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  1. Brady: 1- planned to meet with a coach 2- planned to work out with him 3- violated stay at home orders (second offense) He also showed supreme arrogance in referring to the region as "Tompa Bay" in a tweet about his recent social faux pas incidents. What a douche
  2. As to the season beginning on time, or happening? I'm very doubtful. There are just too many people involved in the player's lives who could expose them. And, once you take the show on the road, the number of people involved multiplies greatly. No games could be held in hot spots. That takes away LA, NYC, Boston, New Orleans, Detroit, Seattle, and more. If one player tests positive for any team, all exposed team members and personnel would need to be quarantined. Then you'll have a situation where some games are played and some not played... That leads to repeat testing. Tests are still in short supply. Repeatedly testing players, and ANY person who can pass covid to them so they can play games will likely be seen by many as waste of crucial resources. It's sad and unthinkable. But there's a lot of that going around. I hope I'm wrong and "the season is still 5 months away crowd" are right, I really do. But that 5 month window has a decision component that is markedly shorter.
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