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Sammy Watkins Admits to an "Ego Problem" When He First Came into the League

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28 minutes ago, ScottLaw said:

They were certainly tight against the cap entering the 2017 offseason, but cap hell? Not even close. Outside of arguably Dareus(who was obviously lazy at times but still a better player than Star at his best, whos cap hit is close to what MD's was)what bad contracts are you referring to? 


I think a lot of fans point all along was the team didn't need to go out and get a whole bunch of quality FA's that offseason. The roster was solid and COACHING is what held them back the previous two seasons. How does the cap entering 2017 prevent them from picking up Watkins 5th year option two years away? 


Had they picked up Watkins option, not traded players like Dareus, Glenn, Darby, and not signed guys like Star, Murphy, and Vontae Davis they are still WAY under the cap this offseason and fine entering last offseason. 


I can't remember all the FAs entering that 2017 offseason, but IIRC just about all of them were backups/easily replaceable FAs.(Zach Brown being the stand out and LB in today's NFL is a somewhat easy and cheap fix.) Alexander was another, but again, they got him back for a team friendly deal. 



The point being they took a quality roster that simply needed better coaching and turned it upside down. The reason many fans are questioning "the process." The "Cap Hell" excuse is just that. An excuse. 


They simply didn't want to work with the player's(a lot of good, young talented ones) provided to them. 

Exactly......  How a team that is not better then 9-7 (and that was all of 2 years in the last 10 or so) could be in cap hell and fiction...... 


Again how are almost all top-tier WR's retained by their teams, but the Bills, is unfathomable.  


News alert almost all top WR's are Prima Donnas and expect the cash and to be thrown the ball.

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Still waiting for him to admit his coke problem

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