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TNF - Giants @ 49'ers


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yeah, without Purdy that "system" doesn't look anywhere near as good.


It reminds me of Andy Reid a bit. His system was always great and he won a lot and even got to a SB before Mahomes. Then he got his guy and now look.


Part of me wonders how far Purdy can go, or if his limitations will eventually matter in the post season.


Imagine if Shanahan had an elite QB talent. 



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1 hour ago, Scott7975 said:


I mean, Josh had probably two TDs that only a few QBs could have made this week. 

Sad thing is right now Josh is probably one of the few good QBs in the league period. Most are average to below average.  (We Have Allen, Mahomes and Burrows who are Elite, Jackson is average (as a QB) and Hurts maybe.. then everyone else.. (not counting rookies)

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14 hours ago, Scott7975 said:

The ball has bounced Purdy's way like 4 times this game lol


This part is true.  He could easily have had at least 2 picks.


9 hours ago, billsbackto81 said:



His contract is the worst given to a QB in the NFL. Second place goes to Kyler Murray and 3rd to Deshaun Watson.


I'd put Watsons contract as the worst because 100% guaranteed and they've reworked 1x already to throw some of the cap down the road.


16 hours ago, MikePJ76 said:

Saquan is the least of their concerns.  They are missing Starting Left Tackle Andrew Thomas and their starting guard Ben Bredeson. 


They have two defensive players hurt also.  


They may lose by 20 + again tonight.


What's 2 points between friends?  Prophetic.

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4 hours ago, BeavercreekBillsFan said:

Purdy somehow has 0 picks this year but I’ve seen him throw at least 10 bad passes that should be picked off. I can’t explain it. But with those weapons he only needs to throw it 3 yards and the YAC guys will do all the work. Meanwhile josh is having to be Superman every week. It’s annoying. 


It's baffling. Even if the giants intercepted half of what they should have it would have been a brutal game in terms of turnovers from Purdy.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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