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  1. My family's Thanksgiving day is the guys hunting all day and coming home at dinner time for an evening meal. We're going to have to leave the woods a little early and eat while watching the game. Sounds like a good day!
  2. I for one am sick of seeing this guy and his son get stroked by the sports media. I'm gonna bet the old man steps aside and junior takes over. Let's hope that they follow the same path as the Raiders.
  3. It seems like they have done that in the past, no? Should have been the pats punter. That dude kicked well and buried the Rams deep over and over again.
  4. He is. Even though he's a total steak head db...
  5. I'm a hater. The sooner he goes, the better
  6. This. But have one review per coach in OT instead of auto-booth review. Make OT more like college.
  7. I hear ya... But I like that Mahar is sometimes unpredictable. He'll deviate from his liberal foundation from time to time and surprise me... I agree with him from time to time
  8. Walt has actually been working on a restructured deal these past 3 years. It was light on salary but heavy with incentives... From Kraft...
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