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  1. https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/hong-kong-subway-beatdown/
  2. Perhaps something similar to the Walk Away movement is in order. For the treasonous folk a Hang Them All movement could gain some traction. I wish I could make a good meme for it but I don’t have that know how.
  3. https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/touching-moment-in-hong-kong/
  4. I’ve been curious about trying Black Rifle coffee. Seems like a good company to support.
  5. What do you not know? You are an endless source of information. Hopefully the current Japanese (*****) ships have improved fire fighting capabilities over their WWII brethren. Why won’t this sight let me say J.a.p?
  6. I was really hoping for Spain to do well so I could nickname him the Inquisitor.
  7. https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/rbg-the-six-billion-dollar-woman/
  8. https://news.usni.org/2019/08/23/marines-considering-flying-u-s-f-35bs-off-of-japans-largest-warships One of those Japanese warships is named the Kaga. The previous Kaga was one of four carriers (other three were the Akagi, Hiryu and Soryu) which the U.S. defeated at the Battle of Midway. Weird twist in history. It seems like current China has taken on the role of WWII era imperialistic Japan. Perhaps China will need to get Midway'ed in the near future.
  9. https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/john-solomon-boom-joseph-mifsud-lawyer-confirms-mifsud-was-cia-spy-not-russian-operative/
  10. https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-08-15-release-of-official-autopsy-showing-broken-bones-in-jeffrey-epsteins-neck-is-all-the-proof-we-need-that-hes-still-alive-heres-why.html
  11. https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/famed-pathologist-dr-cyril-wecht-casts-major-doubt-on-epstein-suicide/
  12. 🥚 None, but that will change someday. You guys and gals must have some great memories.
  13. https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/we-know-where-all-your-children-live/ Lefties threaten Ice workers.
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