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  1. You sure about that? Thought draft order in the 1st round for teams had the same record was the team with the weakest strength of schedule got the earlier pick.
  2. Pre '80 - Chandler definitely. Was really bummed when they traded him for Villipiano. 2nd favorite of that era was Looooooooouuuuu Piccone. Tasker before they had Tasker. It seemed they waived him every year at cutdowns & then brought him back once they put the guys they wanted to make sure they didn't lose but weren't quite ready onto IR. Definitely not a star, but busted his arse for them.
  3. That was another one from that era. The clue that never really got a chance to throw in was that he was the best player of his era but not included on the list of best players of his century.
  4. Very well could be. This week's episode was weird. Not as weird as the "I can help" robot but still strange. Seasons 1 & 2 were great. 3, IMHO, was disappointing. Have liked this season so far but it isn't as good as 1 or 2. Expecting nearly everyone to be offed in the last 2 episodes. Mike (or whomever he is) will be one of the few to make it.
  5. It is McAdoo. Was referring to the hose job against the Celtics. But Snyder selling him off for $'s and bad players also works.
  6. Per Per4mer, you've got 1 left. Screw job happened during sports Golden decade.
  7. Wade wasn't a player during "just give it to 'em." And when last we checked, he wasn't African American.
  8. No. Strike 1. Player. Not Olympics related.
  9. Truman was president when he was born.
  10. A team sport. He was involved in one of the worst screw over jobs ever.
  11. No. He was famous for what he did prior to getting his current job. Good Q regarding the 3rd N. Will try to do better next time.
  12. Doesn't everybody? Actually, no friggin' idea.
  13. Believe he is currently involved in sports.
  14. Yes, it was. Had been thinking it was Cosby but wasn't positive he was ever a professional athlete (very few track pros back in his day especially in the States). The Milano clue nearly cemented it, but can't believe there are enough people that remember who Lisa Bonet was to believe there were still many people that she annoyed. Have a person picked out. Fire away.
  15. Back when Buffalo was the AA affiliate for the Pirates playing in the Rockpile Tony Pena was the catcher one year. He was fun to watch.
  16. Yes. The only city that matters. Good call. You're up.
  17. The business began during the depression & still is going strong today. Nope. Closer to a Mecca.
  18. Am certain there have been hookers in the establishment at times through the years, but they weren't sanctioned.
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