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  1. Sounds like someone was either starting Ulmer in his fantasy league or placed a $1000 bet on him to be rookie of the year....
  2. Nope, but he deserves to retire as a Bill if he want to.
  3. he had over 1000 yards of production last year (728/284) as a “not starter” in a “running back by committee” GA program. Who gives a crap if he doesn’t start? None of our current backups could come close to that.
  4. Pay attention to the highlight reels -- on nearly every single deep route catch, Stevenson has to stutter step or slow down and wait for the ball. Do we finally have a receiver who Josh can't overthrow??
  5. Doh. I misread Prissy's typo ("But it want entertaining") to mean, "But I want entertaining" instead of "But it wasn't entertaining". Pure sarcasm. I recant.
  6. We won against one of the very best defenses in the league. Geez. Take a minute to enjoy it, Debbie Downer.
  7. put a drones in the air above the goalposts...or bring back the blimp!
  8. Assume the networks would be all over this, looking for Saturday TV ratings in the absence of CFB...
  9. looks like he just signed with the Pats https://twitter.com/Tomas_Verde/status/1254237827388387328?s=20 https://twitter.com/_SportsTrust/status/1254237798590283776?s=20
  10. Agree on Knox. Just now I was rewatching the first Miami game from last season where he made one of those drops -- turning to find the defender before securing the ball. That's concentration/focus, not lack of skills. I think he'll be just fine.
  11. Hell, we barely have receivers reach that mark. Difficult when 95% of your drives go Run-Run-Pass-Punt. I know it isn't really 95%, but sure feels like it sometimes.
  12. Even the best TEs in the game average only 70-75 yds per game...
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