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  1. before I was permabanned with an old account I trolled them hard.

    Those that did venture out kept the angst going on the Main board and OTW.  

    What goes on in the PPP stays in the PPP. 


    Have you ever heard of anyone in the PPP getting a warning point?  


    I was bad....  I try to play nicer now.  

    1. Alphadawg7


      Yeah, I have just mostly avoided it for all those reasons.  Seems to be a playground to just get ugly and push buttons with very little rational discussion.  Not everyone is devoid of rational discussion of course, but its definitely the minority there not the majority.  

    2. SlimShady'sSpaceForce


      Oh, in case that wasn't clear


      I meant  that I got a warning point 

    3. Alphadawg7


      Ha oh I did not understand that you were saying you got a warning point.  


      I am already being called things like stupid and stuff there from people who have yet to provide a single point about anything or answer a direct question I posed to them.  But to my surprise, one poster has engaged in a rational discussion that we are gonna continue through DM, so I definitely welcome that regardless if we have differing opinions.  So guess thats a small win for stepping into the cess pool that is PPP ha.  

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