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  1. It was worse before when there was this mod called "Beerball," that guy was the Kartman of moderators "You will respect my Authoritah!!!"

  2. That was my favorite part as well
  3. I put a lot of effort in writing up a detailed summary of what I seen with our run defense, focusing on the defensive tackles. Seemed to be getting a lot of traction and creating good debate, which is what I thought this forum was about. But some little puke(mod) put a stop to it, I assume because they disagree with me. I put my time in so maybe fellow Bills fans can get a little value from it. Never again will I waste my time. I assume this will be deleted ASAP .. Can't criticise the almighty mods lol .. Some communist BS
  4. You are weirdly defensive over something you have no control over .. 1. Just because we stopped some guys doesn't mean the tackles played well. 2. I never said our defense is horrible, I think we have elite DBs and good coaches. I already mentioned I like the linebackers.
  5. You are right. Some defenses like Schwarts' have the D-line always attacking. We use our guys to eat up blocks so our backers can fly to the ball. But every defense is a gap crontrol defense. And no matter what defense you run, you can's have guys being moved off their spot and not shedding blocks. I teach my guys to hold the patch of grass that's in their gap. Can't get moved back or sideways, Have to dominate the LOS. I was focusing more on individual players than scheme or what wen't wrong. But from what I seen, it was simply guys hitting the wrong gap and being moved out off their spot. There were a few plays that first half where we clearly didn't have a body in the gap. Tough to say where it went wrong without knowing the play called.
  6. I was actually very interested to see if he was the difference. He's just average right now IMO.
  7. I think our ends are ok. Hughes is good, but is double teamed all day and has never been a double team beater. Again I think Zo would be more help playing end/edge rusher.
  8. These defensive tackles are no good. The drought was dreadful, but we had 2 bright spots.. Fred and Kyle. Fred was a good player, but Kyle was great! We have been spoiled with good defensive tackle play for years, and I think we have almost come to expect it. This group we have has been a major disappointment. I’ve gone back and re-watched the games focusing on the backers and d-line. Edmunds and Milano haven’t been perfect but they are good enough. These tackles simply cannot get off blocks. Here is a brief breakdown of what I’ve seen. Star Wow he’s bad! He comes off the line ok, but stops driving his feet and has a terrible habit of allowing his pads to be turned sideways. For a big guy he doesn’t seem that strong and gets moved fairly easily. I guess I just don’t see what they see, definitely not a starter. Oliver This has been discussed. Still a rookie, but he looks out of place. He either needs to add weight to play tackle or lose some and play end. Maybe a DE in a 3-4. I can also see him being like a James Harrison. Definitely a great athlete and a decent pass rusher right now. I’m still optimistic but….. Jordan Phillips Our best guy so far, but maybe a little over-hyped because of the sacks. Lacks the consistency to get too excited about. Pad level is often too high, he gets away with it because of his size. Harrison Phillips I got him as our 2nd best guy. Like Jordan he also plays with pad level too high(worst than Jordan) but unlike Jordan lacks the size to get away with it. He is actually pretty strong and has good instincts. Can see him developing into a top DT but he’s not there yet. Hopefully he’s recovering well. Lorenzo You may have notices we line Zo up in the DT 3-tech spot on passing downs. I think this tells you something about our tackles. The results haven’t been there. I love Zo but I can’t help but feel that we always play him out of position. He exploded on the scene primarily as an edge rusher. But we have been using him either as an off the line LB or a DT. Peko was the worst one, but he’s gone. Jury is still out on the new guy Taylor #96, nothing really jumped out at me. Overall they all give pretty good effort and seem to be “process guys”. Jordan and Harrison would make good backups, but have been clearly better than Star and Oliver, so it’s puzzling why Star and Oliver were the starters. Hopefully the new guy is good but I’m losing faith in this staff and their ability to scout and coach defensive tackles.
  9. I can't live like this anymore!!!!
  10. Say what you want about Fitz. He manages to have some unexpected big games. I'd much rather face Rosen.
  11. The one I'm stuck on is having Lee Smith running an out and up on 3rd and 15(I think) on one of the biggest plays in the game. Why was he even on the field. Dawson would have shredded that linebacker.
  12. and here is a list of the QB's he had to work with Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson, Colt McCoy, Jake Delhomme, Matt Moore, Chad Henne, Matt Cassell. Daboll is the best OC we have had in years.
  13. If I was an offensive genius I would block defensive ends on passing plays .. Even the not so good ones Should I apply to the Jets Jets Jets?
  14. They should block Garrett .. Maybe
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