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  1. Off-topic but this just happened 2 weeks ago. We have 2 urinals at work, I'm at one and this guy at another. He finishes up before me and goes straight from urinal to hand dryer!!!!!!!??????? Like what are you drying? Pee? Sweat?? Both??? and does it really take that long to wash your hands?? like come one man!' But yea, cool to say hi, but don't start full conversations until both are done.
  2. I think they explain that the meteor likely exploded over the massive shield of ice that basically covered all of Canada. This would explain the lack of evidence for the impact. Also it may not necessarily be a meteor but other cosmic event like flares .... My personal theory is there is proof of the impact and its the Hudson Bay.
  3. If you are looking for something interesting to learn about, look into the Joe Rogan podcasts with with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson. Also Robert Schoch and John Anthony West talk about the same stuff. If you dont like Joe Rogan then just look into their work. I have been fascinated with this stuff for 2 years now. Long story short, these guys theorize that there were civilizations long before the Egyptians, Sumerian Chinese.... They think that the last ice age that ended about 12000 years ago, ended due to a large cosmic event like a meteor, which caused a sudden and massive rise in water levels, wiping out most major cities, which would likely be near water. This would explains all the flood myths and stories that are passed down in many cultures, like Noah and Atlantis. They also beleive that the major civilizations that started after the ice age were not the first, but actually decendants of people who lived before. If you look at egypt or some of the ruins in the America's, its clear that the older stone work and building techniques were actually better than the newer ruins. So they actually lost certain knowledge instead of building on their techniques and technology. Their work has got a lot of pushback from "main stream science" but also the evidence seems to be piling up that these guys might be up to something. Their work has also allowed me to learn about amazing places I had no idea about that I would love to visit. Like Petra, Gobekli Tepe and the ruins in Peru and south America which I knew about but had no idea how incredible they really were. Make sure you check out pictures of Petra if you dont know about it. Also Graham Hancock has a great youtube video about the lost Arc of the Covinent and how some believe its in a city in Etheopia now, Aksum is the city I think. There are also some incredible ruins in Etheopia that he beleives are linked to the Knights Templar. Anyone else into this stuff?
  4. ever heard of Randall Carlson? .. he's on Joe Rogan a lot. He is a self-though geologist with some cool/crazy theories about our past.
  5. take a look at google earth .. GTA is insanely big and populated. There is a reason the widest and one of the busiest highways is here (401).
  6. The population for Chicago and Toronto itself might be comparable. But Toronto has a massive surrounding urban area (GTA) which might technically be different municipalities, but is basically the same city. If you want to understand Torontos homeless situation you have to consider all of the GTA. We have our issues but it's nothing like what I'm reading about some American cities today.
  7. keep in mind Raps just stole the ball and scored a basket which was part of the cheering .. I'm sure a few idiots were happy to see him hurt but not majority lol what are you talking about? I live 30 min away from Toronto
  8. I always liked Moats. Kind of like Lorax, could do many things well. But I remember those sad sad days when he was our only hope in hell of getting a sack.
  9. Some interesting hair choices
  10. I got a fun druggy lady story that was pretty recent We recently hired a girl for an office job who was more than qualified based on her resume(which turned out to be total BS). She was pregnant and on her first day she got up and said "well Imma go for a smoke break" , so we all looked at her funny amd she said "oh don't judge as if it was a joke". Everything about her was disastrous but she somehow lasted a couple of month, but her days were clearly numbered. Then one day she got up frantically right before my break and asked to switch breaks with me because she has to "run out". I already had a feeling this was drug related but moved on with my day. Later that same day she got fired for just being bad at her job. So we go to check her email to see if we need to follow up with anything and .......... This dumb B was ordering drugs with the COMPANY EMAIL!!! I couldn't beleive my eyes. She was emailing her dealer stuff like " oh that last rock was so good, got anymore of that rock..." .. And let me remind you she was pregnant. Her behaviour did start making a lot more sense though
  11. I do it myself so free. And Im not bald, I do a fade and everything. My mom is in the hair industry so I picked up a few tricks.
  12. I had to call the wife from the strore as I was picking out paint for our cabinets to remind her that she should probably be the one picking the paint haha We were looking for charcoal so I think I did ok, just happy my dyslexia didn't kick in at that moment
  13. Thanks for the share, that was fascinating. I looked, but there does not seem to be a test for this. But I wonder about my mom and daughter.
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