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  1. If the poo is a joke, is it a corny joke? Or, is the poo just a little bit nutty? Either way, this is a poo that can truly “air it out”
  2. judman

    Applebees Boneless Wings on ESPN

    That Crapplebees segment appeared to feature... RANCH!!! Just in case any of you only had one hand on the pitchfork. I hope I’m wrong (kinda), but the consistency was pretty damned smooth.
  3. judman

    MNF: SF vs. GB at 8:15 PM ET on ESPN

    I’ve watched enough Bills games with Catalon, Dedes, Archuletta, G. Gumbel, et. al. This MNF crew is HORRIBLE! The worst... All of the guys listed above are waaaay better than these guys.
  4. judman

    Dolphins Promote Nick O'Leary to the 53 Man Roster

    I heard his grandpa is Jack Nicklaus. The same well connected source also told me that Fitz went to Harvard! Some of you might even remember this guy (my source)... he’s the same guy that picked up Siefert at the airport last year.
  5. Huhes was held, held, held all day long. No fumble by Allen and the ref stopped the clock at the end of the first half when the GB receiver was backing out of bounds... to name a few. Oh, and Hughes was held...
  6. judman

    Does Fitz have the record?

    Fitz is back! I’m a big fan, but this is him.
  7. judman

    Is Binghamton Bills country?

    Syracuse is Bills territory with the giants getting second chair. Syracuse tv always plays Bills games because it services an area pretty far west of the city of Syracuse itself. Syracuse tv (CBS) also serves Utica. I’m in Utica and there’s plenty of fans of many teams. I’d estimate that the Bills have a slight lead (slight). I’d say the Utica area is: 1- Bills 2- giants 3- pats, steelers, cowboys 4- jets
  8. That was total BS on that delay
  9. Best post on this thread! Lol! these memes reek of the “Air Farce”
  10. judman

    Philly looking to trade an OL

    Check the time on my edit vs. your post. And chill...
  11. Take a “chance” on Warmack? Link from CBS
  12. judman

    Stadium Name

    I think I probably refer to it as “the stadium” more than anything else listed. I voted for Ralph Wilson Stadium because I type RWS.
  13. judman

    Need another QB with AJ hurt, but Who?

    If Kap were brought in the press (led bt Stephen A. Smith) would accept nothing less than him being the full time, starting QB for the season.