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  1. He LED the popular vote. But when nearly 3 out of 5 voters chose someone NOT named Clinton, it's a bit of a stretch to brag that he "won" it.
  2. Pretty sure she's talking about Clinton getting ~43% of the popular vote in '92 and ~48% in '96. (Putting a majority of the country against him by the popular vote metric.)
  3. Doesn't really matter whether he stays a lefty or not. Perception is king on that side, and the perception now will be that he makes Ted Cruz look liberal. Hope he didn't want to go to any parties the next 6 or so years. Pretty sure he's off a lot of guest lists that he used to be on.
  4. Yep. Can't say for sure they'll be good this year and in both games they faced QB2; but they dominated on both sides of the ball in the 1st 1/2 both games. Which is extremely encouraging.
  5. They can't really do that since the CBA started limiting practice time. Almost nobody has a Frank Reich holding for kicks anymore because the 2nd QB needs to spend his practice time actually QBing. And, unless they bring somebody else in, they will only have 2 QB's on the roster w/ the 3rd on their practice squad. So they can't make QB3 the holder either. So, Cor(e)y it is for holder.
  6. Well, if the map you're used to using doesn't show Isreal, wouldn't Palestine be an appropriate surrogate?
  7. So, none of these crack gum shoes had done enough homework / figured out that 45 doesn't drink? Wtf taught them their trade? Inspector Clouseau? Smh
  8. So, is English not your 1st language? Or do you have some personal definition of either the word "categorically" or "false" that the rest of us are supposed to magically know and accept? Because the statements in each of my replies to you are true and accurate.
  9. The results are widely known and readily available. Only twice in the past 4 decades has a majority of ballots counted indicated that the Democrat wa the preferred candidate.
  10. And only twice in the past 4 decades has a Democrat won a majority of the popular vote. Your point being?
  11. Wish somebody with much better intertubes skills could do a little video montage of Fredo set to Day-o. Frraaaayyyy, is a Fraa-aaa-aaayyyyy-doh. Fredo come and me ratings go down. You at 6 points, 5 points, 4 points, 3! Fredo come and me ratings go down. Why oh why, ev'rybody pickin' on me? Fredo come and me ratings go down. Torment the Orange Mango, that is me. Fredo come and me ratings go down (Maybe somebody who's actually creative could do that justice?)
  12. You know they're just trolling Snipes at this point. The story is false as everyone should know that only undocumented illegal alien 6 year olds are allowed to hold the office of President of the United States as their age and nationality are unverifiable. All other 6 year olds must wait roughly 30 years to hold the office. 😛 Just how stupid of a story can we get them to fact check?
  13. If true, and if THE John Roberts, would go a long way towards explaining some really head scratching SC 5-4 decisions.
  14. That's because it ISN'T an ethnic slur. It's a slur against that one singular sibling from a successful 2 generation (or more) family that rode the short bus to school. It is disparaging. But not due to his common traits with his ancestors and siblings; but rather due to his lack of the traits that made them successful. It's not easy being Fredo. (Well, it is. But there are no accolades that come with it.)
  15. When the bit with Navarro calling Trump Jr "Fredo" on Fredo's show came out was hoping somebody could find a clip of Fredo calling somebody else "Fredo.". Him being fine with the Guardian Angels guy referring to him as Fredo works as well. Fredo gonna Fredo.
  16. No, it's not. But Cuomo just bought himself a new nickname that, in retrospect, seems painfully obvious. Father was a powerful man? Check. Successful bother following in father's footsteps? Check. Dumber brother gets things handed to him but still can't demonstrate any leadership nor sense and wonders why people consider him a goof? That's a huge check. Chris, you check all the boxes. Fredo it is. (Be glad Jim Rome didn't chose the nickname; it might've been even less PC in your eyes.)
  17. It's supposed to be rather prestigious, so it's probably a cruller or 2, eh.
  18. Let's hope it was to collect and preserve evidence and not to destroy it. (Also hoping it hasn't already been destroyed.)
  19. He also received the Order of Canada in 2016. Wonder if he beat out Graham James for it. Disgusting.
  20. Totally get that the partisan operatives are going to partisan operate, so to speak. But not all of the "journalists" that believe objectivity is passe come out of the political ranks. And further, one of the (if not the) best talking head of the last 20-30 years was Tim Russert who was Chief of Staff for Moynahan and also had held a high ranking position as an advisor in Mario Cuomo's regime. He'd hold everybody's feet to the fire regardless of affiliation. We need more like him, regardless of their background.
  21. Wonder if any of them ever step back and ask why when they do objectively present information that the interpretation of events that they come away with isn't the same as a significant portion of their audience/ the public? If not, why not? Shouldn't they be interested in WHY they feel (yes, that word was chosen intentionally) the need to spin what could/ should be presented objectively? If their interpretation of events is correct, shouldn't the events speak for themselves and others will come to that same conclusion? And regardless of which side of an issue someone believes they're on, if they can access the source material they can take the spin out entirely.
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