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  1. Judman was a nickname given to me in 7th grade. I told that to my friend Steve and his response was "No sh*t, couldn't tell." My birth name is Justin, but I've gone by the name Jud for most of my life.
  2. Is it weird to wear a jersey with another man’s name on it? I never thought so. Nobody has ever come up to me (a 40+ year old white dude) and been frustrated by the fact that I’m NOT Bruce Smith, ever. What’s weird to me is the guy who puts his own name on a jersey as though he’s a member of the team. Pure fantasy there.
  3. ** MORE BREAKING NEWS ** Diggs just booked 4 hotel rooms for next February 14!
  4. I prefer au jus. But...
  5. UPDATE: The weck rolls from Utica Bread were on-point. I recommend them with full confidence that they will not disappoint.
  6. My local source is actually Utica Bread. Their website says they make kummelweck rolls. They even had a picture of one that certainly looked the part. I’m gonna try them and see. I will let you know. Napoli has good pie, but I’m more partial to Roma. Danielle’s is good too, it’s different, but very good.
  7. I’m out of town and left to my own devices for beef on weck. So I’m looking for some tips on what cuts people are fond of and any other tips (like cooking times, temps, etc.). I did find a place to obtain rolls locally (I’m near Utica). I tried to make my own last year and they were not very good (barely passable, actually). With the rolls being made for me, I can focus on the meat. Thank you in advance. Go Bills!
  8. Trade, mock draft, and game pick threads are all sorts of hyperbole, musing, and nonsense. I like seeing the BS that pops up on threads like this. Some posts are very clever. Remember all of the George Seifert at the airport rumors when there were coaching vacancies? Pure gold!
  9. Closed on Sundays. But your heart, and stomach are in the right place. My grandparents used to drive there for dinner… from Fulton.
  10. When I scan his weekly manifesto, I find myself using a whining tone. I’m not a huge fan, but I still check in. Some of his insight into non-football stuff can be cool. But sometimes he gets too political. He’s a hard left guy, fine. But I’m not looking for politics when I read King. I don’t agree with his SB take, mainly his confidence in Stafford. He likes Stafford (age 33) but throws shade at Sanders (age 34). You should do haiku When you finish a post, right? Nah…. Let’s go Buffalo!
  11. This story is from Attica, NY and it’s good stuff! I hope this kid can get to a game. LINK
  12. We watched Trent Edwards start a season opener against the Dolphins and he got whooped... bad! He took a sack on the opening play of the first drive. Later in the game a guy with an Edwards Jersey stood up on his seat (section 123-ish) and took off the jersey. He growled, roared and contorted his face while he tore the jersey into shreds. Those of us in that section laughed our asses off and went wild cheering him on. It was the best thing I saw that day. I don't remember if Trent finished that game (I believe he did). My recollection is that the shredding happened late, probably fourth quarter.
  13. Whoever said Red Hot had a great thought. They got a good thing going with their tag line “I put that s**t on everything.” And the connection to Buffalo is obvious. My favorites right now are the don’t be like your parents ads: No fightin’ No fussin’ No cussin’ “Joachim”
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