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  1. Yeah and that was with some need for growth. He's gotten better and in my mind there's zero question about his position as a prospect.
  2. He's about to be on the Dan Patrick show to explain himself.
  3. Guess they found some executives with more diverse tastes.
  4. Really gives new meaning to "ride or die."
  5. THIS. Anyone who didn't learn this growing up never got in a fight. Even if they aren't trained they will absolutely ***** your ***** up as best they can because something about that bond just takes things to another level. Another reason why domestics are the worst.
  6. lol lot of the old heads are gonna hate this dude as he also features Linkin Park, Coldplay, Green Day etc in this series when no good music was made after 1983 am I right? 😂 Beato has good content but gets a little weird about the copyright stuff and is annoyingly self-promoting at times.
  7. It's why cutting yourself is a habit commonly associated with bodybuilders and oil rig workers.
  8. In some faith traditions, yes.
  9. With the ***** that Russ has been saying the past couple of days this seems pretty mild.
  10. Those won't be 30 years old until December or so.
  11. They say every guy marries his mom. So far it's accurate for Mahomes, bottle blonde lucky enough to get knocked up by a pro athlete and somehow think she's special for it.
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