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  1. Maybe you should have said "by the end of their seventh game," then, counselor. Even hick law-yers know that words matter
  2. You lost your bet. The Browns are better than 2-5 (.286), they're 2-4 (.333). Pay up, loser.
  3. Yeah, my best friend Pat. He grew up two streets down from me and we went to the same neighborhood preschool. After college we actually landed in the same city but throughout college around Christmas or whatever we'd make a point of hanging out. Some of the other guys that we ran with starting in elementary school landed nearby as well. I've noticed that guys tend to value and hold on to long-term friendships more than the fairer sex.
  4. I think we agree in principles and disagree on how far the situation in America is from these principles in actuality.
  5. LeviF91

    Worth it...?

    Until you get hauled off to jail, a TPO is issued, and you have to pay a lawyer five figures to clear your name, if possible. You must not be familiar with the Duluth model.
  6. Rules of engagement change from mission to mission. Urban warfare is different from other kinds, etc. I guess my point is that blanket statements like "soldiers are held to a higher standard" aren't at all helpful, and depending on the context, highly inaccurate. The author there cites exactly four shootings out of millions of police interactions every year, and then claims his guys in Diyala are far more moral because they killed two civilians in "hundreds of engagements." His broader point is good: everything must be examined on its own, not just hand-waived away in the interest of "officer safety." But ultimately the article you cite doesn't make the point that soldiers are "held to a higher standard" when it comes to engagement with threats. He even says they could have legally shot those kids after that IED went off. Use of force laws are pretty plain and open to read to the public. Remember that Guyger is trying to defend herself in a court of law by convincing the jury that she reasonably believed she was in danger, not necessarily relay accurately how she was trained (though I've never gone through police training in TX, maybe she was telling the truth).
  7. https://trendings.net/woman-arrested-for-squeezing-boyfriends-testicles-until-they-bled-during-argument/a9b8g9j?999=9&fbclid=IwAR1rlRoSuAtovmLJPpmjNXyJqeME8Gff6piNwVADURrPfbfK8nSWcPyXToY Would ya?
  8. If you guys both are still looking for a corner seat I have two in 306 for sale. If you both go in for it my buddy will be off the hook for two seats and they won't go to ***** Pats** fans on ticketmaster
  9. Good thing it happened while Carl was still alive, I don't think they let you watch baseball in hell.
  10. The Pats** look like a team that could make a run at 14-2 or better and Brady has thirty wins against two or three losses to the Bills in his career. Show us you can beat the evil empire and we'll start talking about division titles. What's nice is that for the first time in a long time I have some faith that this team can make a run at them. If not this year, then next. The McDermott D has held up well against the Pats** for the most part and we have what may be a competent offense.
  11. I basically did it just to get an NFL ticket that says +1200 on it. I hit the +18.5 as well.
  12. I'll give it a whirl. Send me a link and a venmo request.
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