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Game Thread: TNF: New England at Pittsburgh


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4 hours ago, PatsFanNH said:

This worked out well for both the Bills and the Pats. With a win the Bills edge ever so closer to a playoff spot and also with a win the Pats still pick 2nd. SWEET!! 


I had this conversation with my buddies yesterday, who are Pats fans.


The Patriots have the toughest Strength of Schedule in the league. That's the tiebreaker for draft position.


There are 5 other teams that have 4 wins. The Patriots now have 3 wins.


That means if Bill wins another one, you're potentially picking outside of the top 5.


I appreciate the positivity and am not trying to be a hater here, but this is new territory for a lot of Pats fans ... the win last night was potentially catastrophic for you guys. We did this for 20 years and those wins often find a way to crush your draft stock late-season.

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54 minutes ago, JerseyBills said:

I know , the losses to NE and Den are especially brutal but we can beat anyone if we don't ahoot ourselves in the foot. I mean we'd be tied for a WC with a win, most likely and 1 back from KC 

If Mia loses 1 more time and we go 4-0, that game will be for the division, as bad as things been, this team has proven it can go on runs even with a tough schedule 

I get it, but you actually watched them play and rooted for a L? I hear ppl say this and I've wanted the higher draft pick but once 1 oclock hits, I'm locked in, rooting my butt off

I never root for them to lose, but now if they lose I am actually not upset. lol  like my friend and I last night were like “wth where was this QB play all year” then the 3rd quarter started and we were like “there is the QB we know!! “.  What’s better is the win didn’t hurt their draft position. 

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37 minutes ago, Warcodered said:

It's nice that you've talked yourself into the win not mattering but it in no way helped your draft position it only hurt it, if it somehow didn't hurt it your now in position to actually damage it if you somehow have another meaningless win.

It actually didn’t hurt, but you’re  right another would be awful!  The Steelers are my Pats with a completely healthy D. Aka pretenders who were exposed when Watt wasn’t able play full time. 

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So, on the Steelers forum they are calling for the firing on Mike Tomlin and some want a complete rebuild.



[Note: the website has been down since late last night and is still down.]


Some of the comments from after the game were:


Mike Tomlin has lost the locker room

Tomlin looked like a deer in the headlights in the late 4th quarter

Players can do anything they want under Tomlin and not be held accountable

Tomlin's time in Pittsburgh has run its course like Andy Reid's in Phiily did. Like Reid, he needs to be let go

The only reason Tomlin was good was because he had Ben, Bell, AB, etc.

This regime will never fire Tomlin; he' have to resign first


Why does this all sound so familiar??


[Also, if he is fired (he won't be), do we want him?! LOL...not really a question.]

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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