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  1. And AOC also said 'we don't run away from a land we love' which inadvertently says Omar doesn't love Somalia as she sure as heck got out of there. Might that be because it is a ###hole?
  2. 1st off, like 50-75% of 45's tweets, this one was cringeworthy. And, it was fairly predictable that it would be interpreted as being racist. But, what he actually said (as opposed to what people interpreted what he said) doesn't seem to be racist. (Although it would be interesting to know how many Congresswomen have migrated to the US; only know of 1 ottomh for certain (Omar).) He had to have known that the tweet would be interpreted as being racist. Really not sure what he was going for by sending it out. Because it seems to be more of a shoot himself in the foot moment than his usual stuff. Do expect that his base (and many others as well) will like the 'rather than be here complaining about how horrible the US is, why not go to the place you come across as expressing more loyalty towards and make that a better place and THEN work on 'fixing' here' sentiment but, like so much else he tweets, it was more divisive than necessary and seems to have been counterproductive.
  3. Pretty sure you've got ours confused with the Swiss version.
  4. They're nucking futs. And it really doesn't seem that they fully understand just what a war they start would look like, nor how it would end.
  5. The problem with Johnson is he has an NTC & simply can't see him waiving it to go from the Presidents' Trophy winner to the Sabres. I expect Cirelli would actually be a good piece coming back for Ristolainen, but the Bolts need to shed salary now, not add to it. Cirelli would fit in as the 2C now and could be the 3C if Mittelstadt or Cozens ever reach their potential. Originally, wasn't too keen on a potential Risto / Cirelli trade, but one of the posters on SabreSpace (Randall Flagg) has been making a convincing case. RNH would be a great trade for Buffalo if Botterill could swing it. Too bad Chiarelli is no longer the GM there.
  6. Nobody here has said 45 and Epstein were not linked. They clearly were with 45 going so far as to get a ride from Florida up to NYC on one of Epstein's jets. What people have said is that so far there hasn't been evidence they're best buds. (A single 17 year old magazine quote not withstanding.) What they've also said is there is more open source evidence that 42 is a buddy of Epstein (reports of him flying ~26 times on the "Lolita Express" allegedly at least 5 of those trips taking place W/ no SS detail accompanying him; and while 42 denies the latter he admits to flying 4 times with him; Epstein claiming to have helped found the Clinton Foundation (take W/ grain of salt); and donations from Epstein to Clinton Foundation) than 45 being his buddy. And, as an aside, if either 42 or 45 or both were partaking in the "festivities" that Epstein appears to have been organizing, then he should be in a prison for a very long time in gen pop.
  7. Interesting. My fervent hope is that grownups reclaim that party and they get back to more centrist policies. It's not happening any time soon, but that still is the hope. It would be nice to see them actually go back to being the "working man's" party. (Insert "person" for "man" and close enough.). And not just in lip service but actual policies. They haven't been there for decades, but that is the hope.
  8. Of course, the flip side is they know the sheeet that's coming down is real & know who's likely to get caught up will cause the electorate to break (relatively) heavily for 45 so running a centrist that's "electable" is a lost cause this time. UNLESS they can run out the clock, make it look like 45 is just as dirty as Epstein, and get "lucky" with a recession next year & then they get their desired loon into the office. And they didn't end up needing a guy / gal running as a centrist (like 42 did) so by doubling down on a weak hand they either lose as they expect & will have had their ideas out being discussed for 4 years when they aren't running against an incumbent so they have a strong chance OR their loon actually draws 3 cards to an inside straight.
  9. Hopefully they investigate every one of the SOBs that turn up on Epstein's CDs and eventually convict everyone that took advantage of the underage girls. Would also really like to know how Acosta and Mueller let Epstein essentially walk in '08.
  10. You waaaaay too full of yourself, DR Stalker.
  11. Twitter, that great forum that allows morons to go against Lincoln's old maxim. He definitely removed all doubt.
  12. Paging McGee to the white courtesy phone. Mr. McGee, you have a page on the white courtesy phone. In 5, 4, 3, 2, ...
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