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  1. This but with a deli and Boar's Head meats instead of store brand. First youth golf tournament win Getting my first drum set. Playing my first live show.
  2. I find Dylan to be generally not That Good. Except for Blood on the Tracks. Great album.
  3. Really sick of the signs on the highway that say "we are NY tough." ***** stupid
  4. Lol called it @Gugny @Mike in Horseheads
  5. To ask the question is to answer it. Nor can they comprehend why a DUI attorney trying to sell his services might not explain the statistics in any meaningful way. Nor can they understand that there may be a reason why the NHTSA would still insist on those three FSTs having "scientific validity" and being administered as standard practice even though the NHTSA's curriculum explicitly mentions the percentages given.
  6. Did they need a Phil Harris lookalike? It's been like 10 years since he died I can't imagine demand is that high.
  7. So who's liable when people's can't unsee it?
  8. Mid-00's was a rough time for NBA and NFL fashion.
  9. You may not like it, but this is what peak male performance looks like. Deal with it.
  10. Dude I read it and didn't know who it was about until I scrolled to an hour deep into OBL and found wtf you were talking about. And I only did that because I was bored as hell at work. Try, you know, actually including what the post is about.
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