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  1. call the ski resorts so we can set up snow making machine behind the Miami bench!!!
  2. Yours is coming in the form of digital money from that company that is folding!
  3. Sing along " The Keaton makes you want to shout"!!!!
  4. Under hand throw between the legs, looking the other way throw!
  5. I see Allen bouncing back in this game and running the ball a lot!
  6. Great news, crowd will go nuts when he runs onto the field. Can you imagine if Tradavius White was behind him?!!! Oh and his throwing arm looks pretty good to me!!!
  7. If there was ever a leap you would not want to fail on - this would be the one!
  8. Well for the last 6 quarters there's not much to write about. Maybe a Bills win against the Vikings will get him fired up. Go Bills!!!
  9. I wonder what he's got planned for Nyheim Hines?! Bring back the "Hand Jive"!
  10. After this interview, Shady heads to the tent for a concussion examination!!
  11. NFL World reacts to this shocking admission!!!
  12. Please combine with latest Antonio Brown thread!
  13. Coach McDermott would never allow Josh to return to the field no matter how bad Josh would want to come back in. Someone from the Dolphins medical staff and/or coaching staff made a serious mistake and they should be dealt with in a very serious way. After 1 week of football Tua could be on his way to early Dementia/Alzheimer's sooner more than later.
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