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  1. Is taking care of your body not part of being a professional? if you work out but eat like ***** youre not really going to maximize what youre doing. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  2. Diggs dip in production last year kinda went with that core muscle injury he got. 🤷🏽‍♂️.
  3. Unfortunately it isnt working out. And its much harder to find a QB then it is a headcoach. Its possible the bills underperformed for too long. But were still really good. Winning a championship is hard. And sadly i think this chapter is done. I think a strict step dad type is what josh needs now. No more friends and picking your own OC. Harbaugh would be pretty fun if he ever wanted to leave michigan.
  4. They have to keep learning the same lesson in different ways. Its stupid. They beat themselves with stupidity. 3 weeks of a good balanced offense. Then they just abandon it the first sign of adversity. josh under center keeps him on time and the rbs are better from that formation. Better let josh hand it off from shotgun 🤦🏽‍♂️. Its soo maddening
  5. Beane was hired after that 2017 draft. That was all doug whaleys scouts and info🫣
  6. Feel like the main point is you cant have a top tier qb and not win a championship for much longer before you have to move on. If you cant figure it out. The team shouldnt be forced to be his training wheels to learn it. Some guys figure it out faster than others. but you just cant waste a top tier qb in his prime. Anything less than a championship is failure. Fair or not. Thats the measuring stick when you finally have a qb.
  7. I thought it was kawika mitchell on the early days of twitter.
  8. Did you happen to listen to the pods with monos/whaley talking about that draft? also the sammy watkins draft episode is good too. Should give it a listen its pretty insightful.
  9. what are you hinestly expecting of a 34yo dude coming off acl surgery in December? Id expect it to look closer to the tre white time line than him being back to normal to start the season. But thats just me.
  10. Id urge you to go listen to the tyler dunne podcasts that have had whaley and monos. they are pretty upfront they your assumption that they were retained and knew they would be gone after doesnt really add up with them. also terry absolutely gushed over mahomes every chance he could get. But the rex hire got him in a weird spot and i think he wanted to let them do their jobs. but go give it a listen. I think it would change your mind on how that played out.
  11. Mahomes is a better qb imo. Its not equal talent. physical traits josh is bigger. mahomes has just as strong of an arm. josh still doesnt throw guys open as much as he likes to see them open then rips it. He gets the job done so its not that big of a deal. but PM doesnt make the same mistakes and doesnt gamble as much. Hes got rings. And has broken soo many records already. this doesnt mean josh is garbage. He is really good too its not that big of a deal. But mahomes is clearly better imo . And as a bills fan im fine with that. Idk why some take it soo personal. Both are really really good. Chill
  12. Whaley and monos have talked about mahomes and that draft at length on ty dunnes podcast a few times. terry loved mahomes. And as much as he may love josh. Everytime he sees mahomes im sure he thinks what if… i know people here hate whaley but he and monos have been open about things and self deprecating on that pod. Good listens for sure. They dont try to pass the blame of what happened in their tenure with the bills.
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