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  1. Bill Murray

    Brandon Beane from the Combine

    is anyone else getting really REALLY excited? I think these guys are gonna make a bunch of great moves and we should be ready to rock. Lezzgo!
  2. Serious question... how many rub and tugs has Rex Ryan had in his life? Prob less than Rob tho
  3. Bill Murray

    Marquise Brown LisFranc surgery

    DK Metcalf stock going up by the day...
  4. Bill Murray

    Bean at his Witchery, Again!

    Am i missing something? TT had just taken us to the playoffs. Flacco just got benched for Lamar Jackson after missing the playoffs the three years prior. He also is 34. its obvious TT was worth more than Flacco. Im surprised the Broncos traded anything for him as he would have been cut.
  5. Bill Murray

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    Ralph is cheap!
  6. Agree w you, but i think its not about the firepower, its about the availability. I dont want to do another Charles Clay, Langston Walker, or Dockery FA contract throwing $ at our need without it being a good player.... If someone like Khalil Mack were out there again, with our firepower i would do that, but i dont think the pieces will all be there for the taking. J Clowney is due to become a FA possibly (but prob wont), would you throw a ton of $ at him and then go OL & WR in the draft completing the strategy you are suggesting?
  7. OL this year. Redo the skill positions (RB and WR next year). Offense comes together for the next two years and voila, the 5th yr after drafting Allen have all parts of the offense in place for the next decade. Relative to offense, I believe scheme matters more than star power on defense (see the Pats**) and I believe McD will consistently field average at worst defenses over his tenure. Trust the process.
  8. Bill Murray

    Mel Kiper Mocks — 1.0 DT Rashan Gary 2.0 DK Metcalf

    Hadn’t thought about a pass rusher really until reading all the comments in this thread (genreally have been rooting for OL the whole time) but I think I now agree if we can take a rush DL we absolutely shouldn’t hesitate. Looking at mocks right now, seems Bosa, J Allen, and Q Williams are quarenteed to be gone. Now it could get interesting.. the QBs always ascend up the board later in the process so after those 3, if we get 2QBs taken ahead of us, plus maybe Greedy Williams and one of the OTs (J Williams, Ford, or Taylor), we could end up with one of: Clelin Ferrell, DE Ed Oliver, DT Reshan Gary, DE/DT Jeffry Simmons, DT Jachai Polite, DE Christian Wilkins, DT Montez Sweat, DE all projected in the top 15 or 20 in various mocks
  9. Bill Murray

    Hypothetical : Trade down in 1st with Raiders?

    Would i do this? Yes. Would the Raiders do this? I think unlikely.
  10. Bill Murray

    Who Are You Rooting for the Rest of the Way?

    I just want the pats to make it to the game, and then in the lead up, a low level pats assistant gets caught taping the other teams walkthrough in a way that gets out on Twitter before the league covers it up. Now THAT would be popcorn worthy TV.
  11. Bill Murray

    Out Of Divison Rivals

    i think the Jags are quickly climbing up that list. a gritty playoff game followed by an all out brawl. as good a choice as any for us. im hoping for us to develop a nice browns rivalry for years to come with baker and allen going toe to toe. that would be fun.
  12. Bill Murray

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    To be fair to the "there is a Carolina pipeline" narrative people, there have been a lot of players with connections: Tolbert Benjamin Star Kaelin Clay Joe Webb Derek Anderson Leonard Johnson Dean Marlowe Newhouse (traded to Carolina from Buffalo) Now i dont think it matters and think Beane and McD are doing a great job, but to say its a false narrative is understating the connection by an equal amount as people saying they only hire Carolina people and its weak. Both sides are far from reality https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article173506866.html https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2018/8/9/17669920/buffalo-bills-are-loaded-with-former-carolina-panthers-sean-mcdermott-brandon-beane-kelvin-benjamin https://www.catscratchreader.com/2018/3/30/17177796/are-the-nfl-carolina-panthers-buffalo-bills-in-a-committed-long-term-relationship http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24796233/marshall-newhouse-traded-carolina-panthers-buffalo-bills
  13. Bill Murray

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option on the table

    For the people debating the value of Shaq’s ability to block passes at the line vs sack the QB, I would submit that the NFL passing game has evolved in a way that should significantly increase the value of DL pass blockers. Quick slants, WR moving pick plays, etc are the new norm of passing offenses. These plays are extremely difficult, if not impossible for the DB to defend (boarderline but rarely called offensive pass-interference) and the ball comes out so quickly a sack is nearly impossible to achieve. These plays are called frequently on important downs such as 3rd downs and near the goal line. Also slants and other quick strikes frequently turn into huge plays (Tyreek Hill for example). On WR moving pick plays (Patriots run them all the time) outside of the QB/WR making a mistake, the only surfire way to defend these plays is to bat the ball down at the line. Shaq has found a niche for this and should improve on as his experience and awareness grows. This is not to say that sacks aren’t the more impactful of the two... just don’t discount the increased importance of pass defense within 3 to 5 yds of the line of scrimmage given how passing games have evolved.