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Best, Worst, & Favorite Opening Games


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Worst: 2010 vs Dolphins. Chan Gailey's first game as Head Coach resulting in a 15-10 loss


On a personal level... I had stayed out at the bars until 3 AM the night before. Barely made it to the tailgate and couldn't bring myself to drink anything. Spent the entire game terribly hungover, and midway through the 1st Q some guy 2 rows back projectile vomited for a solid 10 seconds. Stadium workers didn't get sawdust on it until halftime (the smell was unbearable). 


The game itself might have been worse. 


The defense played pretty well, but the offense was putrid with Trent Edwards at the helm totaling 166 yards and 9 first downs. Down by 5 points in the 4th Q we had a 4th and 15 from our own 15 yard line with 17 seconds and Trentative threw a checkdown that gained 9 yards. 


Any fan that had an expectation that Chan Gailey could rehab Trent, or that the Bills could make the playoffs that year, had their hopes quickly and utterly destroyed that day. 



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On 6/29/2022 at 4:33 PM, gonzo1105 said:

When the Bills drubbed the Chiefs behind Fitzy 41-7 in arrowhead

Came to post this. It came out of nowhere because we werent good the year before. The start of the magical run for that team. It went Chiefs drubbing, then 18 point comeback against Oakland in the home opener and then the 21pt comeback win against NE to start 3-0.


Before one of the biggest collapses in NFL history

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On 6/29/2022 at 3:58 PM, SoCal Deek said:

One that forever stands out was the 1973 opener. OJ cracks off 250 yards in New England and every fan everywhere knew something HUGE was about to happen. 

Thanks SoCal, I was surprised how long it took before someone mentioned that game! These TBD young'ns ... 😉

OJ busted a sweep 80 yards for a TD in the 1Q, and the o-line was a juggernaut, with 2nd-year man Reggie McKenzie and rookie Joe DeLamielleure pulling all day and annihilating Pats LBs and DBs. FB Larry Watkins added another 110 yards on the ground. The Pats knew the Bills would run every down, and still couldn't stop it ...  What a game!

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3 drought openers that I attended which were all end of game heartbreakers…


Elam FG


Wilford TD


NYJ(players name escapes me) OT kickoff return.  It was his second return for a TD in the game. 

Every single one was a massive kick in the nuts. 



Best and favorite are one in the same…MNF football vs the Raiders in the mid 70’s.  Old man Blanda tried to pull one more miracle out, but his FG at the end missed. 

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The 1980 opener vs Miami where the Bills broke a decade long losing streak vs Miami-it's the only time I've ever been on the field, as the fans poured on to the field & tore the goalposts down on opening day.


Contrary to many here, the 2018 opener in Baltimore is one of my favorites. The Bills got crushed & I got drenched in the rain, but I got to see Josh Allen's first real snaps as an NFL QB (also got to see Lamar Jackson's 1st snaps). Even though the Bills got crushed, that game is historic because it launched Josh's career.   

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1981: Win over NYJ.  My very first game attended as a Bills fan

2019: Win over NYJ.  JA17 overcoming 4 turnovers to help win it late

1988: Win over MIN

Honorable mention:

1986: Loss to NYJ.  JK12 first home game, 80,000 in attendance.  Great game to watch



2004: Loss to Jax.  People forget Ryan Lindell missing 2 field goals that day

2006: Loss at NE.  Bills were up and in control most of the game.  McGahee falling down on 4th and inches inside NE 10 yard line


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Sept 19, 1971 - attended my first Bills game, home opener at War Memorial (Rockpile) vs the Cowboys - lots of points scored, Dennis Shaw threw for several TDs and OJ scored one right in front of me....Tony Greene debut, smallest player on the field...Craig Morton was Cowboys qb, not Staubach, and Walt Garrison has a big day as did the Cowboys O...many years later ran into a friend of Tony Greene, who would bet anyone-everyone willing that he could beat them in a race running backward while you ran forward.


Saw some beer bottles fly aimed at a cop on the field, a fight near me, a dude caught the ball after an XP and outran the cops with the ball until he got to the other side where the rest of cops gang tackled him and cuffed him...just the usual Bills game at the time, another loss and the fans entertaining themselves  "Buffalo style"...

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