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  1. bladiebla


    Don't you dare turn the milk sour!
  2. bladiebla


    Alright.... Popular believe aside, there was a whole less drunkenness involved than thought. I participated in an online course named "Make your own story with PowerPoint and Word: Minecraft, ages 6+". It turned to be rather more kid oriented than I had anticipated. The assignment started with "Today I woke up and turned into an animal." From there we had to write a story following a format. Long story short, Mooo was the result. I just couldn't resist to share.
  3. bladiebla


    Today I woke up and turned into an animal. I’m all black and white spotted, when I talk I seem to make a sound which sounds like moooooooooooo. My stomachs rumble. Wait what, I seem to have multiple stomachs. Boy do I feel like eating grass, fresh green grass, wet with early morning dew. There are a lot of mooos around me. Somehow, I seem to understand these mooos. There are a lot of rumooohs of a lion around. That does not sound too good. I just turned into a cow and I am far from ready to turn into a steak! Backtracking a bit from the herd I encounter this strange looking cow. It has horns. Before I’m able to moo him, he moos a wasssssup at me. I’m Biff Aloo. Have you heard the rumoohs about the lion I ask? Don’t you worry he mooos. All the Lions have left for Detroit with their tails tugged between their legs. Startled I wake up, for real this time.
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