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Bucky Brooks Suggests Ravens Should Pick Fields

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5 hours ago, The Jokeman said:

What have they added this offseason? An OG and Sammy Watkins To me it's telling they haven't gone after other WRs etc. 

If you’re a WR who LOVE’s to block in the running game MORE then catching the ball welcome to Baltimore !! 

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1 hour ago, Coach Tuesday said:

But they’d have the money to do it.  Plus coach salaries don’t count against the cap.  Paying the best passing game coordinator on the market is far cheaper than paying top dollar to a QB.


Again, I don’t think anyone seriously expects this to happen but it’s a cool idea and it’s far more interesting than most of the draft-related takes the media is spitting out this week.

The concept is interesting but unless they are going to get an OC that can open up a passing game, Fields isn’t going to be maximized. He’s a pocket passer with mobility. He’s not running that Roman offense, it would be a total waste of his talent. 

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This idea makes no sense. The intent is to maximize the salary cap, and take advantage of having QB’s on rookie contracts. How are you maximizing Lamar’s chances for success during his time if you throw away a first round pick on a QB ? How are you building your team now while trading away draft picks to select another QB ? I understand that re signing a QB is very pricey. It really does hurt your ability to build a team. However, Lamar is their QB right now, and drafting another QB hurts their ability to build a team that can win now. There’s no shortcut to finding a QB, and managing resources around him. 

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12 hours ago, GunnerBill said:


Because Fields is a better passer would be the reasoning. He is a lesser athlete (compared to Lamar almost every NFL player is) but he can still do some of those things while offering higher upside as a passer. I don't think it will happen but it isn't mad. Lamar's contract negotiations will be fascinating. His regular season record is insanely good but his ceiling as a passer gives the team limitations. When he is costing more money where is the line? I genuinely don't know. 

That's always been my opinion of Lamar Jackson.  He's got a unique athletic profile and skill set as a QB.  If you've got an OC who can figure out how to use him (and Greg Roman is perfect for him) he is going to be successful, but opposing DCs will figure out what he can't do, and good teams will be able to contain his strengths to an extent.  Initially, he was wildly successful because no defense has has ever seen a QB like Jackson.  He's going to continue to have some success because he's still unique.  It is always going to be tough to prepare for "unique," but the best opponents are going to manage it.

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Lamar has earned a two year $60 million dollar contract with the first year ($30) guaranteed. Each year he starts and completes fourteen games an additional year is added to the contract guaranteed with a percentage bump equivalent to the salary cap increase up to 5 years. 

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