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  1. NFL sent a push notification in the middle of the 1o clock games about this. What great timing. I'm sure NFL fans love Rihanna! I didn't even know she was relevant. I thought Billie eyelash and that license girl were hip
  2. Let's see. We run this series and get 3 min off the clock at best. We hope. That's about 5 min left to Miami to score 3 or 6... Max 7. We only score 3 here that's a 1 pt game we should get the ball back before the end of game And Mancz is in. We do good with Toledo Alum
  3. But if all these players B word about their CTR from there chosen profession than the other players are the ones that need to police this. Or just stfu about getting their boo-boos
  4. As soon as I picked up the baby we scored the first TD. As soon as my wife just took the baby to feed the fins get that conversion.
  5. Our defense is fresh. Their O having fresh legs is extremely valuable. They can exploit speed now and will be going deep. We need to lay hits on tuglova
  6. Math of the game. Fins get 1 possession. Their avg means they won't hold it more than 6 min. The Fins should close the 3rd Q. We will get tir back at least once. Can we stop 14 pts from Miami?
  7. Lucky we didn't get the intentional grounding; the ref was telling the coach on the sidelines. Clearly 26 was there.
  8. That Fins OL hold has happened several times today. Nice to see it finally called.
  9. But I like Teddy. Dude is likeable. Hard working. Had some rough times behind him.
  10. You'd have some complaining both ways. That's a football hit. And that is ***** for body awareness by tuggylova. Any athlete should know how to fall. That was dumb.
  11. ***** yeah. Take the flag. Make it worth it. Start a go fund me for that fine
  12. How was that not DPI? I mean I don't think it is in most cases but most refs call it and this game needs to be called fair Regardless this type of calling is against us since we don't play physical being so young
  13. Is Josh pausing a air second under center for the snap? @Simon@Gunner
  14. Miami d sold out to stop the long ball early. Man coverage. Middle was open. We kept running. Our scripted plays were ***** and Dorsey didn't adapt. Poor coordination. The last two drives Miami remains on man coverage with the middle wide open. The safeties keep looking at Josh and will let Diggs or Davis get deep eventually. But until then the buffer in the middle for McKenzie and Knox is right there. If I'm the Bills I am running Knox on seams as a decoy who will eventually get open along the route, with McKenzie underneath. Diggs will be there as Diggs is always there. Hopefully Josh gets time to see him and connect. I do not like Singleterry playing this double step at the LOS trying to juke.
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