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  1. LeviF91

    TBDAHOT #19 picture thread

    Gosh that @Gugny guy is way more handsome, has a way better beard, and is much taller than I remember.
  2. LeviF91

    TBDAHOT #19 picture thread

    Goddamn you talk a lot. Good to meet you EII
  3. LeviF91

    Tennis Officials Get No Love.

    Do you watch much tennis?
  4. Update: I have not personally confirmed this but I understand that there is now a Bills Backers bar in Troy, NY: The Ruck 104 3rd St Troy, NY 12180 Haven't been there in a while but they have a great beer selection, excellent wings, and homemade bleu cheese dressing that I'm willing to kill for.
  5. LeviF91

    Game - Patriots tickets

    Any updates on this?
  6. LeviF91

    Heart Age Test

    Don't tell me what to do
  7. LeviF91


    I kicked my ketamine habit.
  8. Is that the one that titty grabbed Ariana Grande? Cause if so, you go, buddy!
  9. LeviF91

    Heart Age Test

    120? That can't be right
  10. I haven't read any of this thread but I just need to get it out. Am I really supposed to take seriously the mewlings of limp-wristed NPR commentators praising McCain's service to our nation now that he's dead? The insincerity is just plain creepy. These people hated McCain until Trump was elected, and even then they only liked Johnny boy so long as he served as a foil to Trump. This is the stuff of ghouls. And yes, that goes for you leftists in here too. Go !@#$ yourselves.
  11. I quit shaving and currently have a magnificent beard. Highly recommended. However before that I was using a safety razor 5-6 times per week. Usually skipped Saturday and/or Sunday. Edit: misunderstood the question. In order to look like a CEO proper every day I would need to shave every day.
  12. LeviF91

    Advice on Game Tickets

    The clubs aren't any sort of exclusive - season ticket holders purchase them as their seasons. I guarantee if both teams are playing for almost nothing seats will open up for resale on the (relatively) cheap. I've sat in the clubs a couple of times and it's a nice experience but I'm younger and like my gamedays a little rowdier so I enjoy the 300s and the 100 endzones a lot. I'm going to wait until the week of the Jets game to buy my seats, most likely.
  13. LeviF91

    Advice on Game Tickets

    If you want to completely be away from drunken fools, stay out of Orchard Park on Bills game day. That being said, if you want to avoid most of it the clubs are probably your best bet. I can't see the Bills or Jets being great this year so you'll probably be able to pick some tickets up for a pretty reasonable price once the game is a little bit closer, time-wise. Truthfully there isn't a bad seat in the place. I often sit in 333 which has a fair number of longtime season ticket holders who are pretty well behaved. YMMV
  14. LeviF91

    Would ya, Hudson Falls finest edition

    That right there is what we call a Hudson Falls 8. Otherwise known as a Cleveland 10.
  15. LeviF91

    Bills @ Jets - Nov 11 2018

    If that happens count me in for one.