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  1. Me and the wife came in from hawaii too! wish i read the board more. Woulda tried to link up. 🤙🏽
  2. I thought josh had one of his best games today but comparing him to a qb from 20years ago even if he is a hof guy isnt ideal. If you put brett in the league today. Im not sure he gets it done. Probably looks like jameis stats wise. different eras
  3. I think he will look the same. Highly erratic play. Some real wtf moments and then a good moments and some mediocre plays. He will be a roller coaster.
  4. Remember when tebow “wanted” it and worked on those things? Now he is the league mvp and Has 10 superbowl rings....?
  5. Didnt see his 20+ fumbles in there ?. What about when he threw it directly to a defender and he dropped it. Should give him credit for that too! yes he had a bunch of drops.but that didnt make him wildly inconsistent and his game awareness horrible. I want him to be the best in the nfl but im also realistic to say he has massive warts.
  6. Its almost like you didnt watch the games. A TEAM can win despite a qb shitting his pants a few times a game then coming thru once. how often did we see josh below 100yards passing entering the 4th or late in the third and a handfull of wtf throws and or fumbles.
  7. i feel you. Maybe turd bag wasnt a great name. But its not that im down on him. As the great buddy nix said. Show me the baby. Dont tell me about the labor. ?. Ive gone thru the madness of latching on to the wrong qb. It is what it is. Im just waiting and being analytical about it rather than jumping in feet first. ?? Send me the kool aid recipe you got and maybe ill be part of jonestown north.
  8. I didnt say “you” said it. But look thru this thread or any topic related to josh on this board and its only puppies and rainbows. It only gets better. You mean the 8-8 power house cowboys? fitz beat the pats that won a superbowl?. my issue is josh gets gold stars everyweek from his fan boys for climbing out of a self dug hole like he did something amazing. Bills fan are just soo accustomed to poor qb play that mediocre seems great. he had some moments. But to not acknowledge he had more wtfs than ups is not what ima do.
  9. My feelings dont get hurt when josh plays bad like some. Ive come to reality with it. Im not going to build him up and look past his warts by saying look how strong his arm is tho! He tries the hardest! Until he actually shows he is better. This is him. And projecting that he only gets better is not realistic if youre not also saying he could get worse or stay the same. ??‍♂️But sure ill stop coming here if you stop too ?
  10. Ill be back to cash these checks after he plays a few games and the sky is falling for some. I want him to be good. But i think the holes in his game arent fixable. But you can conceal them if everything else goes right. But i dont think he has the game for a qb in the year 2020. He woulda been good in 1975. But in todays nfl. I dont think so.
  11. Josh freeman is great comp for him. Youll get burned at the stake for it cause people are happy since josh is better than the 30 turd bags the bills wheeled out since kelly. But that still doesnt mean he is an NFL starting qb. Just means he was a step up from dog poop.
  12. Yeah similar first 2 years. Youve seen the numbers. ? powered by a good defense. Very similar.
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