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Bills Drafted Starter Outlook

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I had take another look at some film of Milano. He moves around the field in pursuit like a 1st round pick. Joseph offers the same suddeness and twitch...speed! Fast LB's...I love it.

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12 hours ago, ngbills said:

On that 2015 roster guys recently drafted by Bills that are NFL starter quality. 



















A Williams



That’s 15.....Brooks is a reach as a starting nickel.  Henderson too.  But, point noted and I agree!

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15 hours ago, NoHuddleKelly12 said:

Absolutely agree with the OP’s overall point about home grown talent versus cap-crashing FA pickups. Of course, this FO had little choice this offseason considering the dearth of long term talent drafted by Overdorf , Whaley, et al, but long term their vision is clear. Also, unsurprisingly the QB is most important for that, such as Seahawks being able to parlay Wilson’s rookie deal with the first iteration of that Super Bowl roster. 

Gilmore, Dareus, Watkins, Darby, and Glenn would all be starters on this team if not traded away or let walk. 

There was more talent on the team than you give them credit. Whaley just couldn’t get the QB and Rex’s scheme and influence ruined everything. 

Its 95% on Allen. If he flops then Beane and McD will be shown the door.

10 hours ago, Aussie Joe said:

The real key to having success with players you draft is thinking enough of them to sign them to a 2nd contract after their rookie deal is finished..


It seems like it’s been a while since the Bills have done this with one of their picks and its likely Shaq Lawson won’t be breaking that drought...


Hopefully a few from the 2017 class will be retained..



McD let Gilmore walk. And then blew a 3rd round comp pick by keeping two too many special team depth players on the roster.

Whaley let Bradham walk before that and he has started ever since.


Edited by Ethan in Portland

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18 hours ago, IgotBILLStopay said:

fixed it for ya:)

Actually you are both mistaken.  Wallace is the starter unless someone beats him out.

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Is Kings take one of those correlation therefore causality arguments?


i mean what if the answer is teams with great expensive QBs or a few key expensive studs are good because of said studs but need to backfill with draft due to cost of studs?


Drafting well is important to be sure, but how about the value of grabbing role players on cheap deals that then become key starters like Poyer, Hyde or that Sheppard  Hughes trade. 


Theres a a lot more to it. 

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