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  1. Dude I agree 100% huge mistake. Most Bills fans like Barkley for some reason. The guy is a huge liability and would not have a job on any other roster.
  2. What a joke but it's ok the dynasty is over it's our turn BYE BYE cheaters.
  3. Edmunds will destroy old slow Cam!!
  4. That's what he gets for buying a crappy GM product. If he bought a Honda or Toyota he would have got away.
  5. Might be a good move for the NFL to allow teams to carry more than 53 players as a buffer. Thoughts?
  6. Love or hate him he has made a lot of money not only for himself but for U-Haul
  7. What a joke no way Dallas, Steelers and Raiders are ahead of us. That's ok we will make believers out of them.
  8. The season can't start soon enough.
  9. This current roster is light years ahead of that bunch. I would take either one of those qb's over Barkley though.
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