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  1. I had tears in my eyes yesterday too watching my boy JA get his turkey leg. Not to mention the JK spot before the game.
  2. My advice when people want to know how to cook the perfect turkey: "ask your butcher for a rib roast instead."
  3. Huh? He washed out as a prospect. Then he made up his own, "Power Bottoms MC."
  4. My biker gang gets mad when I don't wear my cut. So I think Cabela's is formal wear.
  5. Well if the pats** game were included then the other QB wouldn't look as good either because it's Tom Brady.
  6. lmao, talk about proving my point. It's alright guys, just fall asleep crying into your moonshine and listening to this, and you can explain to us all later why the South actually had a noble cause in the Civil War; it wasn't at all about slavery.
  7. careful what you ask for  


    every time I invoke a mod to judge .


    I get a nasty message and the last a 2 day vacation because "That Guy" thought I should praise Lamar Jackson 

  8. Boy, southerners sure get touchy when you start coming after their traditions.
  9. Could have been Brett Mason Rudolph I who did it. I'm not sayin...but I'm just sayin... With regard to Garrett doubling down and the "not for public dissemination" garbage: if it's true, what do you care if it gets to the public, Myles?
  10. Ah, the Lions hand-me-downs year.
  11. Stephen A is out for views and clicks, just like the rest of them. Which is demonstrated by TO calling Kellerman more black than Stephen A on national TV
  12. And Rep. John Lewis got the ***** kicked out of him for entering a "whites only" waiting room there. I'm not sayin...but I'm just sayin.
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