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  1. Even if your math did follow, what's your point?
  2. I don't listen to women anyway so I'm already well-practiced at tuning them out.
  3. LeviF91

    Chat Bots--Love em or Hate em?

    Doubtful, we would have heard about a small electrical fire at OBD that day due to a short-circuiting issue.
  4. LeviF91

    Chat Bots--Love em or Hate em?

    Remember how you used to call those 900 numbers all the time? It's like that but not for your wee wee.
  5. LeviF91

    Islamic Terrorism

  6. Shall not be infringed. And regarding "come and get it," it's already happening: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/maryland-officers-serving-red-flag-gun-removal-order-fatally-shoot-armed-man/ I'm exempt from NY's gun laws. However, many of my friends are not, and almost none of them comply with the gun laws completely. Many of my counterparts in the Troopers and various sheriff's offices have expressed to me that they would not, even if they could, enforce the gun laws currently on the books. As of now SAFE act compliance is estimated to be at 2% statewide.
  7. "No one wants to take your guns." Remember, SJWs, and leftists as a whole by extension, always lie. https://results.vote.wa.gov/results/current/State-Measures-Initiative-Measure-No-1639-Initiative-Measure-No-1639-concerns-firearms.html Now all semiautomatics, including 22s, are "assault rifles" in Washington. 10 day waiting period. Additional $25 infringement fee. Mandatory "education" if you want to purchase a firearm. If your gun is stolen from you and then used in a crime, you are guilty of a felony. Can't purchase a semi-automatic anything until you're 21.
  8. The NYS Senate went Democrat, hard, yesterday. NYC leftists are spreading out: most of LI used to be pretty strongly right when it came to state elections. Westchester and Rockland districts used to be toss-ups. No more. SAFE act part II: electric boogaloo is coming. That and more. Luckily the 2nd Circuit and the Supreme Court are getting saner. We're going to need them.
  9. The date is October 25, 2018. It is 12:04pm in Washington, D.C. Donald J. Trump has been president for 1 year, 277 days, 23 hours, and 17 minutes. Still waiting on that impeachment.
  10. LeviF91

    Do you have any ties to your high school still?

    It'll be ten years since I graduated next year. If there is a reunion (class president died senior year, I'm not sure anyone has the motivation to pick up planning and such), I won't be going. All the people from high school I still talk to (all two of them) live less than a 10 minute walk from me. There are a couple of others I'll see on occasion (I live thirty miles from where I went to high school) but other than that no real ties to speak of.
  11. LeviF91

    MNF - pats* @ Bills

    @plenzmd1 has offered me a spot at his airbnb...still won't tell me what he expects as payment though.
  12. I think Beto, like other younger Dems, may be eyeing 2024 rather than being what will probably be a sacrificial lamb in 2020 (especially if the Dems take the house this November).
  13. LeviF91

    Grandma charged after baby found stabbed inside oven!

    As much as I hate to say it, EII has a point. Used to be if you were a grandparent before age 50 you and your child both did well; you were (generally) married, you were somewhat stable, you had the American dream! Now having a kid before you're 28 is looked down on because you haven't done this that or the other. Doesn't help that the folks having kids at young ages now are generally featured on Jerry Springer, Maury, and the like, perpetuating the myth that having kids early is necessarily a bad thing. I have several friends that got married and had kids in their early 20s. They're all successful, happy, and fulfilled. They're what America was supposed to look like.
  14. How did the NFL let a guy with a Bond villain name into the owners' club anyway?