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  1. Pretty sure he worked through those a loooong time ago. He's been working on everybody else's since.
  2. My kids will have graduated in the past 2 school years. They won't have a penny of debt due to scholarships, their own and my (and my wife's) resources. Why the **** should our costs not be reimbursed if you are forgiving other student loans?
  3. No, no, no. He isn't a liar; he's a satirist. Just ask him. (Still think the ultimate plot twist would be to find out he's really Andy Kaufman. It would explain soooo much.)
  4. Which also doesn't address why somebody who took loans out should end up with college for free when a lot of people paid for their or their kids' education end up being out $50-100k?
  5. It seems Wired took the tweet / article down. Tried to get to it twice and got a message that the page doesn't exist.
  6. Well, she only said the marriage was abusive; she didn't say her husband was the abuser. Considering he's the 1 that filed for divorce, we can infer why she didn't specify him as the abuser.
  7. Well, isn't their best play right now to do something to get independents to not watch the circus perform and yet get their base enthused? This could check both boxes.
  8. She's also the girl who's best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors.
  9. Seeing Schiff in that meme, was wondering if anybody actually saw the "corpse" of Andy Kaufman? This would be way more elaborate a charade than the Tony Clifton one. And would explain so much.
  10. Was going to ask if this would still leave him as her brother, but guess that was her other husband, and neither of those was the guy who's marriage she seems to have broken up.
  11. Really hoping this doesn't end up another Tiennamin Square incident. Those protesters are brave mf'ers.
  12. True, but the hard left and the hard right consistently and (at least up through now thankfully) wrongly believe these towards the middle want their brand of looney.
  13. ICIG says whistle-blower checked off on form that he / she had 1st hand info and also checked off that he / she had 2nd/3rd hand info. ICIG further states that 1st hand info isn't required under the statute and that is why the form was revised. Having read the whistle blower's complaint, really not sure what the 1st hand info was; especially after having read the transcript of the phone call.
  14. I can NOT be the only one waiting for the Snopes fact check of this one. It'll be gold, Jerry, GOLD!
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