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  1. How Many QBs Will Go in the Top Ten?

    4. Rosen Darnold Mayfield Allen No particular order
  2. Memories of 2004 NFL Draft

    You forget that the pick we traded to move up and get Losman, had Aaron Rodgers available the following year, could have had him too.
  3. "Whatever kid" Typical. You are using one career great game as if it's the norm for his career. You're the one cherry picking to try and prove a point that a QB that not one single professional evaluator thinks is a first round pick is somebody you say is the" #2 QB". You're delusional
  4. One game makes him God, obv
  5. Which I think is very fair. Just comparing Rudolph to mahomes, mahomes has a much better arm and looks better on tape
  6. Watching mahomes on tape though, you can see the physical skills, the talent, and the arm Rudolph just doesn't look good on film
  7. I'll be sure to call out thread you when Rudolph is riding the bench or out of the league in 5 years. him being "statistically superior" is due to his offensive scheme. Watch some film on him, the guy just isn't that good.
  8. You are literally saying he's #2 QB. That means you have zero credibility. Which nobody in the NFL seems to think.
  9. Guess you know better than every NFL even. When do they hire you?
  10. Agreed. That's like going out to buy a vehicle. You really want a new truck, say a new 1500 ram hemi with a quad cab. You found one that you love, but at $38,000, it's about $2,000 more than you wanna spend, but it is exactly that you need and want. So you go home, mull it over, and decide that you'll settle on a used f150 two door, since it's cheaper, at about $26,000, even though you need the 4 doors, you'll "figure it out", that's a couple of years old, but you don't want to pay what it's listed at, so you wait, and wait, and then it's sold. So you get left spending $12,000 a 6year old Chevy Cobalt for $2grand above book value, that doesn't suit any of your needs, but hey, it's a "vehicle" right? That's what taking Rudolph at #22 is. Rudolph is trash.
  11. That's what I'm saying. He was an above average QB who got hot. The dude was solid for quite a few years. He wasn't trash like ppl are saying.
  12. Colts just got three picks for nothing

    They absolutely tanked. They were a playoff team the prior year, Manning got hurt, and took the season off, and they tanked to get luck, knowing Manning was at the end of his career after that injury, and decided that 1-2 years of Manning wasn't worth passing on luck for.
  13. They been hanging out with Whaley and talking to EJ Manuel.
  14. Flacco was top16 when they were contenders, and he had literally the greatest postseason QB run in NFL history.
  15. Gonna say that #3 is a pipe dream. Foles isn't even worth first. The eagles want a first and a third. So yeah. And #6 we should be alarmed. Having a guy we think is "better than the rest" doesn't matter if he's gone before we pick. The Jets moving to #3 impacts us, period, no way around it. It narrowed our window to get above them, which means if we don't get to #2 there will be at least 2 QBs off the board before we pick, even if we somehow get Denver or the colts to trade down (which neither is happening)