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  1. We will see what areas Knox improves in this year. It also will be interesting how much more room he has to work with, now that Diggs is out there
  2. If there is a means for doing something like that, save it for the health care providers and first responders. Don't waste it on people who sports. Sportsing is not important
  3. Players, officials, coaches, support staff, filming crews, director, analysts. You're talking about maybe 200 people there for something that isn't essential
  4. Haven't gone through the whole thread, but I'm shocked the first page didn't list JD Williams
  5. I'd like to guess that the increases in the offense would also help our defense put pressure on the other team's offense, which would generate turnovers and further fuel the offense
  6. I'm not sure I'd go all in on Clowney. He has a high ceiling, but never has gotten out of the basement in production
  7. How would this impact cap room for the big pieces we will have to resign shortly- namely Allen and White?
  8. Well for three first round picks, it had better be Burrows. They can draft him twice and have one as a backup
  9. Couldn't tell you, as I wasn't really watching back in those days. The narrator said it was the game the streak was broken
  10. Couldn't find the game, but hope you'll enjoy highlights
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