you can see the speed but his highlights are lackluster to me I have joined the hype train for Deebo Samuel in round 2. Built like a RB at 5' 11"-215LBS, he routinely runs through attempted tackles by DBs. He posses some enormous hands at 10", that's the same size as Odell Beckhams hands and larger than Julio Jones hands (9 3/4") Speaking of Odell, lets compare the two's combine results. Odell ran a 4.43. Odell put up 7 reps of 225 . Odell had a 38.5" vert Odell had a 122" broad jump Deeb ran a 4.48. Deeb put up 15 reps of 225. Deeb had a 39" vert . deeb had a 122" broad Jump Odell ran a faster 3 cone and 20 yard shuttle but he did it all 17lbs lighter at 198lbs to Deebos 215. Now take a look at his highlights and see the similarities to ODB taking slants for TDs, attacking the ball, one hand snags. Also, I think its got a good chance of happening with the Carolina connection and this staffs affliction for senior football players who are practice warriors
  8. I'd take Miles Sanders in round 4 all day! more likely to go in round 2-3 imo The guy is super talented and his game looks shockingly close to Saquan Barkley's, massive hamstrings, very shifty, shrugs off arm tackles, .09 slower in the 40, faster in the 3 cone drill. Only a one year starter because he had to sit behind the best back to come out of college since Adrian Peterson If he had another year to refine his running technique he'd likely go in the first. Take a look at his highlights Also, He was a top 25 prospect coming out of high school
  9. When i fist saw his 40 I was concerned as well but then i went back to see what Travis Kelce and Gronk ran in their workouts at the combine. But they didn't even compete in drills at the combine.. Tj has a faster 20 yard shuttle and 3 cone drill than Travis Kelce did at his pro day and that shows he is agile enough to get open in the NFL. travis ran a 4.61 at his proday, The 4.7- 40 in the stressful conditions of the NFL combine does not drop him down the board much, if at all. Tight ends are striders and play faster on the field. Plus His ball Skills are still far ahead of other people his size
  10. D.K has injury concerns, i believe he was hurt every year of his college career. I also love TJ as a prospect
  11. Yeah, i don't have a second team. My hopes and dreams are on the bills all the way. However, I play DFS for all other games that I plan to watch. This allows me to have nonemotional $kin in the game and in this situation I root for very specific outcomes that could win me hundreds of thousands of dollars. odds are long but the games can give you birdies when they start going right for you Example for a NE vs KC game: I say the chiefs are gonna have a great game. I decide to stack Mahomes, Hunt and tyreek. Now if the chiefs are running up the scoreboard how are the patriots going to approach that? They are going to dink and dunk James white and Julian Edelman all night, so you run it back with them. If you nail it, it would literally change your life
  12. Because it’s not a trade. It’s a tender offer. They have no say other than to match the contract or take the pick and lose him
  13. The deep threat we need? I know mcdermott said he doesn't believe in #1 receivers, he just wants players that the defense has to prepare for, Anderson needs to be prepared for. I know a second rounder and a large contract is a steep price but Anderson is an elite deep threat about to enter the prime of his career and has yet to have a great deep ball QB. I wouldn't do it with #9 in round 2 though, I make a trade with KC or LAC. Based on the trade chart it would take their 2nd and 3rd round picks to get up to #9 in round 2. Then after that trade is made I make a 4 year 47-52 million, 24 million guaranteed contract (his market value according to spotrac) so we get Anderson and a 3rd round pick and the jets get the 61st pick in the draft and lose their top WR. Thoughts? Obviously the jets could screw us by signing him to the contract.
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