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  1. I don't know how this turned into a wine thread but .. White don't get me drunk at all, I can drink a whole bottle and .. nothing Red is a great fun drunk. Love a good red wine drunk .. but gives me a headache every single time. Sometimes the headache starts that same night. Is that because I'm drinking the cheap stuff or am I just a softie?
  2. I see most colors I think. I'm definitely not fully color blind, just seem to struggle with greens and blues. I did always had a feeling something was off.
  3. Hahaha I was pretty worried I was "just stupid" too .. I'm still not ruling that out.
  4. I recently found out that I am color blind at the age of 31. My brother and I always knew something was up, because we would get into arguments with people about what color certain things are. Then my friend showed me these tests that confirmed it. Take the test for yourself. https://www.colour-blindness.com/colour-blindness-tests/ishihara-colour-test-plates/
  5. That reporter needs to learn how to read people.. All he had to do was says some BS about Jesus and the "will of god" and he was in ..
  6. Reading the comments on any fox news article is alarming and entertaining all at the same time. And I'm no lefty. I mostly read fox news and watch lefty media. There are many racist commentators on fox articles and the amount of people that like the racist comments is disturbing.
  7. Never had a Bills dream I remember. But I always have dreams that I'm about to play football and am so excited. I'm always running around trying to get things prepared for the game to start, but I never actually play!!!! Always wake up before the game starts ahhhhhhh
  8. My own name is Nima which is an actual girls name in some countries. I never really got bullied. I had to stab a kid with a fork in grade 1 but that was because he was trying to take my food.
  9. I wanna call him Cash and eventually Cash Money .. But wife is thinking Cas
  10. We are expecting our first boy, and are thinking Caspian for the name. I was born in Iran and have swam in the Caspian Sea(which is actually a lake). Its the biggest lake in the work and it's actually a salt water lake. We both really like the name but wonder if it's a little too girlie... Is it?
  11. Drink enough water until you pee clear at least twice a day, ideally once in the afternoon and once in the evening. Let your body do its thing. And then when you get better just keep doing that. Come back and thank me in year when you realize how you don't get sick as often or as severely. It's much easier to prevent a cold/flu than to beat one.
  12. He's way too young to play RB for the Bills!
  13. The only thing JP did well was throw a nice deep ball, which happened to be what Evans was good at. Evans ran a very nice go/fly route and JP did a fine job finding him. Looks good in a highlight tape but that's about it. Evans was a good deep threat that could be valuable if you have other weapons on offense. He was far from a complete receiver.
  14. yea yea .. but how fast are his eyes??
  15. Oh right!! How could I ever forget Kody Kessler!!!?!?!
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