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  1. We took a walk that night, but it wasn't the same We had a fight on the promenade out in the rain She said she loved me, but she had somewhere to go She couldn't scream while I held her close I swore I'd never let her go Tell me what you want to know Oh come on, oh come on, oh come on There ain't no motive for this crime Jenny was a friend of mine So come on, oh come on, oh come on
  2. The US Marshals Service does not polygraph and never has for pre-employment checks. Neither does the largest law enforcement agency in the country, the New York City Police Department. Polygraphs measure what they're supposed to measure. People who make it into a "lie detector" don't know how polygraphs work. They're about as good as the person administering them, and those guys are bad at their jobs about as often as people in other lines of work.
  3. I got to have a shot Of what you got It's oh so sweet You got to make it hot Like a boomerang I need a repeat Gimme all your lovin' All your hugs and kisses too Gimme all your lovin' Don't let up until we're through
  4. Receiving word now that DC Tom has committed the infamous "suicide by two gunshots to the back of the head." His right arm had been removed at the elbow and no gun was recovered at the scene. In completely unrelated news DC Tom texted me last night saying he had very important information regarding Jeffrey Epstein's murder and had gained access to Epstein's "dead man's switch" file. DC Tom copied this file to a miniature disc and implanted it in his forearm for safekeeping.
  5. I honestly don't get this. I watch everything with subtitles except for live sports.
  6. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=171147947650886&substory_index=0&id=108224247276590
  7. You really think the Steelers, with Mike Tomlin as HC, would really want to hang onto the guy enough that they'd help the NFL cover this up? Because they would have had to have helped if what you're saying is even remotely close to accurate. Which it isn't.
  8. I have access to back channels which suggest dc tom faked his own death.
  9. Butteggegg will be the nominee provided something weird doesn't happen with Bloomberg. He's the sodomite son of a literal communist with a very thin veneer of disingenuous likability. You couldn't ask for a more perfect mascot for the DNC in 2020.
  10. I only vote for candidates who will fully support and throw the US military behind the governor of Texas should he declare war on Mexico as a response to the invasion.
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