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  1. Please combine with latest Antonio Brown thread!
  2. Coach McDermott would never allow Josh to return to the field no matter how bad Josh would want to come back in. Someone from the Dolphins medical staff and/or coaching staff made a serious mistake and they should be dealt with in a very serious way. After 1 week of football Tua could be on his way to early Dementia/Alzheimer's sooner more than later.
  3. I let my wife take my Bills jersey down to Orlando so she could where it in a Bills backer bar with some friends she was visiting. Never again!!!
  4. what do you think the Over/Under will be on the amount of pages this topic will bring!?
  5. I'm more concerned about the DC. I hope he gets it right this season especially in close games!
  6. Do you know when it will be shown again and the channel?
  7. Nothing sends fear into division rivals like solid OTAs!
  8. Poor Dog Pound fans, it'll be awhile before this mess is straightened out!
  9. Keep this on the down low, you're gonna get smoked!
  10. ...and super soft prevent D with no KC receivers getting touched off the line of scrimmage in the final :30 seconds of that game!
  11. Matt Araiza - San Diego St., get 'ur done!
  12. his mother was telling him to take the garbage out.
  13. I'm gonna go with a lifetime no!
  14. R.I.P. Daryl Lamonica! Bill, Raider and alumni of Notre Dame.
  15. Frazier.., paging Leslie Frazier.
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