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  1. That or they are setting the stage for more than 10 unarmed black suspects to be shot & killed annually by police. Because, if the officer fears for his/her life and they can't dare put a knee on the suspect's back, would expect the gun will come out of its holster pretty quickly.
  2. It seems the theory is that to reach herd immunity you need to have ~80% of the population exhibit resistance to catching/transmitting the virus. Initial theories were that because this virus is "novel" that nearly 0% of the population would be naturally resistant to it and you'd need 70%+ of the population to be exposed to it to reach herd immunity. There are now studies (no idea whether they are valid) estimating that up to 70% of the population may have a natural resistance to the virus due to exposure to other coronaviruses over their lives. My guess is that is an overly optimistic estimate. But there are studies that suggest in the places that had major hot spots, such as Milan or NYC, that ~20% of the population was exposed to the point of contracting the virus. NYC also doesn't seem to be having a 2nd wave despite the fact that there were thousands of people out at the protests. So, maybe that 20% is accurate and also maybe NYC has reached the mythical herd immunity. If so, it would seem ~60% of the population is naturally resistant. If the 20% is the true threshold we need to reach herd immunity, then these new areas having their 1st wave is a good thing as they'll get to that level sometime in the next few weeks. And those areas should be in decent shape in the fall. IF those assumptions are valid, then it's those of us that live rurally that haven't seen the 1st wave yet that will have to deal with this in the fall when the normal flu season starts. Hard to say about any of it because there is so much BS getting floated from both directions. Thanks @Magox @SoCal Deek and even @shoshin for bringing us data that seems to be more reliable than a lot of it.
  3. 45%. Yeah, that's about what Biden will get in "mail in" voting isn't a thing.
  4. Thought it was in this thread, but that was reported at least 2 weeks ago if not more like a month ago. Can't prove protests lead to anything but sunshine & kittens if nobody can find out if anyone was actually at a protest. (It's science.)
  5. Again, we'd be crazy to completely pull out of the UN. Get off some of it's more ridiculous committees - absolutely do it. But leave the general assembly and the security council - nfw.
  6. No, it's surprising they came after the mayor as early as they did. Had the pinheads not come after her directly yet, she would've blithely stayed in support of their destruction and terrorism of the locals. They made the same mistake Hitler made - he went after his ally that he hated before he'd defeated the enemies he hated. Fortunately, these sort of ####### always seem to make that same mistake. More proof there is a God. (Not that these pinheads were going to win this in the end. The city shutting off power & internet would've had them quitting within a day, but they could've held out for quite a while longer.)
  7. Very true. 1st President in at least that long not to start nor increase a major conflict (yet). But Somalia was 41's war. 42 simply mishandled it. That one started after the election but before Clinton was sworn in.
  8. RIP to one of the greats. His passing reminds of one of the greatest mysteries in the world. How in the world did somebody with such an exquisite sense of humor father such a humorless self aggrandizing 'meathead?' Condolences to the entire Reiner family on his passing.
  9. We did. We allowed our schools and universities to deteriorate to the point that THESE people matriculate.
  10. Knew that nursing homes still aren't allowing visitors (which must be great for the mental health of the residents ), but was referring to the order that they had to accept COVID positive residents. Thought that ended May 5.
  11. Related: Why oh why is NY Governor Andrew Cuomo being praised for his coronavirus response? Governor Andrew Cuomo does not deserve kudos for his COVID-19 policies. He put the elderly at great risk. The nursing home mandate was in effect until June 10? Thought that was rescinded May 5 when the order to actually start sanitizing the subway happened too.
  12. Again, he's wrong in wanting this sub forum to go away or to be heavily moderated. That was the very first thing written in the post you're responding to. But there's a whole slew of bad actors that have shown up here since the lockdown hit that it would be far better to have take a hike. And totally understand where you're coming from; it's annoying to have people say they want to play in the sandbox but only if we make a lot of changes. But overall, it would be good to have more Doc Brown's or Kay Adams' here than less. Shoshin seems like he could be one of those. Just my 2 cents.
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