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  1. What trade partners are we going to find coming up from 32?
  2. It's never going to end. Forget that this song satirizes racism, if it offends one double-digit IQ snowflake, it must go and so must everyone and everything associated with it. Because their feelings are more important than history and culture.
  3. In for Nashville, definite. In for Giants, most likely. Originally was planning for the Jets game at Metlife but it being the first game of the season kind of killed that for me. I hate Jets fans enough when they're hopeless, but at the beginning of the year they're downright insufferable.
  4. It's awesome. This man went through a physical and emotional hell the last ten years (some of it of his own making, yes) that would break 99.9 percent of men. Instead he's on top of the world again. 19 suddenly doesn't feel so far away.
  5. Drugs are almost always a factor in cases like this.
  6. Snipe hunt! Since @BringBackFergy and @Gugny won't be there I'll be attending.
  7. I don't get why people in the media get so butthurt over stuff like that. You're trying to be a pro at a game that you love. I understand that the media kind of comes with the territory but you can't expect every pro to have the same opinions and attitudes about that. Rory has been playing really good golf recently, depending on how the weekend goes he still has a shot, though an outside one at this point. I put some money on Brooks and some on Rickie (love that kid). Koepka just seemingly doesn't care about anything except majors, so I wasn't put off by some of his early performances this year.
  8. Got my ticket. Also got tickets to see Brian Fallon down in Jersey next month. One of my favorite artists.
  9. My buddy actually got me a Josh Allen jersey for my birthday (a bunch of us went to Buffalo for the weekend after Thanksgiving, which is when my birthday fell). It's the first jersey I've worn in a very long time. He's a Jets fan and I'm trying to figure out if I can stomach getting him a Darnold jersey this year for when we all take the trip to NJ.
  10. How dare you, she's married! But yeah I'd take a run at her event horizon. Alas, she's smart, so she'd never go for me.
  11. @Gugny I've decided I'm gonna go to the Godsmack show up in GF. Tickets are reasonable and they put on a good show, why not.
  12. Re: Marsha vs Aaron debate Fun facts! Marsha in his 6 Super Bowl wins: 24.0ppg / 2.09 points per drive Aaron in his 7 playoff losses: 24.6ppg / 2.39 points per drive Pats** defenses in 6 Super Bowl wins: 19.2ppg / 1.64 points allowed per drive Packers defenses in Aaron's 7 playoff losses: 35.4ppg / 3.35 points allowed per drive This is obviously a limited picture but Belichick is ridiculous. Absolutely stifles the NFC's best (with exceptions in the Carolina and Atlanta Super Bowls, which they won anyway, and the loss to the Eagles in what ended up being a shootout). This includes the Warner-led Rams, both losses to the Giants, and holding a very potent 2018 Rams offense to 3 (three!) points in a title game. Meanwhile the Packers defense regularly folds like a table with a 300lb Bills fan thrown through it.
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