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  1. This place was awesome back when Kelly and conner went at it with Darin and Joe and DC Tom called everyone idiots and the trolls got their asses blasted whenever they visited. Not sure what changed really. But I don’t think it’s just the “current state of political discourse.” And I don’t think it’s all the Trump voters’ fault. Best thing might be to shut it down. I don’t think there’s any going back at this point and I don’t think Darin has the time or the patience to boot the agitators that insist on just stirring ***** with no perceivable objective other than to make everyone else’s day a little bit worse. Good posters up and quit posting which really sucks. Other than appointing a PPP moderator to enforce the crusade rule (good luck finding one) shutting it down and letting people make their little clubs seems best. It also has the added benefit of eventually showing who actually wants to talk politics and who was just there to be a dick. my $.02 or thereabouts.
  2. White New Balance sneakers socks and sandals cargo shorts fanny packs
  3. Archbishop is having the altar burned. Based af
  4. Lmao, even money says greater than 50% of NFL players would have voted for prop 8.
  5. I like the Rams at that number and the Bucs at -6.5.
  6. “Derek Carr, David Carr, train car, I don’t give a *****. Bills by 30.”
  7. I more than made up for it with props but if Melvin Gordon doesn’t walk to the endzone I finish the night 4/4. Oh well, it’s gambling.
  8. Rodgers will make him look like an All Pro because Rodgers and we’ll never hear the end of it here smh
  9. People said the same thing about the Texans last week I wouldn't be surprised if HOU is the team trying to get rid of a coach that no one likes.
  10. Degenerate gambling Thursday is here! I managed to snag the Jets at +3 but I'd still bet them at -1. And a rookie QB is getting his first start in primetime? Ok then, I'm taking Rypien over 204.5 passing yards and over 0.5 INT. I have no confidence in the Jets secondary so the yards will be there I think but Greggo should be able to give him some fits and force him into bad mistakes.
  11. I'm immune to all viruses; I get the cocaine, it cleans out my sinuses.
  12. I think the "local" CBS affiliate for Wanakena is the Carthage station which is showing Bills-Raiders. The area with Plattsburgh is served by the affiliate in Burlington.
  13. Something about fun as hell but never want your friends to see you riding one...
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