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  1. SouthNYfan

    The Amish Rifle- Fitz

    No it's not actually andrew luck, i just meant the andrew luck twitterpage
  2. SouthNYfan

    The Amish Rifle- Fitz

    This is him doing a parody of andrew luck's twitter. https://twitter.com/captandrewluck?lang=en
  3. somewhere between "not happening" and "absolutely not happening" in terms of "where it will rank"
  4. Yeah exactly I mean he probably couldn't cover them if healthy, so this just compounds the problem. I know everybody is like "blah blah any Sunday blah blah trap game for Minnesota blah blah" but there's a reason that Vegas is laying Minny as 16.5 favorites...
  5. Elbow dislocations are wicked. Hope he's okay. Not holding my breath for him to play next game, if he does he's gonna be hurting Concerned with his ability to tackle with the elbow, shouldn't really affect his cover ability other than maybe a long reach for the ball, or with a little chipping/shoving it might cause pain and throw him off.
  6. SouthNYfan

    Alabama would beat the Buffalo Bills, 'analysts' say

    I was thinking the same thing. Maybe he wrote the article?? Or Maybe he died from fapping so hard at the article??
  7. SouthNYfan

    PFF's view so far

    Watkins signed 3 years $48 million, with $21 bonus and $30 mil guaranteed Dareus is still on the massive contract we gave him. Benjamin we can be rid of after this year (thank god) Star has a pretty meh contract. It sounded worse in the initial reports, but it's not as big of an albatross as it initially looked like. Dareus is better than Star Watkins is better than Benjamin The issue was the $$. Watkins is a MASSIVE risk with his injury history. Dareus was lazy and has never proved to be consistently motivated. A rebuilding team like buffalo could not afford to be sitting on a potential dumpster-fire set of contracts like these two. If dareus continued to be lazy (most likely) and Watkins got seriously injured (again, high risk) then we would be stuck with them, burning up the cap space. Instead we took some up front hits last year and this year to wash ourselves clean of them. Was it the right move to get rid of them? YES it was. The players they replaced them with, I'm not so sure that was the right move. KB sucks. Star is meh.
  8. SouthNYfan

    The OL Is Not The Problem

    Exactly. These nutsacks graded our Oline players against chargers as: B+ B+ B B- C+ Seriously? How do these PFF rejects even have a job? Anybody with 2 eyes, 1 eye, or even stevie wonder, can tell our oline is atrocious.
  9. Hitting a kid as punishment isn't illegal. Corporal punishment is legal in all 50 states as long as it does not cause injury and is reasonable. That means the judge decides. (I'm not defending or judging him or anybody, just saying that it's not always illegal)
  10. And $7.6 mil in dead cap space this year Still well worth it Good riddance
  11. Should be legit with all the top draft picks on it 😂😂
  12. No He is just getting more passing plays called so his sack total will rise since the sack% stays the same Me too
  13. They can hologram them like Tupac https://youtu.be/TGbrFmPBV0Y
  14. Why? If I work for a company and retire, then a decade later that company gets huge, I can't hi back and ask for a new pension because the company is doing better now. This is idiotic.