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  1. Long time reader, First Time writer. In connection with some talk about “running the table” and being the number 1 seed in the AFC, my mind made a greater leap – I know “getting way ahead of myself” – to winning the super bowl and what it would feel like. For context, I have been a fan since 1967 and am old enough to remember nearly the Bills entire history. With that said, I started thinking about other franchises in similar situations, the Cubs ending the 108-year drought or the Boston Red Sox and the 86-year period of futility from 1918 to 2004 and how their fans reacted. In the case of each referenced franchise, as part of their celebrations, each "forgave" someone - the Cubs “forgave” Steve Bartman and the Sox “forgave” Bill Buckner. In case of my great leap, to me, the obvious response for the Bills would be player Scott Norwood. But I would like to read TBD’s responses – it can be a player (Tom Demsey failing to break the Dolphin streak, Ronnie Harmon for dropping Kelly’s pass in the endzone), fan (the dude who slide off the upper deck), coach (Wade Phillips for getting over run by the owner with the Flutie/Johnson thing), owner, GM, event. Who or What would you "forgive?"
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