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  1. Yesterday's news showed footage of many Toronto Raptors fans cheer the achilles injury suffered by Kevin Durant in the NBA Finals. Players and media we're quick to object and denounce these cheers. I've never been one to cheer an injury. But, if TB12 went down during a game in Orchard Park... Welllllll...😬! Do you think the crowd would cheer? Is he the only one who'd get that treatment?
  2. In addition to getting rid of the horn, I'd like to get rid of the first down boxing bell. Instead have the PA announcer say something like: "McCoy's 22 yard run results in a..." and after that prompt, the crowd says "First down Buffalo-o" (like the shout song lyrics "let's go Buffalo-o"). I heard Boomer Esiason interviewed once and he mentioned how fast the K-Gun was and they would be racking up the points and that it was especially bad when playing in Buffalo because "They'd keep playing that damn song"
  3. I went to Met Life a few years ago and sailed right out of the lots. No problems at all. There are several multi-lane expressways adjacent to the facility in all directions.
  4. Get wasted, jump through tables, squirt ketchup and mustard on a guy, eat good food, etc. All good with me. I'm not a fan of fighting... But that's certainly not a Buffalo-only thing. I did watch a guy dump gas onto a table and light it on fire before others jumped on the flaming table (he had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth). That's just plain dumb. I walked away from that scene.
  5. My family's Thanksgiving day is the guys hunting all day and coming home at dinner time for an evening meal. We're going to have to leave the woods a little early and eat while watching the game. Sounds like a good day!
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