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  1. Totally get the point you're driving at regarding trading present (Nieuwendyk) for future (Iginla) & hope it works out that way, but Calgary fully expected to be getting a future star for trading a present one. Can't honestly say that Botterill likely expected that. Thompson wasn't even one of the Blues top 3 prospects. This trade looks far more like Hasek for Kozlov than Joe for Jerome.
  2. The McAdoo trade was pretty awful too.
  3. That's disappointing to read that the Bushnell's Pontillos went downhill. They were waaaaaay better than the typical Pontillos. J&L's always was better IMHO, but the Bushnell's Pontillos was a good change of pace. Neither can touch the wife's homemade pizza. The sauce is too good.
  4. So, obstruction really was the greater sin. This info should help bring TDS sufferers towards an abatement. But it won't. CNN will spin this as "proof" obstruction was the REAL crime "they" were investigating (regardless of what was being obstructed - SHUT UP there was obstruction.) Going to get uglier before it gets better.
  5. If THIS is an election year, what year ISN'T an election year?
  6. Well, maybe AMC would let them use their Better Call Saul tag for his segments: Criminal Lawyer.
  7. Win the last 4 exhibition games in September. Break Eichel & Hutton tripping over each other trying to avoid touching the Prince of Wales trophy. Reinhart & Dahlin both catch staph infection from exhibit of relics from the '06 run. Soooo Buffalo.
  8. Just missed her. Joined up about the time Retatta was the rage. May she RIP. Good to see some folks from the past like CableLady coming back.
  9. Not sure that I'd count Roberts in the 'overturn Roe v Wade' column. He seems to have flipped his opinion on Obamacare before putting out that decision & I wouldn't put not wanting to overthrow a ~45 year old precedent past him. Now, if McCain were the one that had dirt on him & not somebody else, then maybe he would vote his Catholic conscience.
  10. In theory it's a good idea. In practice it would give even more power to unelected staffers & lobbyists as they'd end up in DC significantly longer than any Congress critters.
  11. How much harder can Not Being the President be than is Not Being the Governor?
  12. Expecting that suit just took a turn against the district's favor.
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