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The Doug Marrone Coaching Tree: Hop on board!

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12 hours ago, Another Fan said:

Of course.  You can't underestimate the power of Doug




This guy gets it !

2 hours ago, Buffalo30 said:

I disagree with you wholeheartedly.  He became a head coach in this league long before Marrone had anything to do with him.  He was highly regarded as one of the top defensive minds long before he worked with Marrone.  Don't you remember?  He was considered one of the top if not the top DC for a while in Tennessee and was considered for HC jobs for years.  He was not a mediocre DC.  I'm not sure where you are making that notion up from.  It sounds like you are just referring to his HC stint with the Lions where he took over a horrid team with an enormous lack of talent and then magically took them to the playoffs.  I don't understand how you can think he was mediocre as a coordinator before that though.  He rose up the ranks to earn a HC job.  Did you watch his defenses and schemes and player types?  I just think you somehow missed his time before his HC stint.  

don't stop ferg when he is on a roll

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