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  1. Typical response from you. Somebody dissects your bulls*it and you face palm emoji or deflect.
  2. Fact: a prediction is what you think will happen, which means you feel it would be likely Fact: I never called @ShadyBillsFan crazy, he, in fact, said "call me crazy" and "us crazy bills fans", I responded to that saying that prediction was crazy Fact: I doubled down, but the conversation was completely reasonable. I actually provided factual evidence to the point of 12 wins is not easy to attain, you went on some terrible math rant about playoff teams, which I responded to, and corrected it, and you conveniently ignored that and disappeared until a mod came back to respond the next day. Fact: I do not believe I contradicted myself, if I did, feel free to show me. Really, I'm better than you at this. You chose to disappear until a mod showed up talking about be hijacking a thread, which you were a part of as well, and decided to throw your two cents in after the fact. YOU went on a crusade to defend @ShadyBillsFan, saying I called him crazy.
  3. I didn't know I wasn't allowed to respond to people directly quoting me? Is that against the tos? Did I violate any rules? Show me if I did.
  4. Might swing for the fences with a guy like Metcalf in the draft
  5. I guess I'm just saying that the personnel changes we made vs those other examples of big win leap teams aren't on the same level Getting a wr talent like obj or ab (regardless of their personality issues) and a defensive guy like Frank Clark, combined with Allen making a leap, is what it would take I think
  6. How about possible but highly unlikely? I would like to believe Divine intervention would be Brady retiring tomorrow.
  7. Well saying you don't think it would take a miracle to reach 12 would imply that you feel that it is not a crazy win total, thus you are sure it is attainable.
  8. Well you seem pretty sure they can get 12 wins
  9. So you're saying that 12 wins is easily attainable and wouldn't need a miracle? Got it. I'll see you after the season when we don't have 12 wins and this place is full of excuses why.
  10. They went to 11-5 not 12-4 They got some really good receivers Gurley and Goff both made mega leaps Oh and the biggest one? They fired Fisher and got a new coach, mcvay Bears did the same Went from 5-11 to 12-4 They changed coaches (fox to nagy) Mitch made a nice improvement They got a really good receivers And the went and got Khalil Mack I don't think we did enough at receiver or in general free agent wise to make the leap that those teams made
  11. Nah. You gave a rude response so I pointed it out. My point still stands that people get sensitive and defensive when somebody points out unrealistic expectations.
  12. Rude. Telling someone to walk off a cliff. 12 wins is an elite threshold. You didn't point out I was right though. You actually, in a condescending way, told me that I could come back to throw around I told you so dirt. I re-quoted your post, in case you forgot. You basically, as I said, seem like you need a safe space for people pointing out that 12 is an unrealistic prediction.
  13. Which is why I said 12 wins was a crazy prediction. Don't be realistic though, that gets you the "hater" moniker as people get the pitchforks and torches 😜
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