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  1. Whistle is annoying
  2. I hear ya... But I like that Mahar is sometimes unpredictable. He'll deviate from his liberal foundation from time to time and surprise me... I agree with him from time to time
  3. judman

    Walt Coleman retires

    Walt has actually been working on a restructured deal these past 3 years. It was light on salary but heavy with incentives... From Kraft...
  4. Makes sense Kelce is a monster
  5. Is a team credited with a first down when they score a touchdown? Seems like I read that once..
  6. Saw that. Should pop up on replay
  7. judman

    A Question for Bills fans?

    I too have always kinda liked the Pack. Small market, cold weather, and the G helmets. Recently I kind of like Seattle mainly because my son is a fan and their games are generally fun to watch. My hate is reserved for NE & Dallas.
  8. judman

    Should the Train Horn Stay? Or Go?

    Hate the whistle because it's fake. If it was a real one I might feel different. Can we do another poll on the first down ringside boxing bell? I'm not a fan of that. I'd rather here the P.A. announcement say the play results in a... An have the crowd chant "first down Buffalo-o". (to the tune of "let's go Buffalo-o")
  9. judman

    Club seats rookie looking for tips

    Seats were great! Crowd was more laid back but certainly into the game. The seating, fwiw, is organized in the same fashion as the rest of the stadium, row 1 is down low (at the rail). We were in row 14 and had max benefits of the toaster heaters, which totally rocked. I could get used to that. I did notice the missing signage above the sinks asking patrons not to urinate in them.
  10. judman

    Club seats rookie looking for tips

    I have a usual spot but I thought about hammer's because my usual spot is opposite my seats
  11. judman

    Club seats rookie looking for tips

    These seats were a gift and I am very grateful for them. I'm pretty pumped for the game.
  12. judman

    Club seats rookie looking for tips

    Seats 1 and 2 in row 14
  13. judman

    Club seats rookie looking for tips

    I think I am in row 14. So I don't think I'll be under a toaster
  14. judman

    Club seats rookie looking for tips

    I'm looking forward to it. I wasn't planning on going, but the tickets came along and I couldn't say no to the opportunity.
  15. I was given club seats for tomorrow's game and was looking for some information on the club scene. Is the food different/better? How warm is it under the toasters? I'm in the McGuire club... Section 230 (I believe). I'm trying to figure out how to dress. Go Bills!