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  1. Please let it be a hoax. This offseason already feel likes it's been going on for a decade.
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/Hub_Arkush/status/1238998347601477632 Maybe free agency pushed too https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/03/14/sean-payton-believes-free-agency-will-be-delayed/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  3. What a win! Happy Thanksgiving everybody! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Belicheat does it again! This time with a loophole, takes 1 min 22 sec off of the clock. Nobody goes through the rulebook quite like him. I'm surprised he wasted it against the jests. Link
  5. If Jones wasn't fined, Thomas shouldn't be. If Thomas gets fined, then the league needs to explain WTF difference is.
  6. With Webb out (who is already their backup NCB) Beasley should have one hell of a game
  7. If it's only a strength when our starter is healthy, and the depth is lacking, is it really a strength? We're a little light on corners. Taron Johnson is always getting hurt. EJ Gaines was let go. Capt Munnerlyn was let go. Adding Minkah could shore up a corner spot for years to come. He was taken 11th overall last year, so we should be able to keep him for 4 yrs if we pick up his 5th year option for not unreasonable money. Top boundary corners are going for $15M/yr and top slots are getting $8-9M/yr. It all depends on what McBeane think of him, but if they sent a 2nd for him I'd be OK with it. As far as improving a divisional rival goes, they're already loaded with picks and you don't know what they'll do with them. Like you said, it's potential. Are we confident they'll draft wisely? Most picks seem like coin tosses. Does strengthening our team now (and not for like a 1 year rental like Clowney) with a known commodity seem less worthwhile because of some future unknown commodity they may add? Interesting times.
  8. This is a new one for me. Thanks for the recommendation!
  9. I gave up on WGR. The app wasn't very good, and there were more commercials than content.
  10. Hey all, I was curious what your favorite Buffalo Bills podcasts were, and wondering what's out there that I may be missing. To start I'll share my own favorites which are: The Nick and Nolan Show Part of the array of Buffalo Rumblings podcasts, they have some truly awesome shows. Bruce Nolan's thinks in ways I never do, and he and Nick always try to offer something different than every other podcast that is out there. I really liked the episode breaking down Special Teams (it's what hooked me). There's a lot of other variety in the Buffalo Rumblings Podcasts (link below), so I'm sure there's something for everyone. Oh, and Bruce's writings on BR are worth a read. Buffalo Rumblings Podcasts (including the Nick and Nolan show) Locked On Bills Joe Marino for Locked On has a new podcast for each weekday, which fits in nicely with a morning commute (Nick and Nolan are frequent guests). He comes up with plenty of material to fill the offseason void Locked on Bills podcast - Stitcher The Buffalo Beat (formerly The Bills Beat) Joe Buscaglia and Matthew Fairburn have some good discussions. Tim Graham sometimes stops by. It can get a little silly sometimes, but most of the time it's pretty good. Full disclosure, some of their episodes are only available via The Athletic app (paywall). The Buffalo Beat - Stitcher Cover 1 Buffalo It's hosted by Nate Geary, Aaron Quinn, and Greg Tompsett are pretty good. The website has some good articles, but I imagine the really good stuff is behind a paywall. Erik Turner owns Cover1.net and also does film analysis for The Athletic. Cover 1 Buffalo NOTE: I'm able to find all of these on Google Podcasts except for the Athletic only podcasts as noted above. So who do you guys listen to?
  11. Saw that in the video, and curious how that would have worked. Cincy had picks 11 and 42. NYG had pick 37. He clearly said 37. Was it a 3 team trade? Did someone mess up (I hope not)?
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