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  1. Whoever said Red Hot had a great thought. They got a good thing going with their tag line “I put that s**t on everything.” And the connection to Buffalo is obvious. My favorites right now are the don’t be like your parents ads: No fightin’ No fussin’ No cussin’ “Joachim”
  2. FromPeter King’s FMIA: “Kansas City’s last eight victories: 2, 4, 3, 6, 6, 3, 3, 5.” PM had the kind of woozy concussion that was super visible. A bad look for him, and quite possibly a bad look for the NFL if he sails through protocol. Then there’s his toe... that’s gonna nag him.
  3. It definitely wasn’t a caller, But I believe it was Howard and Jeremy talking about it. They didn’t seem to know what it was about either. They were kinda joking about it. But it sounded to me like there was some sort of lore, legend, or tale.
  4. As OP, I just thought it was a strange thing that Michaels would swear off a town like that. I was just wondering if anyone else heard that too. Personally, I don’t care who calls the game. They all kinda have the same shtick. I’m used to them all, I guess. I spent a lot of time in ‘Cuse growing up. Tirico got his start there on channel 5 coming out of college. He was like weekend guy before he left for ESPN.
  5. Al Michaels didn’t come to town to cover the SNF Pitt/Buf game earlier this year because of the Covid. Tirico subbed for him. I heard on WGR that week leading up to the game that Michaels has said he would never set foot in town again. What’s that all about? Is there anything to it?
  6. They want to give it to Rodgers because he’s the cool kid from the good neighborhood who’s been around for a while. IMO it’s Henry. But I also voted for Sara for prom queen. She lost to Jenna.
  7. McDermott and Bean were head and shoulders above the field by the sound of it. I COMPLETELY agree
  8. “McKenzie, why don’t you just use the 10-foot pole in your left hand yo get that towel down?”
  9. My son has been a Seahawks fan for years. Who can blame him? He’s 18 and they have been really good for all the time he remembers. I’d love it if he was a Bills fan, but he’s watched me swear and wretch for years. Anyway, we had planned on this Seahawks game for years. He’s a senior in high school this year. I was gonna make this a great weekend for us (hotel, wings, etc.) And to see that we would have been treated to 70 degrees and sunshine in early November is particularly tough to see. Sucks to have that taken from us. Go Bills!
  10. If I were a coach , I’d consider the Andy Reid face shield (maybe a less utilitarian look if it exists). It’s approved and doesn’t move. With little to no crowd noise, I’d imagine a coach would be able to be heard.
  11. JBJ also claimed he was going to embrace Buffalo and move there. Whatever... He was going to move the team to Toronto. As I remember, Ralph had baked in some severe financial penalties for any buyer who moved the team. This, and JBJ being a pauper when compared to the likes of the Pegulas, Trump, and Golisano doomed his bid.
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