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  1. These players have short careers. Average time a player is in the league is 3-5 years. The best players go for 8-12 and the premier QBs get 12-15 years. Then most of a players years are locked in on their rookie contract. They get one shot to get paid, two if they are great. Then their skill set is toast. Let these players, especially the ones who can do it at a high level get as much as they can. It is not easy to make it to the NFL. People who are the best at what they do should be able to set their wage, especially if it is not a common skill...They aren't crying, they are demanding to be paid, after 8-10 years of doing this job for free. Name another career you have to work for 8-10 years with no pay before you get your first pay day, then you're locked in to a contract before the free market makes a decision on your worth. The best contractor could make a million+ a year if he expanded his business. The best salesmen, selling the right product could make a million. The best E-commerce people can definitely make over a million a year. NFL skills are not common as the skills mentioned above, its pure competition for 10 years to weed out everyone thats not NFL caliber
  2. That play would have hurt the buffalo bills. Use case needs to be refined, additional time for the D to get a breather or something. D is already at a disadvantage in this game but Imagine you're up 27-14 in the 4th quarter. Dominating the game by every measure. The opponent goes on a 14 play 85 yard drive for a TD with 2 minutes 2:30 left. Your D is clearly gassed, then you put them back out there for the biggest play of the Game, tired. If they get it, no breather at all, their offense drives the field on your tired Defense for a TD to win by 1.
  3. Yeah, I loved Fitz and Kyle too, I'm a huge fan of this team and will root for every player we will ever have. Thats said, I prefer every player on this team to the player at the same position on that team, with the exception of Kyle Williams. Because he can wear his cargo shorts in peace
  4. Tre white. Funny and a baller. I was watching a highlight of a game from the Chan Gaily era... Wow were we starved of players to root for, still loved that team but damn. Stevie Johnson and Fred Jackson were the Dudes
  5. I loved Corey Davis, But i was shocked on draft day when he was drafted that high. I agree with the idea that he could pop when he leaves the titans, I'd love to kick the tires on his second contract.
  6. Edmunds is who i believe we will see the biggest jump from, the game has got be slowing down for him. Obviously, I Hope that we see the biggest Jump from Josh Allen, as that would mean we are set for a decade
  7. So, True. They should make it so if a play keeps getting ran you can go "look at the Microsoft Surface" and make adjustments and see the play that is getting run over and over. Its so frustrating getting beat because the AI isnt covering the same play over and over. Not how the actual league works.
  8. I imagine Take2 had to let them know a ball park what they would be willing to pay for a non exclusive deal. I say, let competition sort out the winner, put a little pressure on EA to actually advance the game or die by way of fans leaving them for the competition. Madden is trash, they haven't made a single advance in the game in 4 years, and I'd argue it has even regressed.
  9. 20-1 for rookie of the year I think he is going to go for 1000 rush yards and 10+ Rushing TDs. Kareem Hunt, frank gore. These are the guy I think about watching his highlights. The way he gets north and south reminds me of frank gore. His stiff arm, balance and vision reminds me of Kareem Hunt.
  10. The man can run down hill and that makes his stiff arm lethal. When a player is ready to get trucked they have a tendency to break down and plant their feet to get ready for contact, but then he senses that and give them the stiff arm and runs around them. He is gonna stud and a real fun player for us
  11. Well they just locked Rodgers down for 4 more years at crazy guaranteed money. They were a game away from a Super bowl and they traded up in the first round to address the position where the MVP of their team is currently playing. The pick was silly and I'd be furious if I was a fan of the packers. I get team building, Like I could try to understand if your guy fell to you even, but attacking and moving up in the first round when your Franchise QBs contract has 4 more years is ludicrous. 2-3 years too early IMO
  12. well apparently the packers them selves think Rodgers is replaceable
  13. It still had to be even worse in 2018. This video is comical. some fantastic passes in there though
  14. 20 years of winning has a way of growing a large fan base. Thats an entire generation of new fan seeing the patriots win super bowls. The "bandwagon" has been filling for those 20 years and they would be real losers if the jumped off just when it started to look bad.
  15. That was my exact comment to my friends after we drafted him. His running style is more upright, like kareem hunt, similar size and 40 time. The tackles he shrugs off without losing his momentum is really impressive Great balance as well. He is pro ready. Very excited about the Pick
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