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  1. Agree he forced a number of plays such as the INT which you hope he grows out of soon. That said, last year this was a regular occurance and this year I think he has shown good progress limiting those plays. He still hasn’t played 16 games mind you. on the plus side, I think his patience in the pocket is good. He is becoming very comfortable extending plays w his feet while still hitting WRs down field (Brown and Beasley on 3rd downs in the 1st half). he has command of the offense and everything is still headed in the right direction so I’m willing to view the couple mental errors in the context of still showing steady improvement. B.
  2. SO hope he detonates that team too. here we go Tre White, time to shine...
  3. Best wished to shady. On the football field and locker room he wasn’t the person he’s made out to be. Never complained, played hard, said the right things, lobbied for players to come here. Hope he makes an impact for the Chiefs and continues his 11k quest. Unless he’s playing the Bills
  4. On your depth point, this will become very important as it pertains to free agency and comp picks going forward. You will have depth guys leaving for big contracts in the future. You will have starters leaving for even bigger contracts knowing that we have adequate back-ups ready to step up and fill in. This will be very important to allow us to maintain a strong roster year over year as the better managed teams in the league have demonstrated. Great start to the season for Beane and co...
  5. That’s pretty impressive technique biting through the bottom. Keyless entry...
  6. Love you guys, but this thread is officially stupid. Shut it down and focus elsewhere
  7. Purely from a fantasy perspective, Allen should be average, and if he runs like last year would be above average. You would still be better suited with a tier 1 QB as your starter, but as far as quality-per-draft spot, Allen would probably be one of the better value picks in the draft considering most people wont even consider him. If you skip QB and go for the platoon strategy, i would include him along side a pure passer type to hedge the bet.
  8. The one thing I appreciate about the Astro write-ups is the constant random switching of focal points. One minute its the offense, then a comment on a defensive drill, then something happening in the stands. It’s hectic, but reading it I get a feeling of atmosphere and a sense of actually being there far more than the Chris brown or local media recaps, which are tailored to an overall theme. Sitting at training camp can be hectic with lots of drills happening at once, followed by downtime with nothing going on so attention moves to the stands or random thought / reflection. It’s a perspective that sucks you in a little bit, even if you read the piece and at the end, don’t know how many completions or TDs josh had, or who the top 3 performers of the day were like w the media reports.
  9. Depends a lot on the offense moving the chains and possessing the ball
  10. This is a pretty emotional and overall ridiculous take. He was the most discussed quarterback in his draft class causing Twitter spats and draftnik face-offs left and right. This board is filled with national media takes of Allen having horrible accuracy followed by good morning nfl links of deep JA love. He right now is one of the most polarizing young players in the entire NFL. I personally love Allen, but I’m also a logical person and was highlighting it’s a fair take to say the bills don’t have obvious building blocks on offense. Name our RB, WR, and TE of the future. You haven’t seen the RB or TE log a single NFL down and the WRs have shown flashes of potential but not much more. Facts. Could this work out? Of course. Could it not, of course. If you think anything you have written in your response is even close to remotely true, you either don’t pay attention to football media, or prob need to have a drink and hug your feelings pillow a little tighter.
  11. I think the future for our defense is extremely bright, but on offense what do we have? An uncertain future at all skill positions and a polarizing young QB that you either love or hate. No one has seen Cody Ford play and it’s hard to know what to think about Dawkins after a surprisingly strong rookie year followed up with limited progress beyond that in year 2. Robert Foster and Zay showed flashes, but do either of them look like they can be a legitimate week in week out threat if other teams game plan for them as they do for the top ten #1s in the league. So, I’m a perennial Bills optimist and I believe in Allen, but right here right now this assessment is fair.
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