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  1. SouthNYfan

    Some new Josh Allen leap photos from different angles

    Love them. The Jumpman one is copyright infringement though unfortunately.
  2. Allen should feel like he's back at Wyoming again
  3. SouthNYfan

    Should Micah Hyde be returning punts?

    Is Percy harvin available? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. SouthNYfan

    James Harrison encourages Bell to fake injury

    So he should be training 24/7? He isn't allowed to "play football" in regards to the NFL. He cannot have contact with teams other than Steelers front office. He can't be practicing with players. He probably can't even go solicit and play arena or something. He's a contractual employee of the NFL, specifically the Steelers, and is currently on strike from his employer, for lack of better words. I guarantee there is verbage dictating what he can and cannot do while holding out. So he went and had a vacation, guess what!? That's not drama. Everything else is drama, but it's not so caused by him. Agreed with everything you said.
  5. I'm not interested in offering him anything but a ticket out of town. Dude looks apathetic and blames everybody else. He's in a contract year, this was the "prove it year" and he looks completely checked out. If he cares this little on a contract year then I'm not sure what can motivate him.
  6. SouthNYfan

    Why we beat GB in GB

    I never understood these all time stats that go back decades. Who cares that we beat them back in 1991, or 1974? We are 1-1 against Rodgers in his career. This season he is throwing 285 ypg, 6 TD 0 int. He is 60-15-1 all time in Green Bay with a 109 QB rating, 173 TD 32 int. He's hurt right now though. So I'm not sure what we are going to get. If he isn't really hobbled, it's going to be a tough time stopping them. If he's really hampered it's going to be a hell of a game, as long as we play at intense at last week.
  7. SouthNYfan

    Steelers listening to trade offers for Leveon Bell

    Exactly. This dude is putting up numbers as good or better than the greatest RBs in league history have put up, and people are like "oh connor can replace him, no bigs" please. dude is a legit star.
  8. Tracking/catching are the most important. You can be a great WR and not be insanely fast. You can also be insanely fast, but not a great WR. You CANNOT be a great WR if you cannot track/catch the ball. The greatest WRs in NFL history range from 4.3-4.7 (which is a pretty big difference actually in regards to what the NFL considers speed) Guess what they ALL have in common? THEY CAN CATCH THE FLIPPING FOOTBALL. They didn't have to be "coached" in terms of "learning to catch".
  9. SouthNYfan

    Steelers listening to trade offers for Leveon Bell

    "Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell played in his 55th game on Sunday. He also reached 7000 total yards from scrimmage in the game. The only other person to have ever reached the mark as fast was the great, Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson." "Just so we are clear on this, 7000 yards is a lot. And 55 games is not a lot to get that many. In order to total 7000 yards from scrimmage in 55 games, one has to average over 127 yards from scrimmage per game, which is an exceptional pace to maintain over what is the equivalent of nearly three and a half full seasons" https://steelersdepot.com/2017/11/leveon-bell-ties-eric-dickerson-fastest-player-7000-scrimmage-yards/ bell averaged 130 yards from scrimmage last year. Connor is averaging 113 through 3 games. I'll bet Connor doesn't hold that pace. Bell is really good.
  10. SouthNYfan

    Marshall Newhouse traded - Signed Jeremiah Sirles

    I'm not complaining. Do people read the quoted text in posts before replying?? I quoted @ThunderGun making a joke about it being a "conditional 7th in 2025" saying he wasn't that far off...
  11. SouthNYfan

    Marshall Newhouse traded - Signed Jeremiah Sirles

    Close, I think ESPN said a "conditional late 2021" pick πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  12. SouthNYfan

    Josh Allen nails the post-wheel concept

    Logic hittin'em with the logic. Boom. Headshot.
  13. Tracking and catching are more important. Separation is based on the QB and wr. Megatron, Dez, Fitzgerald are not big separation guys, and instead are jump ball types. I would say that separation is very nice, but not as necessary as tracking and catching.
  14. SouthNYfan

    Josh Allen nails the post-wheel concept

    He's far more talented than Fitz or Edwards. He looks much more natural and comfortable at QB than EJ ever did. He looked decisive. I'm not saying he's the goat, but what he has shown the last 6 quarters makes me think he's going to be a stud.
  15. SouthNYfan

    Josh Allen nails the post-wheel concept

    Yeah, I loved it. It was legit encouraging to see.