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What will josh allens contract look like?

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The article’s gist is that with Jackson, Mayfield and Allen all in line for extensions that they might all be waiting for the others to set the market.  Also Jackson is acting as his own agent so Mayfield and Allen might be especially interested in him going first since it would be easy to discount his contract if he screws it up. 

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2 hours ago, NJKBillsfan said:

I like Allen but can't we see him play another 10-12 games before signing him to a massive deal?

There is a pro and a con to that…


Con: If he goes 10-1 and beats KC wouldn’t he command even more during that mid year deal? Yes..  


Pro: If he takes a step back this year and we go 7-4, maybe we sign him for less..


It’s all about what you think is more likely to occur. I personally think he may light it up this year as our defense will be better, so he will get more possessions. If that happens his price tag will go up if we wait 10-12 games.

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