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  1. Dude got put away for murder recently. Guess he got a taste and just couldn't look back.
  2. Women initiate 70% of divorces in the United States. It's estimated that 10% of us are wrong about who we think our biological father is.
  3. Hmm. I had to think about this one. I tend to use "bring" when I'm adding something to the situation, "I'm bringing potato salad to the cookout." I use "take" when I'm subtracting something from the situation, "I'm taking my leftover potato salad home from the cookout." "Bring to" vs. "take from." I wonder if there's an actual rule associated with that. Or maybe I'm wrong
  4. One of the areas where devout Christians have made strides in music (rather than simply "making rock and roll worse" as so eloquently stated by Hank Hill) is in the hardcore/metalcore/metal area. See Demon Hunter, Zao, August Burns Red, Extol, among others. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if some of these bands made the "devil's music" list on sound/imagery alone.
  5. So is it as good now as it was back then?
  6. Perhaps that's another similarity he and I have. He was awfully pale...
  7. Mahler was great. Bach was excellent as well. I'm a Liszt guy all the way though. Perhaps that's because he and I share traits like having large hands and being strikingly handsome
  8. Honestly I'd put McCartney over Lennon as far as composition goes. I realize we get three extra decades of McCartney work but still. But no, I can't say I can think of anyone in the modern genres that can compare to the great orchestral composers. But I also think it isn't a comparison that should be attempted.
  9. LeviF91


    Stop confusing me with Rob's House. I'm not edumacated enough to be a law-yer.
  10. LeviF91


    Why is it that when he starts a thread that's supposed to contain rants, @Joe in Winslow instead crafts the OP to be basically the same as a pet peeve thread? Does he not understand what a rant is? A rant is a goddamn tirade, an abusive, long, angry speech of criticism. But what does he give us? Some compact complaint about the morons that he works with, as if that's not a direct indictment of him as simply another representative of the same hiring pool. Double dumbass on him for not only the self-indictment, but also doubling down with an ill-titled thread. And the results of this ill-titled thread? Exactly ONE ***** RANT from ONE QUALITY POSTER. That's it. The rest of them I could cut and paste into the pet peeves thread, but I won't because they're shitposters. ***** you, Joe. *****. You.
  11. I wish I had thought of this before, but you need to leave a yelp review for the shop that simply reads, "this guy ran off with my wife." But give it like two stars.
  12. She "felt cute" in that outfit??? JFC how delusional can you get?
  13. Story about LBJ: During a press conference, a reporter called out to LBJ and asked him why the US was still in Vietnam. According to legend, LBJ undid his fly and pulled out his manhood, stating "THIS is why!" Supposedly LBJ was hung like a donkey and named his member "Jumbo."
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