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Name a good Bills player who would have been much better if he had better support.

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4 hours ago, Chicken Boo said:


Targets doesn't mean they were great throws.  


Joe Horn had Aaron Brooks who, aside from Drew's first year and half, was better than any QB Buffalo fielded during that span.  He threw a lot of ints, but also threw for a lot of yards (for that era).  



Targets also don't mean he was open.


Meh on Aaron Brooks.   Career passer rating in the mid-70's........like Flutie and Bledsoe...and less than the oft-injured Rob Johnson.    All were decent enough passers to throw jump balls to Moulds whose skills steadily eroded after a brief peak in 1998.   


Far too much is made about the lack of quality QB that Moulds had in his prime.    People remember who Jim Kelly, Doug Flutie and Drew Bledsoe were because they were all at least pretty good and Rojo could really light it up at times.   By the time Moulds got to JP Losman level QB play he was running in cement.


1 hour ago, Rico said:

No doubt here that Marshawn belongs in the Hall of FAME.



A lot of Bills fans were tuned out of the league during the Seahawks run but you couldn't write the history of the NFL in that period without Lynch.   From the "Beastquake" to the huge rushing seasons and playoff dominance to Seattle not giving the ball to him at the goal line against the Pats in the SB.........he was a pivotal player.

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On 6/10/2021 at 11:54 AM, Chandler#81 said:

Dan Darragh

as a coach absolutely

On 6/10/2021 at 6:05 PM, TBBills said:

Aaron Maybin... I mean if he had someone better to support his paintings, maybe he wouldn't have gone out for the NFL. 

proof that ralph wilson was one of the worst owners ever.Top 5.

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16 hours ago, BADOLBILZ said:



Disagree on Moulds being a HOF talent or that he didn't get enough chances to produce because of the Bills QB play.    If anything the Bills QB's fed him the ball a bit too much at times.   He had 3rd, 4th and 10th NFL rankings in targets during the lamented 2000-2004 years when he was still good.......including 180 in 2002.    He was given a ton of opportunities.


The player he is most comparable too in style and production is Joe Horn.   Horn got a later start than Moulds but caught more TD's and had a higher ypc.   Their primes are similar.   Also similar style, but Horn is more memorable because of his TD celebrations and now having a son in the league.   Horn didn't have great QB play either.  


The best players from the drought actually ended up on different teams.     Jason Peters is a HOF'er.    And Marshawn Lynch has a much better chance at the HOF than any drought era Bill other than Peters.       

Badol, my point was he was on a bad team for the majority of his tenure.  Of course he is not a HOFer, but that is part due to who was throwing him the ball.

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4 hours ago, machine gun kelly said:

Badol, my point was he was on a bad team for the majority of his tenure.  Of course he is not a HOFer, but that is part due to who was throwing him the ball.



You said he was a HOF receiver if he had better QB play.    I disagreed.  


First, he wasted his first two seasons being an idiot.......as I mentioned that ended up being a difference in 1800 yards between he and Torey Holt to start their careers.   That's 6 years of 300 extra yards he would have had to make up........the bad start cost him any chance of getting in as an accumulator even though the Bills QB's fed him the ball relentlessly for the rest of his prime.


 He put in the work in year 3 but then worked harder than smarter after that and got too bulked up and stiff and slowed.   A great QB wouldn't have wanted him as their #1 target.  His increasing inability to get open consistently between 2000-2005 meant he had to be thrown a lot of 50/50 balls.   So middling QB's on desperate, bad teams were his perfect fit to get fed the ball 150 times per season.


Sometimes players are just better fits on bad teams where they can be the focal point.   SJ13 is another example.  

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