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Are the Patriots now the drought-era Bills?

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My Christmas wish for NE is 7-9 forever.

It really struck me watching them play tonight:    - Huge uncertainty at QB  - Good defense & special teams, good RB  - All-pro punter  - Can't consistently score points

Hope they go .500 for 10 years and find themselves in QB purgatory... 

34 minutes ago, thetaxicabdriver said:

The season isnt even over yet. They have the greatest coach in the history of this league. Id slow down.  They get a half way legit QB and they are back in the hunt next season.


I feel like we were saying the same for years.


I would agree that BB is the one who will keep them from falling as far as we did - but I'm curious how much longer he sticks around.  


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On 12/11/2020 at 12:19 AM, Success said:

It really struck me watching them play tonight:


 - Huge uncertainty at QB

 - Good defense & special teams, good RB

 - All-pro punter

 - Can't consistently score points

 - JAG WR corps

 - Occasional amazing game to give fans hope, but in general maintaining a near-.500 record  - Being just good enough to not make the playoffs & avoid the top 10 in the draft




In the 17 years, the Bills had a top 10 D only 4 times


In the 17 years, they finished 3rd, 4th (or 5th) in the Div 15 times.


NE has had a JAG WR corps forever (small window of Moss is the exception).

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Its a weird season.  With the unretiring of Gronk, dead cap of Brady NE had no money this offseason.  The opt outs were all defensive leaders but older, so Bill was able to evalute his young depth on defense.  They have major problems in their front 7, the secondary is solid and has the depth imo they can move on from Gilmore.


Overall, the Patriots have the most cap space.  If they move Gilmore they may be able to secure a top 10 pick, or create a package for a qb pick.  Im not writing NE off yet.  Now with all that money and flexibilty can they land a qb.  Bill will have to go against his principles and over pay for one from a money stand point or draft capital stand point.  Buffalo following Kelly and crew made alot of good decisions, hit on alot of impact players, but those were all undone by never finding a franchise Qb.  Can NE do what many franchise cant, find a franchise Qb after landing a Hall of fame one.

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On 12/11/2020 at 8:10 PM, ColoradoBills said:


First the Beasley question.  Cole said he believed his skillset was needed in Buffalo more than the other teams interested.

Also he wanted a lot of playing time.  I'm sure he thought it much harder with Edelman in NE.


Agree on Thuney but I wonder why BB tagged him.  Curious what you think about the other bigger named FAs?

David Andrews, White, Burkhead?  Even guys like Copeland.

Sure, I kid you Pats* fans about BB but my thoughts are more centered around some players not wanting to stick around for a rebuild.

I say that because when a team doesn't have a QB they are in a rebuild of some kind.

 Clearly Beasley made the better choice because i would honestly hate to see him have to play with Cam Newton like this. 


I think BB tagged him to either try to make a deal with him or keep him away from the JETS. I am  not sure. Burhead i think played his last game in NE unless he is willing to play for crumbs...which is possible, I also see White returning, we do not have another 3rd down back right now as effective as White and he seems like one of those Pats for life type of guys. I do not think or heard of anyone else from the pats line walking or being let go. Just Thuney has been the only one the media and fans constantly speak about. 


and yes, the Patriots are definitely in a rebuild no mistaken that. I am just confident enough that this process will not take too long. 

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