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  1. Yahoo has finally opened the Pick 'Ems up. You are now able to make picks.
  2. It will be very interesting to see how & how much this will effect the results of elections in the future. If both parties are smart they won't use this one issue as a litmus test for vetting their candidates as it could have significant unintended consequences both ways. It could hurt R's with the "soccer moms" that presumably are prochoice & others in that category. But it also could hurt D's among Hispanic and other populations that are strongly prolife though they have historically voted for the D's. And, though some are convinced this issue will rile up one voting base more than the other and end up THE issue in '22, '24, & moving forward; the economy almost always trumps all other issues. A good economy & the incumbent party is pretty much a lock. A poor economy and it's only the long established incumbents that remain locks & open seats & those held by 1 or 2 termers of the party in power go for the other one. Maybe this will be different, but if inflation & shortages are still rampant; wouldn't have any money on this being the issue that carries the day this November.
  3. You keep asking this question of what the penalties will be for committing an abortion where it is newly illegal. Expecting they'll be similar, though in some cases less severe, to the penalties for committing an abortion in the 3rd trimester which is what most state laws have deemed illegal for most of the past 49 years. So, do some homework and find out.
  4. Well, his song "Shameless" got covered by some country singer, so... 🤔 Nah, got nothin'.
  5. Only 5 attendees, but good to see everyone that did show.
  6. Thanks for setting this up, SDS. Joined the survivor group. The pick 'em league was already full.
  7. Reminds of an old Bloom County comic. Opus was running for VP and said he was a statesman and Milo corrected him, telling him he's a politician. Opus asked what was the difference. The reply was that a statesman is a dead politician. The punch line was "we need more statesmen." Some things are timeless.
  8. Pretty sure everybody from either side of the aisle knew the US had to leave in the near future. But the absolutely stunningly bad way that the US left could only have been anticipated by 46's absolute harshest critics. He found a way to repeat the evacuation of Saigon. Good luck getting any foreign nationals to ever give us support in the future in foreign theaters.
  9. You sure about that? Thought draft order in the 1st round for teams had the same record was the team with the weakest strength of schedule got the earlier pick.
  10. Pre '80 - Chandler definitely. Was really bummed when they traded him for Villipiano. 2nd favorite of that era was Looooooooouuuuu Piccone. Tasker before they had Tasker. It seemed they waived him every year at cutdowns & then brought him back once they put the guys they wanted to make sure they didn't lose but weren't quite ready onto IR. Definitely not a star, but busted his arse for them.
  11. That was another one from that era. The clue that never really got a chance to throw in was that he was the best player of his era but not included on the list of best players of his century.
  12. Very well could be. This week's episode was weird. Not as weird as the "I can help" robot but still strange. Seasons 1 & 2 were great. 3, IMHO, was disappointing. Have liked this season so far but it isn't as good as 1 or 2. Expecting nearly everyone to be offed in the last 2 episodes. Mike (or whomever he is) will be one of the few to make it.
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