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  1. Absolutely and its not hard to do. Next year opposing defenses will be making more of an effort to get the ball out of his single handed grasp.
  2. TAinLA


    I felt the same way, hopefully they will be part of our offense next season!
  3. Thanks, Its the airfare that will kill you unless you drive. Go Bills!!!
  4. Saints have to be just as crazy as AB to consider this now!!!
  5. The Commissioner's exemption list is a distinguished list for wackadoodles like AB!
  6. Just crop them sore sports right out of the picture or photoshop them holding signs Bills #1 and Go Bills!!!
  7. Merry Christmas everyone.., anyone here willing to admit they jumped on a beautiful Christmas set table and broke it😉
  8. Y.A. Tiddle (resurrected).., love the cagey veterans!!!
  9. Maybe go with starters for the first half and throw Barkley in the second half to get some work.
  10. one word for Daboll - UNDERWHELMING!
  11. Shoot if we can have the ball for 10 minutes in the 2nd half we'll win easily!!!
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