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  1. CoachT

    Best one year wonder?

    I forget his name but the white RB for the Browns.
  2. CoachT

    latest craziness

    She was arrested and charged today
  3. Very disturbing, but I honestly don't think I have ever laughed so hard as when the fatgher talked about giving the guy a handy lololol you can talk these people into anything. That said, I get the feeling the parents were cool with the whole thing until the guy took her and didn't come back. I think they were going to let him have her(as insane as that sounds), and only pretrnded to care when the police became involved.
  4. CoachT

    Kyle Williams: Officially Retires

    Why did sean pull him out?????
  5. CoachT

    Kyle Williams: Officially Retires

    Zay jones went and got the ball back for kyle
  6. CoachT

    Cheats latest illegal play

    But every team's does this. Dawkins caught a TD for us this year
  7. CoachT

    Cheats latest illegal play

    The formation you're talking about was really completely legal. Teams run eligible tackles in HS. What the pats did was use 4 linemen. And turn an eligible player to an ineligible one. It was really the refs that messed up the ravens game by not announcing that a player had become ineligible. Again smart. Damn yall making me defend the pats lol. But these are just bad example I agree. I'm surprised it hasn't caught on like some of the other fads.
  8. CoachT

    Cheats latest illegal play

    You grasping at straws bro .. Smart play. The craziest part is how organized it so was. They really must practice every possible situation.
  9. CoachT

    SNF: Eagles at Rams

    I wish we kept Woods. One of the most under-rated players in the league. Also that was 4 down territory .. Should have went for the TD
  10. People been saying Kyle id done for like 6 straight years
  11. Funniest part was the penalty was on us
  12. CoachT

    Those were some overoficious jerks!

    That honestly looked like the officiating I see in youth football. I'm get the refs have off days too but maybe just let them play a little.