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  1. I will say the fans at the stadium didn't help much for the first quarter and half. The fans were complacent and quiet until they realized it was actually a game.
  2. We are likely the best defense they have played and they are yet to score more than 10 points on a team not named the redskins. If we don't roll them at home we have a problem... 38-0 Bills. Break out game for Devin Singletary.
  3. I was keeping an eye on him this year, hoping not having an Elite QB would hold him back and make him slip.. it has until now... The guy is Deandre Hopkins like, though Hopkins slipped to the 27th pick.
  4. Id love to see the O-line and wide receivers surprise but i think the one no one will see coming is Dawson Knox Because of all the playing time he is currently getting
  5. If you watched hard knocks you would understand the grudge. Hue Jackson did not look the part and you could tell he was trying to put on for the cameras. No one likes a blow hard Fake add that to the fact that the guy(hue) is a proven loser as HC
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