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Western New York Two Bills Drive Garbage Plate Society


320 W Main St, Rochester, 14608
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  2. Read an article in the D&C that O.J. Howard wants to try a real plate. I think we can make that happen! Any ideas? I bet the Bills would be surprised to find out there's already a Bills fan plate club full of aficionados.
  3. I realize there won't be people from out of town like Rich up for the game, but was wondering if anybody was planning on heading over to Nick's today. Bueller, Bueller, anyone?
  4. Sounds delicious!
  5. Friday September 20th, Nick Tahou's Main Street, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  6. until
    Talk about what happened in Round 1, and hopes for the rest of the draft! And eat a plate.
  7. Friday 4/26, noon, Nick Tahou's downtown
  8. No attending replies. Lunch is canceled.
  9. It might be nice to end the season on a positive note, since all we can do is cheer AGAINST a team.
  10. My cousin is a cop there, another was a captain for the FD but resigned that post to serve a lower post due to health issues, my uncle is an exempt from the FD, my aunt a former special needs teacher at BPS (cousin's wife is a teacher there now, the other cousins husband has the great pumpkin patch in bport). I need to post the pork for Patriots thing they do every end of September
  11. alright, cool. kinda figured it had to be family. as i said that was one of the old stomping grounds. loved, loved, loved chasing the college girls all around town. some of the best years of my life there. i hope you enjoy the stay. you can take the boy out of the farm, but you cant take the farm out of the boy (a reference to Brockport, not your current place). cheers.
  12. I've seen that statue at least 100 times. That is pretty awesome! I like Brockport, it is a canal town that seems to be doing well. My inlaws lived there, my wife was from there. I have a lot of great memories there. From the festivals, bars I used to hang out at. Little towns like that are what makes America great. Thanks for sharing your family history, I really enjoyed reading about it.
  13. My family, that is in my dad's side. If you're familiar with anyone from Brockport and do my family then you'd recognize it by my name But if you go over to Rockport fire department protective's you can see a statue of my great grandpa, and there are several things around town that my family helped build in Brockport. I go back as often as I can. If it was not for my farm in North Carolina my mom's side but I inherited I would be up in New York. There is Weggies, Tim Hortons, Brockport Diner, three generations of my family buried there, one of the most beautiful main streets in the world, and lots of college co-eds that are fresh meat (to look at, since I'm taken)
  14. Not much. A college, a small movie theater, some stores. A lot of college kids. That's about it. It's a cute little town though.
  15. curious what is in Brockport. used to be my old stompong grounds back in the day.
  16. Before I forget, we better do this for Monday Night Football I'm hoping to get into town Thursday and spend Thursday through Saturday in Brockport possibly going to Buffalo for the Metallica concert. Then end up Sunday in Orchard Park to go to Niagara Falls Fort Niagara Etc
  17. Too far to drive and use gas just to get gas (burp)
  18. Good group today! JÂy RÛßeÒ, Aussiew, Just Jack, Rich and Rev n Joisey, R.Rich, and Rockpile.
  19. Wish I could mak it. Not heading out till 12:30

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