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  1. I called in last Friday and talked to Bulldog about flex games later in the season. He spoke about some late-season games for a few minutes and thought it was cool that the Bills were playing well enough that fans were thinking flex. I mentioned the game in Pittsburgh, but he seemed to think not a flex option as Ben R. is out... I brought that one up because I am going to it. Pittsburgh fans might be looking to sell those Tix to Bills fans as it will likely mean more to us. I hope we can represent well there.
  2. Taking my boy hunting. The NYS youth hunt is this weekend. It lines up perfectly with the BYE.
  3. If his ride damaged it, I'd be surprised if he didn't pay to fix it.
  4. I'm going to be into vodka martinis. And I'll make them super dirty to match New England's style. 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸 (I don't own martini glasses though, I use rocks glasses)
  5. I voted to change it to Bills Mafia. But I live in NYS and vote Republican... so throwing away a vote is nothing new to me. πŸ™„ No such change is possible. Andy and Fredo would nix it.
  6. So many sports media people were saying the AB deal with NE was one with tremendous upside. He'll be great for them, etc. And if there's a whiff of drama, they would just drop him. Their play against the Steelers was strong without him. Now this... I doubt the woke media is going to let this go.
  7. Seems like refs have been a little bit flag happy in previous preseasons.
  8. ESPN is terrible. I watched some 49ers/Broncos last night (simply because football was on). Booger is tough to listen to.
  9. I have 3 sons. If they are half as hairy as me, Gillette will lose some cash. I used to buy there stuff because they sent me a free razor when I turned 18. Then they became part of the Patriots, or whatever. Now they encouraged me to be a sissy. I've been over them for a while.
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