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  1. kickedface

    Tremaine Edmunds: Leader of Men and King of the North

    i can confirm a similar situation in my madden franchise as well. CONFIRMED!!!!!
  2. kickedface

    Nice video on AIR RAID OFFENSE

    ....you dare quote the man's name!!!!! wheres the senator to give his point of view? TORTILLAS!!!!!!
  3. kickedface

    How Does a Bills Loss Affect Your Life?

    i always get wings at my favorite spot, i watch the game with some fun dudes and i'm upset on my way home but by the time i get home i'm onto the next thing. i figure worst case scenario if the bills lose i had a good meal. plus theres always next week, unless it the end of the season then its theres always next season.
  4. a mike leach reference. WHERES THE TORTILLA QUOTE!?!?!?!?!?!?!